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Britney S. Lewis
Britney S. Lewis is an author of young adult fiction. She’s got her BA in corporate communications with an emphasis in art and business. She is an avid follower of #DVpit and #BVM, and is a strong supporter of We Need Diverse Books.

When Britney is not busy daydreaming about new stories, she can be found binge watching TV shows with her pup and fiance or practicing West Coast Swing.

Britney is at risk of burnout when she just simply cannot look at any more words. Does not mean she cannot write through this, but it means she doesn’t want to. She also finds herself burning out when she begins getting imposter syndrome really bad.

In order to take care of herself, she’ll step away from her writing completely and start doing other things. This might mean that she dances more, so she does that. It might mean that she walks her dog more, splurge on the Sims for a few hours, or play board games with her fiance. She might go to bed early, wake up late, watch TV shows and read books other people have written. Each of these things really help her out, and they inspire her a lot as well.

She was trying to get traditionally published for eleven years, with the last year alone being the best. She began querying “The Undead Truth of Us” in early April. She had a few, quick full requests which turned into rejections just overnight. Then she took part in #dvpit, where she got a few more requests, however those led to nothing.

But then in June of 2020, she took art in #pitmad, and it all changed. In just hours, hundreds of people retweeted her pitch, and she had writers like Brittney Morris and Emily X.R. Pan sharing it around as well. But then two agents who were reading requested a phone call, and many others requested the full thing. That entire day she freaked out. And by the end of that week, she had five calls set up, and 17 fulls in the hands of various literary agents.

And by the end of the second week, she decided to partner with Katelyn Detweiler of Jill Grinberg Literary. She and Britney worked for two weeks straight revising, and her book went on submission on July 9, 2020. by July 24, they learned the novel was heading into an editorial meeting with the Head editor at this major publisher, and by the 28th, they learned they were taking the book to acquisitions, which is where a bunch of books head to die.

Then Disney officially offered to buy her book in a two novel deal with publication in Summer of 2022. The whole thing was a whirlwind and quite the exciting time for Britney.

“The Undead Truth of Us” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Death was everywhere. They all stared at her, bumping into each other and slowing moved forward.

Zharie Young (sixteen years old) is totally certain that her mom morphed into a zombie before her untimely death, however she’s unable to figure out exactly why. Why her aunt does not want her around, why her mom died, why all her dreams seem to be hopelessly and suddenly just out of reach. And why, ever since that day, she has been seeing zombies everywhere.

And then Bo moves into her apartment building. Skateboard in hand, tall, freckles like stars, and this undeniable charm. Z doesn’t want anything to do with them, however once he transforms into a half zombie right before her very eyes, something feels rather different. He contradicts everything that she believed she knew about monsters, and she cannot help but wonder if getting to know him a little better may just unlock the answers to her mom’s death.

While Zharie sifts through what is real and what is magic, she learns this new truth about the world: Love is able to literally change you, either for good or for dead.

In this surrealist journey of fear, grief, and hope, Britney S. Lewis’ debut explores zombies, love, and everything in between in this intoxicating amalgam of the fantastic and the real.

Britney’s lyrical prose is surreal and beautiful, and readers felt that this was heart wrenching and wholesome. It made them sob and reminded them just how lonely they are in this world.

“The Dark Place” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2023. You’re only able to hide from your nightmares for so very long.

Hylee Williams (seventeen years old) never asked to vanish. However vanish she did, and not just that, however when she vanished from our world, she materialized in a twisted and dark version of the night which changed her forever: the night that her older brother went missing.

Right when Hylee realizes that this moment can be the key to unraveling the full truth about her brother, she gets yanked away from the dark place on back to our world. Craving this sense of normalcy, she goes to this party with her very best friend, and where she meets Eilam Roads. Handsome, tall, and undeniably, inexplicably familiar, Hylee is unable to help the pull that she feels toward him. It is a classic teen girl-meets-boy situation, until this happens again. She vanishes, right in front of him.

Together, Eilam and Hylee investigate the truth about space, time, and reality, with Hylee growing more convinced that her time travel holds the key to saving her brother. However the more that they learn, the more Hylee starts seeing darkness lurking in her world, and in herself.

Britney’s sophomore novel combines the surrealist horror imagery and razor sharp wit of Jordan Peele and the swoony romance, quotable relatability, and emotional resonance of John Green. At once enchanting and haunting and totally unforgettable.

Britney’s characterization is fantastic, the plot is interesting, and her writing style is fantastic, especially the environment. There’s a dark tone to this and it’s a gripping and mysterious read with some complex characters and suspenseful twists.

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