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Publication Order of Brodie Farrell Books

Brodie Farrell is the main character in a series written by Irish author Jo Bannister. Farrel debuted in 2001 when Echoes of Lies, the first book in Brodie Farrell series was published. Bannister featured Farrell in nine novels with Liars All marking the last book in the series.

Echoes of Lies

Echoes of Lies is the first book in Brodie Farrell series by Jo Bannister. The novel introduces to the readers Brodie Farrell, a young woman who finds things for a living. When she is first tasked to locate the whereabouts of Daniel Hood, at first, she sees nothing suspicious about this request. She finds the young man and passes the required details to her clients, and she is commended for a job well done. However, when the young man is later found tortured nearly to death, Farrell becomes the primary suspect.

Still haunted by the feeling of guilt when Hood asks for help, Brodie finds it to do what is right- walk away. The young man needs to understand what happened: until the attack, Hood had never known an enemy in this world- the men who attacked him were looking for a lady named Sophie, and he does not know anyone by that name.

Find the source of Hood’s misfortune, in the end, resolves nothing but only leads them into a complex, more profound tragedy than they ever imagined.

True Witness

In faithful witness, we again meet Daniel Hood, the handsome math teacher first introduced in the first book in the series Echoes of Lies. The man is still recovering from his last encounter and this time he finds himself dealing with the consequences of a crime in this thrilling and captivating psychological thriller by British veteran Bannister.

In the second installment, Hood has become good friends with the single mother and the owner of the search service-“Looking for something?” Brodie Farrell.

Hood invites Brodie’s daughter, Paddy over to his house to looks at the planets and stats to celebrate her 5th birthday. However, the telescope shows more than stars and planets and Hood witnesses a killing on the pier in front of his house.

Detective Investigator recognizes the pattern of this crime and immediately identifies the prime suspect- a serial killer who had earlier escaped a murder conviction a decade earlier. On the other hand, Daniel is uncertain. Brodie knows well that Daniel would never settle for something less than the “true truth” and fear that he might get himself in trouble; she decides to commence her own investigation into the murder case.

The author, Bannister, creatively moves her cast of characters through an intriguing tale of death and tragedy, by exploring their thoughts and motives. Brodie makes an exciting and refreshingly realistic investigator, Jack is an appealing detective, but it is Daniel and his obsession with truth and honesty, his high sensitivity to the human condition that stars here.

An enthralling and robust exploration of love & honor, the second book in the series is an exciting crime novel featuring Daniel Hood and Brodie Farrell.

The Depths of Solitude

The simple surface life of Brodie Farrell is not particularly interesting- a single mother of one a five-year-old daughter, Paddy in the small seaside scenic town. She spends lots of her days operating a “finding firm”- helping client locate things that have proven to be more elusive than any other normal techniques.

She has a strong correlation with Jack, a superintendent in the local police department, and a vast network of friends- except for Daniel Hood, a man who has been ignoring her since her bitter disagreement tore their relationship apart at the seams. Now his property is up for sale, and Daniel has vanished.

At first Miss Farrell is angry- she is mad that Daniel left without telling her, and without trying to mend their friends and sort things out. However, when Daniel’s family appears to be unconcerned about his disappearance, Farrell begins to get worried. Maybe she was the only person who ever cared about Daniel, and she cut him off from her world. What if the hypersensitive Daniel did something stupid? Alternatively, what if he already messed up?

Unfortunately, Miss Farrell advanced skills cannot locate her friend- and her worries intensify when she becomes the victim of a sustained campaign. First, her car windshield is smashed, and then the vehicle is set on fire. Her handbag is stolen and later is terrorized in the local library after a call from Daniel informing her to meet him in the library alone. The conclusion is quite apparent, but Farrell does not believe it until when she is attacked again.

Closer Still

Even though she has been trying to serve her clients- running a detective agency, while at the same time she cares for her new baby boy Jonathan. Brodie soon discovers that taking time off is not as easy as she thought. Not only does her baby boy have a rare disease that could see him blind, his dad Detective Jack Deacon is hunting one of the nastiest thugs in town, Joe Loomis who quickly retaliates by threatening both Brodie and her child, Jonathan.

When Loomis dies while trying to utter a name that starts with letter D, Brodie is not sure whether her man might have gotten himself entangled in yet another crime. However, the dead man had plenty of adversaries and Deacon is not the only man who wanted the man dead. When Dev Stretton, a suspect in the murder cases turns out to be connected with Daniel Hood, Brodie is left with no choice but rather to take up the search for the serial killer.

As the events roll out of control and the entanglements weave together complex web patterns, Brodie must soon learn to keep her friends close and her enemies much closer.


Even though Brodie Farrell runs an agency called Looking for Something?- she avoids handling the cases of missing people. However, she cannot refuse when one of her friends in the police force requests her to find a long-lost aunt of two girls after their father vanishes and their mother is killed.

When a stranger breaks into the girl’s home, Brodie must act quickly to save the two girls from danger.

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