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Bridget E Baker is a romance novelist that is best known as the author of several bestselling romance series. She began writing at a very young age as she won her first writing contest as a first grader when she wrote about the life of a spot of air. She never stopped writing ever since even though she got lost in the intricacies of a legal career for a while until she got bored. She then quit her job to spend more time writing fiction rather than counting her money from lawyering. Since then, she has gotten married and lives with her husband, five children, and a variety of pets and farm animals that includes two demanding cats, chickens, lions head rabbits, three goofy horses and a yappy dog. She now spends much of her days writing, riding Leo the horse and playing with her children. She also loves making cookies and also does some kickboxing.

Baker began writing her first novel over a decade ago when she dreamed of an idea which she proceeded to plot out while driving across the United States. Unfortunately, it was a terrible idea for a novel as she knew nothing about novel writing and simply wrote a simple sequence of events. A few weeks before her second last child was born she managed to get Marked her debut novel published. She had finally achieved some success after reading some books on the art of writing, even though she still got her inspiration from a dream. Bridget Baker believes the biggest impediment to getting published early was her reluctance to make bad things happen to her characters. This meant that her manuscripts lacked the conflict that is the fuel to a fiction novel. She also did not know anything about pacing and has come a long way since she landed an agent who got “Marked” her debut novel published.

As for publishing, it was quite an experience for Bridget Baker as she had to slug away at traditional writing, polishing, editing and rewriting sending to the agent over and over before getting published. She often got her hopes once they were in acquisition only to get all her hopes dashed. She did this for half a decade and had to trash two novels before she landed an agent. She nearly quit when her agent left her agency and she became so frustrated. Things took a turn for the better when she attended a Storymakers event and met some self published authors. Instead of waiting while sitting in their hands, they picked what they wanted to write, their editors and did their own promotion. It took her a few months to process that it could be possible to the same with her novels and started writing the manuscript for Marked that would and her the first agent she ever had. Once the novel was published, she was able to turn into a series and later on went on to write several others that were just as successful. She likes being an independent author as she does not have to wait to be allowed to write the second novel of a series or start a new one unlike in traditional publishing. She now works as a full time author.

“Marked” the debut novel by Bridget E Baker is the story of Ruby Behl. All she wished for when she turns seventeen is to kiss her long time crush and best friend Wesley Fairchild and have a great career path match. Unfortunately for her, the simplicity of teenage desire is gone ever since the Tercera virus devastated the world causing widespread suffering of the human race. The virus is spread through touch and the small town of Port Gibson has prohibited social contact to prevent further spread. During a rite of passage ceremony that involves Spin of the Bottle, Ruby gets the opportunity she could never have hoped for. But then her long time crush ends up marked and Ruby comes to the realization that what was her first kiss could very well be her last. She is now in a race against time to find out long buried secrets regarding her deceased parents with the virus at her heels and a future that seems ever murkier. She has to find the cure but is she willing to do anything to get it?

Bridget E Baker’s opens to Ruby having spent the past few weeks in a tailspin. The Tercera virus has changed her life and now her boyfriend could be dead even though her best friend still lives. The man she has known as her father just may have been kidnapped her when she was a child. Even worse, the antidote to the virus that had at first been very effective is no longer working and thousands are now dying. Unluckily, a zealous cult leader named David Solomon has gotten hold of an essential piece of the puzzle and has put in motion plans to kill all the Marked. The only way to put the brakes on his plans is to offer him most of her blood and she has to make the decision soon. Will she stay and save the world or provide her help to the marked without whom she would have been dead anyway. She is grappling with the value of a legacy and the meaning of family and need to get clarity on who is worth saving and whom to trust.

“Redeemed” the third novel of the series by Bridget E Baker sees Ruby Behl the seventeen year old in a position of power which is something she never expected. But in the past few months, a lot has changed and she now has to accept that she will be responsible for many lives. Wesley her best friend had been marked with the novel Tercera Virus while Sam her boyfriend was shot and killed. In the meantime she had stumbled upon her father’s journal which provided what she needed to find the cure. But the leaders of the community have come together and intend to deal with the crisis by killing all the Marked to rid the world of the virus. But then the spread of the virus is accelerated by a vicious attack and Ruby is left with less than a week to find the cure before her friends that have been Marked are executed. She believes that the old partner to her father could have disappeared with the antidote but try as she might she cannot figure out his identity. She is torn between saving thousands of Marked and her family and needs to find the man before the clock runs down.

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  1. James Takos: 10 months ago

    I just ordered the 3rd book in the Russian Witch series. I am drawn to your writing style-detailed, but no info dumps. Characters that I feel could be real. And a plot that really moves. Your descriptions are great but not overbearing.


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