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What You Left Me (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Light Went Out (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Scenes (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thousand Miles (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Summer Feeling (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Bridget Morrissey

Bridget Morrissey is an American romance author whose books have soared in popularity in the literary world. She has crafted several captivating and heartwarming stories that many have praised as being incredibly gripping, with characters and protagonists making them particularly entertaining. Her illustrious and extensive writing career has seen her stories become widely read and appreciated by both new and established readers.

Bridget is celebrated for the way she builds characters and story arcs, crafting compelling stories with engaging narratives which truly connect with readers. She uniquely merges together classic elements of traditional romance with present day storylines to create stories which readers love. Her ability to balance the idyllic and modern romance helps bring the characters and stories to life.

While many of her stories follow the same romantic structure, Bridget Morrissey never fails to touch and thrill her readers. Her gift for really getting to the very depths of the human heart is exemplified in her works, and readers often comment on how they see their own emotions in the stories she writes. She has also won multiple literary awards from reputable publishers, so it’s no wonder that she has earned such an esteemed fan base.

Bridget Morrissey’s writing style continues to be unique and captivating. Her characters are compelling, possessing an underlying empathy which shines through and draws readers further into the story. She manages to create emotional depth between the characters which gives her stories even more heart.

Her stories are as engaging as they are entertaining. By utilizing her storytelling skills and her ability to craft engaging narratives, she is able to bring readers into a truly unique world. Each scene in her stories is laced with details, which helps bring to life the world that forms around the characters. She is also not afraid to bring classic elements, combining them with the modern, in order to capture the imaginations of readers.

The power of Bridget Morrissey’s writing comes from her free-spirited approach. It’s as though she is completely unafraid to let her characters fully explore the depths of human emotion. Despite many of the stories being based on similar themes, she keeps readers on their toes with each fresh plot. This makes her characters and stories complex, reducing the predictability of them and making them even more beloved.

Early and Personal Life

Bridget Morrissey grew up in Oak Forest, Illinois, exposed to literature from a young age. A lover of reading and storytelling, she always gravitated towards books and picked up writing as a hobby at an early age. Her passion for the craft served as an escape, a creative outlet for her wildest dreams and imaginations.

After becoming a published author of romantic fiction, Morrissey relocated to Los Angeles, California. Despite living in such a bustling metropolis, Morrissey still finds solace in simple pleasures. When she’s not writing, one can find her coaching gymnastics in her free time, or in the corner of a local cafe, sipping on coffee and immersing herself in a good book. When the weekend rolls around, she’s known for hosting mini concerts in her living room with her friends.

Ultimately, Morrissey’s love for reading and writing has been essential in her progression as an author. Her career has taken off, with her books being featured on bestseller lists around the world. Morrissey’s success clearly shows she’s figured out how to marry her love for literature with her passion for creating a unique, captivating experience for her readers.

Writing Career

Bridget Morrissey has fast been rising as one of the top contemporary romance writers. Her engaging stories and insightful characters have drawn in readers all over the world. What You Left Me, her debut novel, was published in 2018 to much success.

Since then, she has gone on to write four more novels, including When the Light Went Out in 2019, Love Scenes in 2021, A Thousand Miles in 2022, and That Summer Feeling in 2023. Fans of Bridget Morrissey eagerly await her newest works, anticipating more entertaining stories from this celebrated author.

Love Scenes

Bridget Morrissey’s contemporary romance novel ‘Love Scenes’ was published on June 20, 2021, by the Berkley publishing house. Morrissey’s work of fiction came in the aftermath of two other previous published works of hers which also garnered much attention. The novel itself was widely praised by both critics and readers alike, becoming a bestseller.

Sloane Ford, a former actress, was in need of employment after losing a TV gig. Working with her famous family, they cast her as a producer for a WWII-era romance starring ex-co-star Joseph Donovan whom she disliked intensely. In spite of his roguish charms and bad professional behavior, Joseph has promised he’s changed.

However, due to unexpected problems on set, Sloane agrees to replace the lead actress and rediscovers her love of acting. As they film together, there is an undeniable connection that only intensifies off the set. Sloane has difficulty determining what’s real and what’s for show between them.

Reading this book is a delightful experience that will be remembered fondly. Along the way, the reader experiences the emotional struggles of questioning if the connection is real or for show. All in all, it’s a captivating read filled with unexpected turns.

A Thousand Miles

On June 21, 2022 the contemporary romance ‘A Thousand Miles’ was released by Berkley. This delightful novel is sure to capture the hearts of readers everywhere with its sweet story. As one of Berkley’s most anticipated releases of the year, it proved to be another hit.

Podcast host Dee Matthews and Ben Porter were teenage best friends, and they made a promise to return in ten years to open a time capsule they buried together. Decades later, Ben shows up on Dee’s doorstep, hoping to follow through on their commitment.

Along for the road trip, the former friends reignite their friendship and discover a new attraction between them. With secrets revealed and life-altering decisions on the horizon, Dee and Ben must decide if they have a future together or if it’s a memory best left in the rear view mirror.

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