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Brie Paisley is an American author of thriller and contemporary romance novels. She was born and spent her childhood in a small rural town in Mississippi but now lives in different places thanks to her husband’s military career. From a young age, Brie strongly desired to write, often filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. A few years ago, she embarked on her debut novel. Thanks to the support and encouragement of her husband and sister-in-law, she successfully wrote and published her first book. When she’s not immersed in writing, you’ll find her engrossed in a good book, a captivating movie, or cherishing moments with her loving husband and her delightful daughter.

Carter is the first book in The Harlow Brothers series by Brie Paisley. Carter and Shelby share a long history, having known each other since she was five. Their bond started as friendship on the playground and eventually grew into Shelby’s first love, but Carter ended up breaking her heart. Faced with a difficult family life and not knowing how to cope, Shelby made the decision to run away. After thirteen years, she returns home following a painful divorce from her awful husband, Easton. However, Shelby now finds herself in the awkward position of avoiding Carter, unsure if she’s ready to face him once more. She takes refuge in Annie and William’s home, slowly rebuilding her life despite enduring more challenges than any 32-year-old should.

The story is a poignant love tale of friends who evolved into a close-knit family. Readers will appreciate the background provided on the Harlow boys, including Caden, the younger brother; Carter, the oldest at thirty-three; Caden and Cason, the twins; Caleb, the youngest about to graduate from MIT; and Clark, who has joined the military. Cason, in particular, seems to have experienced trouble after Shelby’s departure, and his interactions with Carter have transformed him.

The story also features a compelling secondary character named Bethany, whose connection readers will enjoy. Shelby’s disappearance had left Carter consumed by regret and grief, but now they have a chance at a fresh start, albeit one that requires them to work together. Shelby carries a troubled past, and Carter is harboring a secret. With Shelby’s challenging mother in the mix, it’s a make-or-break moment for their relationship.

Brie Paisley skillfully creates relatable and endearing primary and secondary characters. The writing is authentic, offering a narrative that many readers can connect with as it explores themes of starting over and rediscovering what truly matters. This is a story of second chances where fate plays a pivotal role. Brie’s writing flows seamlessly, offering the perfect blend of twists, turns, and surprises that will leave readers falling in love with the story.

Worshipped is the first novel in a series by the same name authored by Brie Paisley. This is a male-female-male erotic romance with some dark themes, including domestic violence, so if these themes make you uncomfortable, it’s best to avoid reading it.
Riley Blake appears to be living the dream with her own house, a successful business, and a great best friend. However, she still feels like something is missing in her life. Her past relationships have left her guarded to avoid getting hurt. One day, after receiving some disheartening news, she decides to visit a local café for a cup of coffee. Little does she know that this visit will change her world forever, all because of a captivating stranger.

Encouraged by her friend Karen, Riley steps out of her comfort zone and goes clubbing. At the club, she encounters the enigmatic stranger once again, a man named Isaac Walton, and this time he’s not alone. Isaac is accompanied by his business partner, Conner Davidson. Riley finds herself attracted to Isaac, but the moment she looks at Conner, she can’t help but entertain fantasies involving both of them. To her surprise, she discovers both men are interested in her and open to sharing her affections. This is a new experience for Riley, and she embraces it wholeheartedly.

However, their newfound happiness is threatened by their troubled pasts. As danger lurks, Isaac and Conner are determined to do whatever it takes to protect Riley, even if it means putting their lives on the line.

In Worshipped, the first book in the series, there’s uncertainty surrounding Karen and Josh, making us wonder if something unfortunate happened to Karen. As the story unfolds, Karen and Jason undergo significant personal and relational growth. Karen grapples with her intense attraction to Jason and questions what it is about his dominant nature that arouses her. Initially, she doesn’t comprehend her submissive tendencies.

On the other hand, Jason has weathered numerous hardships that have transformed him into a cold and unfeeling individual. Yet, something about Karen resonates deep within his soul, softening his rough edges and thawing his icy exterior. She serves as an anchor for him.
Once Karen manages to break through Jason’s emotional defenses and lay their feelings and pasts bare, it appears they’re on a promising path toward a happier life. However, the choice is painfully evident when Jason must choose between protecting his son and remaining with Karen. The question becomes whether they can find their way back to each other.

Worshipped delves into dark and enigmatic territory. If you’re not prepared to uncover the hidden secrets within these characters, this may not be the right read for you. The characters are secondary figures from the first book, initially appearing in Riley, Isaac, and Conner’s story. Karen and Jason’s narrative illuminates who Vincent truly is and the extraordinary lengths he’s willing to go to.

Karen is determined to maintain control over her life, even as she grapples with her inner demons when she’s taken captive by her boyfriend, Jason. Jason, too, is battling his inner demons, all while striving to protect Karen. He’s a commanding and attractive figure with a fierce aura. The question remains whether Karen can trust that Jason is genuinely committed to change or if it’s a dangerous road for both of them.

This series is worth exploring if you’re seeking an exceptional and profoundly dark read.

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