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Publication Order of Bride Quartet Books

Vision in White (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bed of Roses (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savor the Moment (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happy Ever After (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born Eleanor Robinson, Nora Roberts is a well-established American author, who managed to churn out more than 200 books, in a career that lasted more than three decades. Born in the year 1950 in Silver Springs, Maryland, Nora Roberts wrote her first ever narrative after being snowed in one of the biggest blizzards. Two years later, Nora Roberts published her first title, Irish Thoroughbred. After publishing her first novel, Nora Roberts penned 23 other books. Despite penning down more than 20 books, author Nora Roberts was not able to attain commercial success. However, in the year 1985, Nora Roberts finally caught the attention of the public, with her critically acclaimed novel, Playing the Odds.

Apart from being Nora’s breakthrough novel, Playing the Odds also made Nora Roberts a fan favorite. In the process, Nora was able to completely transform the romance genre. Ever since then Roberts went ahead and published a total of 140 novels, most of which were in the romance category. In the United States alone, there are more than 150 million books by author Nora Roberts in print alone.

The Bride Quartet Series
The Bride Quartet is a brilliantly written book series by author Nora Roberts set in the fabulous, fun and hectic world of wedding planning. The installments in the Bride Quartet series follows the story of four close friends; their day to day struggles with their lives, families, and love as they continue to build VOWS, a wedding planning company.

Vision in White #1
While growing up, Mackenzie Elliot popularly known as “Mac” and her three best friends loved to play wedding. When we meet with the four friends in this first installment, they are fully grown up and are already running a successful business. The four friends are now in charge of an all-inclusive wedding planning company, Vows. Due to her passion for photography, Mac assumes the role of a photographer, while her three friends assume other roles i.e. florist, planner, and baker. During a meeting with a prospective client, Mac in a hilarious way meets a guy that she went high school with, Carter. From the initial encounter, there was an instant attraction between the two. However, Mac being a laid back girl, who has gone through so much in her life, Mac is at first a little bit hesitant to pursue the love interest. When she was only 4 years old, Mac’s parents divorced after falling out in love with each other.

Moreover, her parents have an additional four marriages between them. Apart from being a drama queen, Mac’s mother has no regard at all for Mac. Many at times, she loves to shamelessly take advantage of her daughter. Despite the fact that Mac’s attraction towards Carter is clearly undeniable, she strongly believes that she is going to break his heart. On the other hand, Carter an English teacher, former nerd and Yale professor also has his own fair shares of insecurities and setbacks. Ever since he was in high school, Carter has always had a huge crush on Mac. However, due to his reserved nature, Cater has never said anything to Mac. Seeing Mac once again reignites the old spark that Carter once harbored in his heart. Nonetheless, due to the fact that Carter has been recently burned with an ex-girlfriend, he also begins to become a little bit suspicious of the new feelings that he is experiencing. Many at times, majority of romance heroes would not be described as professional, nerdy or awkward. However, author Nora Roberts uses all these terms to describe Carter and does so in a hilarious and exciting manner.

Apart from being caring, Carter is also quite loving and sweet. Moreover, he is also an intelligent man. The two main characters Carter and Mac worked together extremely well. Apart from the main characters, author Nora Roberts has also managed to create exceptional side characters. The manner in which the minor characters relate to the main characters is outstanding.

Bed of Roses #2
Bed of Roses is another highly intriguing novel by author Nora Roberts. While the first installment revolved around Mac, Bed of Roses revolves around Emma. Ever since her high school days, Emma has always been a true hardcore romantic. However, she is thrown into a loop when she finds herself wanting a romance with a close family friend. The book begins as the four friends are heading into spring with lots of scheduled bookings. In Bed of Roses, Mac is now engaged and is looking forward to her wedding the following year. One fine day, while heading to a party where she is expected to assume the role of a matchmaker Emma’s car breaks down. Fortunately, an old friend, Jack who was traveling on the same road comes to her rescue. Along the way, the two share a moment, which almost ends up with the two kissing. A few moments later, the two share another intimate moment, which ends up with two kissing. After exchanging a few emails, Mac and Jack end up dating. This, in turn, ends up causing a conflict between Jack and Del, his best friend.

During Emma’s family annual party dubbed, Cinco De Mayo party, Jack and Emma get to learn about each other. Moreover, during this period, Jack’s jealousy begins to show. After spending her first night at Jack’s place, Emma begins to feel out of place and awkward, thus she decides not to leave anything that belongs to her behind. However, Jack decides to kill the awkwardness by asking Emma on a number of dates. One evening, Emma decides to reward Jack’s kindness with a homemade dinner. However, when Jack comes home after a hard day at work, the two end up fighting because Jack believes that Emma was invading his space. In the heat of the moment, Emma informs Jack that is deeply in love with him.

However, she does not allow Jack to say anything until he is certain of his feelings towards Emma and thus she decides to leave. While giving herself time to think, Emma decides to throw herself to her work and anything that will keep her distracted. When Jack tries to reach out to Emma, he is blocked by Emma’s friends who do not want Jack near Emma, considering the fact that they knew Emma would not be able to handle it at that precise moment. However, after some time, Jack is allowed to see Emma and the two are able to resolve their differences.

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