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Brides of Bliss County Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Brides of Bliss County Books

The Marriage Pact (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Charm (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Season (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas in Mustang Creek (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Brides of Bliss County is a romance series by Linda Lael Miller. The series introduces the reader to three Bliss County women. These women have had enough fun in their singlehood, and they are looking to settle down with good men. The first to get married is Hadleigh, a successful businesswoman with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humour who settle down with her childhood friend Tripp. Next is Melody, a successful jeweller who also get together with a woman she has known for a decade. All the stories in the series end beautifully, and you get to see the growth these partners experience over time.

The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact tells the story of Hadleigh Stevens and the promise she makes with two of her single friends. Ten years have passed since Hadleigh nearly married a man she did not know well. Just before she walked down the aisle, her brother’s best friend Tripp literary stole her preventing her from getting entangled in a messy situation. Tripp explained the reason for his actions only to disappear later, leaving Hadleigh to deal with her broken heart alone. After all those years, Hadleigh feels that she has recovered fully from the ordeal and she is ready to date and possibly find a husband. Together with her friends, she forms a marriage pact only for Tripp to interrupt her plans yet again.

Tripp is recently divorced, and he is looking forward to his cowboy life. After his ailing father leaves the ranch is shambles, Tripp is determined to restore it to its former glory. Moving back to Bliss County and starting life anew is just what he needs, but Tripp doesn’t anticipate what he finds back at home. Hadleigh was his teenage crush but now has blossomed to a beautiful woman who runs a successful business. Tripp cannot keep his mind away from her, even with all that needs to be done at the ranch before winter comes calling. Is it possible for these two to reconnect given their history? How far is Tripp willing to go to win back the one woman he loves?

This is an intriguing romance story with lovable characters, a wonderful setting, and an interesting storyline. You will also love the horses, girlfriends, dogs, and numerous happy moments. Get to meet Hadleigh and her girlfriends and the things happening in their personal lives. It exposes a bit of Hadleigh’s past and her history with the man she is in a relationship with now. Tripp is a lovable character, and even after all he has been through, it is amazing that he still cares so much for Hadleigh. He is also a hard worker, and thanks to his efforts, his family’s ranch is coming together beautifully after just a short duration.

The Marriage Pact is a perfect choice if you are looking for a feel-good read. Hadleigh and Tripp’s love story is interesting, and the side cast help gives it depth and character. There are also other love stories on the side, and they all come together beautifully in the end. The writing here is quite descriptive, and the country setting gives this story an edge. All characters are well-developed, and it is amazing hearing their ups and downs and experiencing their current triumphs. How does Hadleigh and Tripp’s story end? Will these two discover soon enough that they are meant for each other and what happens thereafter?

The Marriage Charm

The Marriage Charm is the second book in The Brides of Bliss County series. It has been nine months since Hadleigh and Tripp got married and all indications are that Melody is next in the marriage bandwagon. Melody is a jewellery designer who is doing very good in her business at the moment. While she has a fairly good life, she wants something more, a happy relationship, someone to share her joyful moments and possibly grow old with. Melody has always had a crush on Spence Hogan, who is the local police chief. She even went as far as proposing to him nine years ago, only for Spence to turn her down, leaving her devastated.

Spence is fearless, attractive, and a notorious charmer. While every woman knows his reputation with women, he has kept his fear of love well hidden. Many years ago, Spence’s mom dropped him at her aunt’s place and took off. His aunt raised him, but the lack of a mother’s love left him with deep abandonment issues. This possibly explains why he works hard to keep marriage-minded women such as Melody away even though he loves her deeply. However, of late, Melody is occupying most of his thoughts, and he finds it impossible to forget her even with all the women throwing themselves at him. Will Melody want to give him a chance after the incident many years ago? Can he be the husband she wants, or is there something wrong with him?

Follow Melody and Spence as they work to build their relationship. They both tread carefully and take their time, but their growing romance will leave you feeling all warm inside. Just when Spence is trying to work on his issues, a letter from his mother arrives and he is torn between leaving it unopened in his desk or opening it and finding out she has to say. This book is told in alternating points of view, and it is great to hear from the main characters and see how the relationship grows over time. The story also allows you to know Hadleigh better and meet other interesting characters such as Mrs Arbuckle.

The Marriage Charm is another interesting story filled with romance, humour, and a hint of mystery. Some of the planning that goes into the gifting is endearing and at times risky, but it is admirable that the girls stick together through thick and thin. If you are looking for a charming love story with flawed but likeable characters, this book is ideal. The beautiful Wyoming countryside makes a perfect setting for such a unique story of love, friendship, and second chances. If you have read the first story in the series, this book offers more juice on the lives of the characters that you have grown to love.

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