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Publication Order of Bridgewater County Books

Bridgewater County Series

A USA Today bestselling author, Vanessa Vale is a true master of her craft when it comes to writing romance novels. Really capturing a true sense of passion, her stories are both evocative and compelling in equal measure, really capturing the attention of the reader. A highly gifted writer, she knows exactly what she’s doing with each and every turn of the page, writing in a style that is very much her own. Her characters are also extremely well drawn, as she allows them to essentially come alive off of the page for the reader.

One series that has become a huge sensation for Vale as a writer is that of her ‘Bridgewater County’ series of novels. Set in Bridgewater, Montana, they take place there dealing with the many lives and loves of the various different inhabitants living in the rural areas. The stories themselves are stand-alone romances, as they’re all thematically connected by the area of Bridgewater overall.

Starting out in 2017, this particular series has continued for six books, all released in that same year, with an omnibus edition published in 2017 too. There’s other series set in Bridgewater too, such as ‘Bridgewater Ménage’ which would follow along in a similar vein as this. The ‘Bridgewater County’ series is still very much its own thing though, as it definitely works on its own merits and ideas throughout.

Ride Me Dirty

Originally published on the 6th of April in 2017, this would first come out through the ‘Bridger Media’ imprint to a great deal of acclaim. Working as a steamy romance novel with a lot of passion, it would be the first book in the ‘Bridgewater County’ series of novels. Following on from each other thematically, they connected by location alone, with the series being a collection of romances set in the same area.

Inheriting a property in Bridgewater, Montana, Catherine feels that her life is in New York, but all that is about to be put to the test. Returning to the town she used to visit every summer, she finds herself in the thrall of two strong and powerful cowboys who desire her. Now she must decide between her life as a big-city lawyer, or two rugged and handsome men who want her all to themselves. Can she find a new life here with these two cowboys, where will her journey take her, and what will she decide as she says ‘ride me dirty?’

This has a lot of steamy and passionate romance scenes running throughout, with a highly evocative sense of eroticism to it. Unabashedly dirty, it knows exactly what it’s doing, as Vanessa Vale has a lot of fun with the highly entertaining premise. It’s a great book for fans of the genre and newcomers alike, in a title that can be essentially read as a stand-alone.

Claim Me Hard

Initially published through the ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,’ this would really capture the attention of readers from all over. Setting up the second title in the long-running ‘Bridgewater County’ series of novels, it definitely manages to capture the essence of the first once more. Set in the same area with a similar relationship to before, it features all new characters and a completely different story to before.

Heading to Bridgewater, Hannah Winters seeks to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend of hers, as she takes up waitressing there. Looking to keep herself hidden, she soon catches the eye of two strong and powerful cowboys, as they seek to make Hannah theirs. But her dangerous past threatens to catch up with them all, as the passion goes even deeper than ever before, with Hannah letting her guard down for the two handsome men. Will Hannah ever be able to escape her past though, can the three of them become an item, and what will happen as she says ‘claim me hard?’

Once again featuring another pair of men with a woman, the themes and ideas are similar to the first, with more steamy action. This is something that Vanessa Vale does extremely well, as she brings the world to life, making for an engaging and compelling story. Not just that either, but the characters are extremely well drawn too, making for some highly interesting and entertaining protagonists.

Take Me Fast

The third book in the now much loved ‘Bridgewater County’ series of novels, this would carry on with another self-contained ménage à trois romance. With the one woman and two strong cowboys becoming a firm staple of the series at this point, it uses the format very well. Vanessa Vale knows exactly what she’s doing with the series, and makes it highly entertaining, in this fun escapist romance. First published on the 6th of July in 2017, this would come out in the same year as the first two, whilst paving the way for the fourth titled ‘Hold Me Close’ which was also released that year.

Rory and Cooper have returned after seven years in the military, and now they’re home to lay claim to Ivy, the woman they both never forgot. Spending a night with her before being shipped off to boot camp seven years prior, things have changed, and many secrets have been formed. Coming together in Bridgewater, the three of them seek to overcome their past, as they are all set to enter a relationship. Will they discover the secrets of their collective past though, can they live happily ever after, and what will become of Ivy as she says ‘take me fast?’

The Bridgewater County Series

Working on every single level it sets out to, this series is definitely one of the great examples of the romance genre. Vanessa Vale herself is a very capable and competent author who knows exactly what it is that she is doing here. The writing is both steamy and evocative, as it’s definitely got a lot at the heart of it, really bringing the world at the center of it to life. Finding more and more readers every day, it’s a series that isn’t going away any time soon, with more set to discover it in the future.

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