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Publication Order of Broken Earth Books

The Fifth Season (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Obelisk Gate (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stone Sky (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Broken Earth book series is an award-winning series of science fiction, fantasy, dystopia, and post-apocalyptic stories. It is written by a prominent American writer named N.J. Jemisin. The series began in 2015 and since then author Jemisin has published three books altogether as a part of this series. She is expected to publish a few more in the coming years. Every book of this series revolves around the central character named Essun. Jemisin has described Essun as an ordinary woman living an ordinary life until her world is turned upside down when she learns about the murder of her son and the kidnapping of her daughter, both at the hands of her husband. Besides Essun, other essential characters mentioned in the novels by N.K. Jemisin includes Alabaster Tendring, Nassun, Schaffa, Damaya, Jija, Hoa, Ykka, and several others.

The first book of this series went on to win the Hugo Award. It was nominated for other prestigious awards, including the Nebula Award, Locus Award, World Fantasy Award, Grand Prix de I’Imaginaire, James Tiptree Jr. Award, Premio Ignotus prize, Dragon Award, Le Blanc Award, etc. The second also won the Hugo Award in 2017 and received nominations for the Locus, Nebula, World Fantasy, and James Tiptree Jr. awards. Each and every novel of this fantasy series has performed exceptionally well. They have entertained a large number of readers across the globe and received excellent reviews from most of them. Numerous noteworthy critics have given rave reviews to series’ characters, storylines, settings, and plots.

Even the fellow writers of author Jemisin have given genuinely positive reviews. They have praised her work and have appreciated her characters. Some of them have also praised her writing skills and storytelling abilities. Jemisin has received immense motivation from the success of this series’ books. She feels proud that she was able to make good use of her writing talents and wishes to continue doing so for many more years to come. Jemisin has expressed her gratitude to all the critics, authors, and reviewers who have helped her novels succeed. Her fans hope that she comes up with a new and exciting science fiction novel soon and allow them to enjoy another work of hers. Jemisin is expected to come up with a new novel soon. Until then, she hopes that her followers will continue to read the Broken Earth novels and help them become more popular.

The debut book of the Broken Earth series written by author N.K. Jemisin is entitled ‘The Fifth Season’. It was released in 2015 by the Orbit publication. This novel opens by showing that three terrible things take place in Essun’s life on the same day. She used to live a simple life in her small town. One day, she comes home to discover that her son has been killed and her daughter has been abducted. What shocks her more is that the person responsible for both acts is her own husband. Meanwhile, an innovative empire that served the civilization, called Sanze, collapses. It results in the murder of a large number of its citizens. The brutal murders happen only to serve the vengeance of a madman. To make matters worse, a large red rift is developed at the center of the earth, causing darkness in the sky.

Essun decides to pursue go after her husband. To do so, she has to cross a deadly land, where there is no clean water or sunlight. Essun’s supplies are limited and they are expected to last only for a few days. A war is about to break across the continent not for control or power, but for resources needed to help get through the darkness. Essun doesn’t care whether the world is destroyed. She is determined to do whatever it takes to rescue her daughter. The second volume of the series is known as ‘The Obelisk Gate’. It was also published by the Orbit publication in 2016. This book opens by mentioning that the darkness grows darker and causes the civilization to fade into a long, cold night. The madman named Alabaster Tendring returns with a new mission. This time, he wants to train Essun, his successor. If he succeeds in doing so, he will able to seal the continent’s fate forever. Essun struggles continue as her lost daughter lands in the hands of the enemy.

Alabaster uses Essun’s daughter to make her do whatever he pleases. Now, Essun has to decide what is more important for her, the life of her daughter, or the hopes of the civilization that is eagerly waiting for the darkness to get over. She has to choose one soon or she will end up losing both. Essun loves her daughter, Nassun, very much and knows that she will understand why she chose one among the two. She also hopes that Nassun will continue to love her despite whatever consequences they face because of her decision.

N.K. Jemisin is a popular American writer of fantasy and science fiction stories. She is particularly well known for including a variety of themes in her fiction writing such as oppression and cultural conflict. Jemisin has won numerous awards for her literary work and the most notable one among them being the Locus Award. In 2018, Jemisin became the first author to win three Hugo Awards in 3 consecutive years when her all the three books of her Broken Earth series emerged victorious in the Best Novel category. In 2009, her short story called Non-Zero Probabilities became a Nebula finalist. The short story was a finalist for the Hugo Award as well in 2010. Many of Jemisin’s works have been nominated for such prestigious awards. Other well-known nominations for her novels include Locus Award and James Tiptree Jr. Award.

Jemisin was born as Nora K. Jemisin on September 19, 1972, in Iowa City, Iowa. She was brought up in Mobile, Alabama, and New York City. Jemisin has resided in Massachusetts for 10 years before she relocated to New York City. She has studied at Tulane University from 1990 to 1994. During this period, Jemisin obtained her bachelor of science degree in psychology. Later, she undertook an academic course in counseling and obtained her master’s degree from Maryland University. In 2002, Jemisin graduated from the writing workshop of Viable Paradise. Since then, she has penned and published numerous novels and short stories. Previously, she was a member of the writing group called BRAWLers in Boston. Now, she is associated with a critique group of speculative fiction called Altered Fluid. Currently, Jemisin resides in Brooklyn, where she spends most of her time writing novels.

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