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Publication Order of Brides of the Kindred Books

Growing up in the south of America the American writer Evangeline Andersen has so far had a highly illuminating and illustrious writing career, creating a long and extensive backlog of work, as she largely focuses on fantasy, romance and science-fiction novels, with a lot of series and franchises coming from this as well, as she is a highly prolific author too. Knowing her audience has been one of her key traits, as she’s connected with her readers, many of whom come come from and wide, creating a not only strong and loyal fanbase, but an extremely diverse one as well.

This is something that her many critics have caught up on too, with many of them singing her praises, leading to her being respected by both her many peers and contemporaries alike. One series that she is particularly well known for is that of her ongoing ‘Brides of the Kindred’ series, which is a franchise that currently stands at the forefront of it specific genre, being that of science-fiction, as she’s managed to create a rich and varied universe. Drawing her readers in the series itself follows the ‘Kindred’, a group of men who come from beyond the stars in the hope of finding their brides, an act that is instrumental in the propagation of their species. Charting the highs and lows of their various attempts, the franchise has had a highly successful run with fans from all corners coming to experience its enthralling narrative and engaging characters that resonate with the readers.

Running for over nineteen titles so far and counting, this series has a lot of life left in it yet, something which her many fans also feel as well. Creating in-depth universes and entire histories for each of the races, it works at providing a series that is not only detailed and immersive, but easily accessible as well. Whilst it is preferable to get invested from the beginning, they can be picked up at any point, ensuring that it appeals to the many more casual readers out there looking for a light and entertaining quick read as well.


Initially brought out through the E.A. Publishing label, this was first released in 2011 on the 9th of February to an already eager audience who were already aware of Andersen’s name. Setting up the first title in the series it manages to draw the reader slowly into the action, as the characters and the world gradually builds upon them. This is something that also manages to set-up the many arcs to follow, as it establishes the atmosphere and the overall ambiance of the series as well.

Set within a fantastical universe sometime in the future, this clearly knows and understands its roots in science-fiction, whilst also keeping it grounded and real as well. The ambiance and style is something that definitely plays into this with the imaginative landscapes and vistas spanning out, but it’s the characters that keep it rooted. With the characters being easy to relate to, the main protagonist of Olivia Waterhouse will resonate with many readers, regardless of where they come, thanks to her being more than a two-dimensional character.

Graduating from nursing school Olivia Waterhouse is looking to make her start in life and step into the big bad world, but that’s when she drafted and it’s not for the army either. With the Kindred looking to draft her as a bride, it appears that she’s got new plans laid out for her, with an agenda and plan that goes beyond her control. With the same odds as winning the lottery, it seems that some may feel that this is a lucky day for Olivia, despite it not being her choice at all. All set to marry to Baird who is Beast Kindred, he’s just escaped imprisonment, all the while keeping only one thing in mind, which was to find his bride to be, something which kept him sane throughout his ordeal. Olivia isn’t happy with this and it appears that she has a one month bonding period called the Kindred Mothership, during which time she is meant to mate with Baird. If she can keep this from happening she can then go back home, something which she is determined to do, but that’s easier said than done, especially when every touch of his ignites a passion deep within her. Will she be able to resist his charms? Can she ever return home? What will happen once she’s claimed?


Brought out through the E.A. Publishing house once again, this was originally released in 2011 on the 29th of April, only a few months after the first. Carrying on directly from the first, it provides another story set in the world of the kindred, as it seeks to recapture a lot of what made the original works so well. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t provide a few twists and turns along the way, though, as there’s plenty of surprise set to keep the reader engaged throughout.

This time looking at the character of Sophia Waterhouse, she is found to be on the run from a beast, as a kindred warrior doesn’t look to make her his bride to be this time. Only there to help participate in the wedding of her sister, she is looking to make her getaway as soon as she can, but she also finds herself set on the Kindred Mothership. Crash landing with Sylvan, a Tranq Kindred, they find themselves on a desolate planet trying to escape a hideous evil, and soon they start to find each other. Will they escape the evil? What will become of their relationship? Can they save themselves from being hunted?

The Brides of the Kindred Series

Working firmly and knowingly within the parameters of her chosen genre, Evangeline Andersen manages to create an enthralling universe that captures the readers imagination from the outset. Taking them on a journey, the world is fully immersive, something which Andersen achieves through her very visual style, as she brings the text and the characters to life. The stories themselves are also well structured, creating a suspense filled narrative that manages to keep the reader on the edge-of-their-seats and entertained throughout, something which will continue for some time to come.

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