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Publication Order of Brodies Of Alaska Books

Against the Heart (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Against the Wild (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Against the Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Against the Tide (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Brodies of Alaska book series is a wonderful series of romantic suspense, contemporary, and thriller novels. It is written by a NY Times bestselling American writer named Kat Martin. This series is actually a spin-off of another mind-blowing series written by Kat Martin called the Against series or the Raines of Wind Canyon series. Author Martin began writing this series in 2013 and published as many as 4 books until 2015. Each novel of the series has succeeded in finding huge fan-following in all the places of its release. Their individual successes have collectively helped to make the series immensely successful as a whole. Its immense success allowed author Kat Martin to gain much success in her career and add a few more stars to her name.

Kat Martin has primarily set the books in Los Angeles, California. However, some of the events in the books also take place in other places like Las Vegas, Seattle, Spokane, and Alaska. In every book, Kat Martin has depicted the story revolving around a member of the Brodie family. She has described their love life and the ups and downs of life that make them strive to make things right. Some of the essential characters created by her for this series include Meriwether Jones, Ian Brodie, Lane Bishop, Dylan Brodie, Samantha Hollis, Nick Brodie, Rafe Brodie, Liv Chandler, Melanie Cassidy, Gray Hawkins, Michelle Peach, Evan Boldon, and several others.

An exciting novel of this series is entitled ‘Against the Heart’. It was released in 2013 by Wolfpack Publishing. This book is based on the life of a woman who finds trouble wherever she goes, but she is lucky enough to come across a tough man, who not only saves her but also falls in love with her. Meriwether Jones had run away from her life in Los Angeles along with her 4-year-old daughter. But, the trouble follows her and by the time she arrives in rural Spokane, she runs out of money, gas, and ideas to save herself and her daughter. On the other hand, Ian Brodie seems to be going through some problems of his own. He is a former cop and his father is seen as the shell of the person that he once was, always bitter, lonely, and determined to stay so.

Now, Ian Brodie has established a security firm located in Seattle, which goes by the name, Brodie Security. This company helps him earn good money and he wishes to use that money to help his father come out of his misery. Ian decides to show up at the farmhouse of his father, help in getting it cleaned, and put his life and his farmhouse back in order. Deciding to hire Meriwether Jones proves to be a good decision as it reduces the burden on his shoulders to a great extent. This begins to take a shocking turn when Ian comes to know that Meriwether is hiding a secret so dangerous that it could put the lives of everyone he knows in great danger. As Ian digs deeper, more secrets come to light. However, the biggest threat that the ex-cop faces is losing his heart to the beautiful Meriwether and her lovely daughter.

Another excellent book published in this series is called ‘Against the Wild’. It was released by the Zebra publication in 2014. This book features Lane Bishop and Dylan Brodie in the lead roles and is set in Alaska. The book opens by introducing Lane Bishop as the woman who lost her fiance around 3 years ago in a tragic accident. And after keeping her heart well-guarded for so long, she is now ready to take the risk of losing her heart to someone else. Lane Bishop finds Dylan Brodie too hot and hopes that he becomes the man with whom she goes on to spend the rest of her life. Dylan owns a fishing lodge that dates back to the 1930s. When Lane accompanies Dylan to his remote fishing lodge to assist him in getting it renovated, she comes across a little girl, who is unable to speak.

The girl turns out to be the daughter of Dylan Brodie, whom he had kept hidden from the outside world for reasons best known to him. Strange sounds at night and eerie legends make it difficult for Lane to spend every minute at the lodge. And as she indulges in investigating about the lodge’s history, she discovers a legacy of murder and injustice. Dylan doesn’t want any harm to come to his daughter and for that, he is ready to do whatever it takes. He is also ready to risk his life for the beautiful Lane Bishop, whom he has started to love.

Kat Martin is a renowned American writer of historical fiction, romance, and suspense novels. She has written several mind-blowing book series in her career, including the Necklace Trilogy, Texas Trilogy, Boss, Inc., etc. Her real name is Kathleen Kelly Martin. Kat also writes under the pen names of Kasey Mars and Kathy Lawrence. She was born on July 14, 1947, in Tulare, California, United States. After obtaining an Anthropology degree, Kat went on to study History at California University in Santa Barbara. It was while she was working as a real estate broker that Kat came across her future husband named Larry Jay Martin. Their love life is quite a dramatic one as Kat Martin fell in love with Larry after reading a manuscript he had written in the historical western genre.

After spending some time in editing Larry’s works, she decided to try her luck in the field of writing and eventually established herself as a full-time writer. Kat published her first novel in 1988. All her earlier books were signed with the name Kat Martin, which she acquired after marriage. Kat used the pseudonym Kathy Lawrence for the first time when she collaboration with Larry. Likewise, Kasey Mars was used by her for writing contemporary romances. The NY Times bestselling author has won several prestigious awards in her career, including the Career Achievement Award from RT Book Review Magazine. As of today, Kat Martin has sold more than 11 million copies of her books worldwide. Her novels have been published in over 17 foreign countries, including South Africa, Argentina, Greece, England, Sweden, China, Korea, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, etc. Currently, Kat lives with her loving husband in Missoula, Montana. When she is not involved in any of her writing projects, she likes to undertake traveling and skiing.

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