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Publication Order of Brock and Kolla/Kathy and Brock Books

Barry Maitland is an author whose family comes from Paisley which is an industrial city near to Glasgow in Scotland and also where he was born. When he was young they moved to London, where he went to a school. His English teacher inspired him more about literature. Barry however wanted to be an architect and after high school he studied for the same at Cambridge University. After a practicing period he then studied urban design at the University of Sheffield. He also taught in the same university. In the year 1984 he was offered a position of the head of architectural school at the Australia’s University of Newcastle and he moved to the place together with his family. 6 years later Newcastle got struck by an earthquake and his wife, Margaret almost got killed when their house fell in. It was really a dramatic as well as chaotic time, and the reaction to what was around Barry and his family, He began to think about the murder mystery plot for the series where he established the 1st novel of the series, The Marx Sisters. It was published in the year 1994, and it became the 1st of book of the series of 12, Brock and Kolla books which were to be published over the following twenty years, together with the one stand-alone mystery thriller known as Bright Air which is set in Australia. In the year 2000 he retired from the University of Newcastle so as to focus on full time writing. Barry’s latest project is the full-blooded Australian set of novels in the Belltree Trilogy. He lives and writes in the small town found in Hunter Valley, the attractive wine-growing and also agricultural area located in New South Wales of the Pacific Coast in Australia. It coexists with one of the hugest coal ports in the world.

Barry Maitland is an author of series Brock and Kolla of the crime mystery novels, which have their setting in London, where he grew up after the moving of his family to the place. His novels have been often described as the whydunits and whodunits. The books are concerned with the devious motivations and histories of the characters. The background of Barry in architecture is what drew him to this structured character of his mystery novel, and his novels are often notable for the ingenious plots and for their great atmospheric settings. Each book comes in a different fascinating corner of London. Barry Maitland as seen above studied architecture at Cambridge University. He then progressed to work as an architect in the United Kingdom and then took the urban design PhD in the University of Sheffield. He taught in the same university while writing several books on urban design and architecture. Barr currently writes full time fiction.

Brock and Kolla

The series is certainly interesting. In the USA, a woman is murdered in Jerusalem Lane. The elderly couple in the terrace of a favourite café. The unidentified male who is white is also stabbed to death at the street. It is Just another day in the office for the Sydney homicide detective known as Harry Belltree. Brock And Kolla identify this victim to be murdered and there is a connection between all the 3 incidents. They cannot be involved officially. This is why they at times investigates the matter off-grid. And also that is when things begin to become complicated, and pretty dangerous.

The Marx Sisters

The book was first published in 1994 by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin in the UK and then in 1999. It talks about the Arcade USA Jerusalem Lane which is a little piece of the Dickensian London that is untouched by development. The inhabitants of the place are mainly refugees from the pre-war central of Europe. However, could the elderly Meredith Winterbottom have been killed for another age’ politics? As the DS Kolla and the DCI Brock investigate the eccentric melting pot f Lane, the past and the present interconnect in ways that are unexpected. What links Mrs Rosenfeldt and Adam Kowalski to the smooth property developer and the American academic? Another great thing one would want to know is what the son of Meredith, Terry up to? Not to mention the Marxist sisters. This could be a recipe for murder. The first case of Detective Kathy Kolla’s is surely one for the books. Meredith Winterbottom, who is a resident of the Jerusalem Lane, an attractive section of London that is inhabited by the Eastern European immigrants and also a great-granddaughter of Karl Marx, is discovered dead. Is she the victim of the greedy real-estate developers, or did she get killed for the politics of another age? When the 2nd Marx sister is also killed, David Brock, the Chief Inspector of the Scotland Yard, has to be brought in to help in investigation. As both Kathy and Brock investigate the cases, they come across the unpublished letters that are from Marx to the Engels; a possible 4th volume of the Das Kapital. Here there is an endless list of suspects that are shady who are plotting to end the investigating days of Kathy for good. Will they be able to unravel the mystery before the first case of Kathy is her last? It is a great book to begin a series and worth grabbing to find out more.

The Malcontenta

This 2nd novel of the series was first published in 1995 by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin, UK. It is about 2000 Arcade, USA For the DS Kathy Kolla who has a chance to delve the unnatural death of the physio at the high-class Stanhope House Clinic and this seems like the appropriate opportunity to leave behind the more mundane duties of police. The death which first seemed to be suicide or an accidental death is evidently much more complicated. Is it cover-up to shield the illustrious clients of the clinic, or is it murder? Kolla therefore is not pleased at all when she is taken off the case abruptly, and she turns to Brock, the DCI for help. Their unofficial inquiries however wallow in the mire of corruption as violence behind the respectable face of the clinic rises out of control. Barry has been able to use Solid procedural suspense and also serious subtext on the corruption nature which makes book in the series to stand out. Maitland possesses a sure touch, and his storyline is greatly complemented by a serious look at issues of corruption and sexism in the police force.

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