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The Bridge series is a wonderful series of romance, military fiction, adult fiction, war fiction, contemporary romance, erotica, and new adult stories. It is written by a USA Today, NY Times, and international bestselling American writer named Meredith Wild. The series is comprised of a total of 3 books released between 2014 and 2016. Each book of this series revolves around the love and romance lives of the main characters. Some of the essential characters mentioned by Meredith Wild in the novels include Cameron Bridge, Maya Jacobs, Olivia Bridge, Darren Bridge, Vanessa Hawkins, Ian Savo, Will Donovan, and a few others. The stories generally take place in New York City and revolve around the lives of the Bridge siblings. Every book of this exciting series is widely popular and has earned a huge fan-following in many parts of the world. The success of this series also helped author Meredith Wild in increasing her popularity to a greater extent. It also motivated her to work on the development of other books and series in her career.

The debut novel of the Bridge series written by author Meredith Wild is entitled ‘On My Knees’. It was released by the Waterhouse Press in 2016, after its first release in 2014. This book introduces the members of the Bridge family, namely Cameron, Darren, and Olivia, as well as the love interest of Cameron, Maya Jacobs. Initially, Maya Jacobs is shown as carrying the burden of her troubled family’s responsibility on her shoulders. While being haunted by this responsibility, she had no other option but to decline the proposal of Cameron Bridge when he asked her hand in marriage. Several years pass by and she still regrets her decision of letting go of the man she loved a lot. Maya entrenches herself in the soulless routine of her professional career and tries to keep the distraction of her regret away by acquiring the lifestyle of work hard and play hard. This lifestyle guarantees that no man will find a way to her heart again.

After his proposal gets refused by Maya, Cameron Bridge dedicates the next five years of his life to the military. He also tries to escape the hurtful memory of losing the woman he loved by keeping himself immersed in his work. Later, he relocated to New York City to begin a new life with his siblings, Darren and Olivia. It is here that the fates of Maya and Cameron cross paths again and this time Maya couldn’t stop her heart from embracing the love she was once deprived of due to her own decision. Cameron is also adamant about not letting Maya go from his life again, no matter how difficult the situations become for them.

The second volume of this successful series is called ‘Into the Fire’. It was also published by the Waterhouse Press in 2016. This book opens by depicting that Darren Bridge lives a bachelor’s dream. He works as a fireman and when he is not rescuing people with his team members from fire-clad buildings, he spends time training girls at the gym owned by his brother, Cameron. Darren has always been surrounded by women and never felt the need to get attacked emotionally to a specific one. But, when he sees Vanessa Hawkins for the first time, he begins to lose his heart to her. She appears to be different from all the other women he has ever come across and feels too bad to know that he has sworn to keep a distance from her. Vanessa Hawkins is an overworked woman who doesn’t intend to rest anytime soon. She has not taken a vacation in almost two years.

A much needed holiday comes her way when she is invited to the destination wedding of Maya Cameron. However, she doesn’t peace here as well because she struggles to resist the best man’s attraction. Vanessa finds Darren dangerously good-looking and charming enough to allow him to enter her well-guarded heart. After returning to the city, Darren begins to dream about a married and settled life with Vanessa. But, she is not ready to settle down so soon as she has her hands full with a lot of work. Also, Vanessa is hesitant to give room to a man in her life. When Darren learns about this, he prepares himself to win her love and convince her that he will never let her down and she can risk her heart with him.

Meredith Wild is a renowned American writer of romance, suspense, fiction, erotica, and adult fiction stories. She has penned several mind-blowing novel series in her career, including The Red Ledger series, Son of Zeus series, Bridge series, and the Hacker series. Her novels have appeared on the number one spot of the bestselling lists of NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, as well as other popular literary journals and magazines. Meredith made her debut in the field of writing in 2013 with the novel called Hardwired. Before that, she worked for ten years as a tech entrepreneur. She put her experience to good use and came up with interesting novels in her career. In 2014, Meredith Wild laid the foundation of her own publishing company called Waterhouse Press.

Most of her books are self-published under this imprint. Her success as an author has brought a lot of fame and popularity for her and has allowed her to feature in numerous TV shows and magazines such as CBS This Morning, Hollywood Reporter, The Examiner, New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Today Show, etc. The foreign rights of her books have been in more than 23 languages. As of today, she resides in the gulf coast along with her loving husband and 3 children. Meredith likes to see herself as a whiskey appreciator, hopeless romantic, and techie. She grew up in Fulton, Illinois and was quite an insatiable reader. Being the only child of her parents, she lived like a hippie and a free-spirit. As there was so much of free time in her hand, Meredith entertained herself by reading books and writing occasional stories on the computer of her mother. She claims that reading helped her develop an interest in writing.

Meredith completed her graduation from Smith College with a degree in English literature. At one of the college parties, she came across her future and got married to him at the young age of 20. Following their marriage, they relocated to Destin. While her husband was employed in the air force, Meredith began her own graphic designing firm. And within a few years, the firm grew fully and had a staff of 10 people. Meredith gained essential experience from starting her firm and running its business independently, which gave her the idea to write her first book, Hardwired. This book formed the first installment of her widely popular Hacker series.

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