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Publication Order of Brides of Seattle Books

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The Brides of Seattle series is a wonderful series of Christian fiction, historical fiction, romance, and Christian romance stories. It is written by an award-winning, bestselling American writer named Tracie Peterson. Tracie wrote and published 3 books in this series between 2014 and 2015. Each of the novels is set in Seattle, Washington and features different sets of primary characters. The main characters are typically seen indulging in romance while dealing with different unwanted situations at hand. Some of the essential characters mentioned by Tracie Peterson in the series include Lenore Fulcher, James Rybus, Kolbein Booth, Militine Scott, Thane Patton, Abrianna Cunningham, Wade Ackerman, and Priam Welby. The female characters are usually depicted as undergoing training at the Seattle based Madison Bridal School to groom themselves to be able to find a suitable husband for themselves. However, some of the women don’t seem to have any intention of getting married and still join the bridal school to be able to hide their past life’s secrets and affairs.

The debut book of the Brides of Seattle book series penned by author Tracie Peterson is entitled ‘Steadfast Heart’. It was released in 2014 by Bethany House Publishers. The main characters mentioned in this novel include Lenore Fulcher, Kolbein Booth, and James Rybus. Initially, it is shown that Lenore Fulcher is not pretentious in spite of undergoing a spoiled upbringing. She is just 20 years old and has a deep desire to find her true love. But, Lenore Fulcher’s father thinks that she has already wasted a lot of time in her search for a suitable husband and forces her to get married to one of his partners in business, James Rybus. James is in his late thirties and shows an interest in Lenore, but she is not willing to get married to a man having such a high age gap with her.

Kolbein Booth is introduced as a Chicago based lawyer. He visits Seattle to look for his runaway sister. Booth thinks that his sister might have answered a mail-order brides’ advertisement and come to Seattle with that intention. With worry and anger on his face, he enters Madison Bridal School and demands to meet his sister. But, he learns that she is not there. Instead, Kolbein Booth finds Lenore Fulcher over there and something extraordinary about the beautiful girl attracts him towards her. Lenore too finds him charming and handsome. By having just one look at his face, she begins to wonder is he is the man she has been looking for.

Another wonderful installment of this series is called ‘Refining Fire’. It was also published by Bethany House publication in 2015. Tracie Peterson has depicted the central characters in this book in the roles of Thane Patton and Militine Scott. The book opens by introducing Militine Scott as a 22-year-old trainee at a bridal school in Seattle. Militine has the opinion that no man will ever show the willingness to have her and so, she does not intend to pursue marriage. In spite of this, she has joined the bridal school as she believes that it provides a good opportunity to keep her unsavory past hidden from others. Thane Patton is shown as a fiercely loyal and fun-loving man. But, he also has a dark secret that he has kept hidden from everyone.

The moment Thane Patton sees Militine, he senses that she is going through a haunting pain just like him. Subsequently, he finds a strong sense of attraction between him and Militine. Even Militine finds Thane good-looking and charming. She thinks that Thane has all the qualities that she wants in her husband and begins to change her views about marriage after coming across the handsome Thane Patton. They both begin to wonder if God has brought them together to build a new life for themselves filled with happiness and joy.

Tracie Peterson is a popular American novelist who likes to write Christia fiction stories. She has more than 100 books to her name and has also collaborated with other Christian writers. A number of her books have been published under Bethany House. On several occasions, Tracie has used the pseudonym of Janelle Jamison to write her books. Some of the well known book series penned by her include the Ribbons West series, Shannon Saga series, Ribbons of Steel series, Yukon Quest series, Westward Chronicles series, Bells of Lowell series, Heirs of Montana series, Lights of Lowell series, Desert Roses series, Alaskan Quest series, Ladies of Liberty series, Broadmoor Legacy series, Songs of Alaska series, Brides of Gallatin County series, etc. In addition to these, she has also written numerous standalone books in her career.

The authors with whom Tracie has collaborated quite often include Judith Miller, James Scott, Allison Bottke, Kimberley Woodhouse, Dianne O’Brian, Michael Landon Jr., and Judith Pella. A few of Tracie Peterson’s novel series feature essential characters in the form of Harvey Girls, historically known to be Fred Harvey Company’s members. Author Peterson lives a happy life with her loving husband named Jim and their children named Julie, Erik, and Jennifer. They all reside together in Montana. Tracie Peterson is the owner of Peterson Ink, Inc. The partners in this company include her daughter, Jennifer, husband Jim, and a close friend named Charity Kauffman. Tracie’s company is used by Barbour Publishing for handling the whole production of its book line called Headstrong Presents. This line releases 52 romance books of Christian fiction every year. Tracie came across Bethany House for the first time in 1995 when she was offered a deal. Since then, she has written exclusively for them. Before that, she was involved with Heartsong for a couple of years after starting her career in 1992.

During the entire duration of her writing career, Peterson has been involved in speaking at writers’ conferences. Jim often joins her to the conferences and they emphasize on motivating new authors together. In 2007, Tracie Peterson received the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times. She has also been rewarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 from ACFW. Besides, Tracie’s novels have won a number of prestigious awards in various categories over the years. Being a native of Kansas, Tracie has now made her home in Montana, where she spends most of her time with her family, especially in the company of her 3 grandchildren named Fox, Max, and Rainy.

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