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Briar Creek Books In Order

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Publication Order of Briar Creek Books

Mistletoe on Main Street (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Match Made on Main Street (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hope Springs on Main Street (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Blooms on Main Street (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Comes to Main Street (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Briar Creek is a series of romance novels written by best-selling American author Olivia Miles. The author began Briar Cree series publication in 2014 when the first book in the series Mistletoe on Main Street was published.

Mistletoe on Main Street

In the first book in Briar Creek series by Olivia Miles, we find Grace returning home to Briar Creek for Christmas. It is revealed that she had left over five years ago to get rid of her first love as well of all the memories of him. She had settled in New York and became a bestselling novelist like what she had always dreamed off. However, her latest book received less than stellar reviews which almost made her give up on her writing career. Now that she is back to Briar Creek, one primary goal while back at home is to avoid Luke, however, while driving across town, her car gets stuck in a snow drift, and the one person who comes to her refuge is the man she was desperately trying to avoid, Luke. The two are shocked to see each other again considering their painful history between them.

It is also revealed that it is her first time to arrive home since her father’s death. Grace is shocked to find out that her family house which for years has won many numerous awards, for the best-decorated house and with her mother best known in town for her brilliant decorating, barely furnished and finds her mother just a shell of her former self is yet to accept the demise of her husband. When Grace visits her father’s bookshop in town which was her dad’s pride and joy, she discovers that it has been closed, and her family knows how the shop was important to her was afraid of telling her knowing how upset she would have been if she had found out.

Grace decides to try to save the bookstore to be able to afford the following year lease, with a brilliant plan to expand with a café into the empty book store next door. However things take a twisted turn when the owner of the warehouse next door refuses to give it up, and Grace has to come to terms with the possibility of closing the only link she had to her Dad. She also has to deal with the tension that she incurs every time that she is around Luke, but the question is, will these two former lovebirds reconcile and realize that they are destined to be together?

Full of loss, love, grief as well as a rediscovery, Mistletoe on Main Street is an exciting novel to pick up over the Christmas holiday that will get you in the mood and bring you some Christmas cheer.

Mistletoe on Main Street is a great series debut novel set in the scenic town of Briar Creek, Vermont. It is complete with snowfall, bridges, and a beautiful main street where everyone knows everyone. There are lots of exciting activities that these folks participate in, school plays, decorating contests, and some charming pastry shops.

The plot centers on Grace Madison, the main character in this first book. She is an author, but she is almost quitting her career as a writer after her last book almost failed her. Then there is Luke Hastings, Grace’s childhood sweetheart, and he is the man who let her go. He has always known what he wanted with his life, but somehow he has made a mistake. These two characters have baggage, but it is interesting to see them reconnect with each other.

Just like many of small town stories, there quite a several distinct threads in this book. Grace mother is newly widowed, and she is not in a Christmas mood this year. Jane is carrying a secret relating her marriage while Anna middle sister, a pastry shop owner is feeling quite bitter.

There is a slow burning romance in Mistletoe on Main Street; the two characters were afraid of making the first move. However, this created some snarkiness, banter and some anxiety.

A Match on the Main Street

This is the second novel in Briar Creek Series by Olivia Miles. The book picks up with Grace’s sister Anna and her disinterest to the towns notorious bachelor and playboy, Mark Hastings. Anna is depicted as a confident, strong and an independent woman until the day a tragedy strikes, and Anna is forced to accept the support offered by her small town to help her get back on her feet. This tosses her directly to the kitchen and to the arms of the last person that she wants to spend time with.

The author puts some interesting and important themes throughout this novel; for instance, the idea that friendship is the core foundation for true love and trying to live down one’s past is vulnerable to love. You will love how the author brings out Mark’s and Anna’s friendship into the story, right from their past to the present. It is vital to understand where someone is coming from in life to accept where he or she are going next in life. Lack of communication and keeping secret is a good way to blow up your relationship. In most cases, people keep things bottled up simply because they are trying to live down their past or merely because they are too afraid of going after what they want.

Mark pulls away from Anna because he cared too much for her. He wanted a restaurant and a relationship with her but did not think that he could do both. So just instead of straining he decided to pull away, he did not believe that he could be the man that she wanted him to be, so instead of staying and giving it a try, he decided to run away.

Furthermore, the book also had a theme of moving on from a past divorce and getting back to the dating world. It is so sad to a person love someone they do not deserve or getting cheated on. Cheating is not acceptable, and it is so bad seeing people get cheated on. Cheating is something never acceptable, and it is sad to see many women cheat on by the people they trust completely.

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