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Publication Order of Britt Montero Books

Contents Under Pressure (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miami, It's Murder (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suitable for Framing (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Act of Betrayal (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Margin of Error (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Garden of Evil (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Only Die Twice (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ice Maiden (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Kills (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man's Daughter (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Edna is an American writer/journalist from Paterson, New Jersey. She is best recognized for her crime mystery books. Buchanan attended Montclair State College in Miami. Soon after college, she got a writing job as a police beat reporter and with The Miami Herald and Miami Beach Daily Sun respectively. In 1986, Edna received the Pulitzer Award for News Reporting as a resourceful and brilliant Beat writer. The award opened up doors of writing opportunities, and she immediately began churning scripts into published books. Her first books, published in 1991 and 1993 respectively were; “The Corpse Had a Familiar Face” and “Never Let Them See You Cry.” In this article, we shall review the widely sold Britt Montero Series.

Contents under Pressure #1 Britt Montero

Britt Montero is an excellent crime reporter who has hawk eyes and ears for hot stories, even where the case has proved futile and declared cold. As a journalist in Miami, she has seen it all, crimes of passion, near death experiences, and overwhelming violence in the open streets. During one of those quiet nights, a football hero and women’s heartthrob dies in a grueling accident involving the police in a wild car chase. Britt needs to report this tale in its raw form, but where does she begin? The cops have obliterated the entire evidence. The twisted lies and other cover-ups make this case a difficult one. Britt’s firm stand to pursue the truth through the wreckage — leads her to a terrifyingly close, and unpredicted exposure to corruption and conspiracy that could lead her in deep trouble.

It is a highly exciting novel, a cross between a thriller and police procedural mystery. Britt comes off as a tough but empathetic news reporter who handles her job with skill. Britt Montero has mixed race genes between Cuban and Native American parents. She is likable and outgoing with her associates. The secondary characters add flavor to the narrative and are quite pleasant as well. Britt Montero’s investigative skills prove helpful with reliable contacts in the right place. However, she feels pressured to uncover the truth, and when she does, it is shocking!

Miami, it’s Murder # 2 Britt Montero

Miami is livid with nervous energy, a city where the sky is ever clear, and people never seem to sleep in the sun filled humid Oceanside. If you’re not into fun activities, Miami cannot accommodate you. As inviting as it looked, danger and death go together. Numerous crimes reported every day. Journalist Britt Montero has her hands full. Always ready to tell a scary death tale, describing the excruciating circumstances the victims had gone through. You can almost feel the pain in the writers’ soul as she describes some of the crimes in Miami. Daringly spooky I must add. Another murder has taken place in the sun filled Miami backyard. Britt is sent off to investigate a series of the botched weird sexual murder of an under aged little girl. The murder scene has, a grisly electrocuted girl covered in fresh concrete. Before this heinous murder, a rapist went round the city ambushing decent women in the washrooms of some infamous skyscrapers in Miami.

During her investigation, Britt visits the forensic crimes lab to verify her story. She discovers a series of voodoo rituals and details them in her article. Unknowingly, Britt’s articles incite the rapists’ motive to go out and kill more women. The attacker’s violence escalates, and he targets Britt as the next victim! Now on the killer list, Britt feels the rapist shadowing her movements as she freaks out on the next possible move. Should she lead him right into a trap or walk away? As tension mounts up and the heart-wrenching suspense keeps readers on the edge of their seats, the feasible plan is in the offing. Britt’s best friend, Lottie, the wild red head on everyone’s dreams seems to help a little bit, but not so much. It’s scary, and the city that never goes to sleep must protect Britt from her stubborn stalker.

Act of Betrayal #4 Britt Montero

In the fourth installment of Britt Montero, the tale begins with one of the city’s horrific hurricanes of all time. Britt tries to dig into her late father’s murder and discovers some shocking details. She finds clues to the killer who deceived her father. A nuisance to several in the Cuban émigré district, Miami reporter Alex Aguirre suddenly dies in a car explosion. Police reporter, Britt Montero arrives as the first witness on the crime scene. As she gathers information, a large blonde man walks over a folder in hand. Britt is at first skeptical, but she listens to him more attentively. MacDonald tells her that a missing child, a 13-year-old boy, Charles, has been missing for the last four years. He asks Britt to look into it since the police may have brushed it off and never investigated the case. Lottie tries to remember the matter to no avail.

As Britt follows up on the bomb incident, she notes other boys have been missing, with the same physical features as well as their age. Now she is on to something too big. She can’t stop digging. With a pending article, that she was forced to write about the infamous exiled Cuban leader, Juan Carlos Reyes, she brushes it off as it’s not a new story. Meanwhile, as the events unfold in Miami, a looming storm is on the way. And it is coming faster than the regular oceanic winds. Charles MacDonald was on his way to Reyes’ residence to clean his boat when the young boy disappeared. Aguirre was just a distraction. Reyes and another exiled Cuban, Jorge Bravo both claim to have worked with Britt’s father, and that they have something that belonged to the late man. Desperate for solutions on the events in her life, Britt allows herself to trust the two people, unknowingly entering into a dangerous trap.

We desperately try to read through to the end of the book in the hope of conclusive answers to the mysterious killer. The writer also leaves readers upbeat with a mystery on the missing boys’ saga. Britt has casual relationships with strange characters that lead to death. There is a lot of hanging stories in this edition, not too convincing, or a beautiful read. It felt like walking into a labyrinth and trying to look for the entry and exit points at the same time. The (unnamed) hurricane is a mimic of Hurricane Andrew though not well referenced. Another conspicuous miss. Overall, the storyline was okay, but it should have lead the readers into believing that Britt and her team found the underlying solution for this case, which sadly isn’t so.

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