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Publication Order of Broken Empire Books

Prince of Thorns (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Thorns (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping Beauty (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Emperor of Thorns (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Broken Empire Series by Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence writes the “Broken Empire” trilogy of fantasy novels. The books are set in post apocalyptic Europe, and it follows Jorg Ancrath while he goes from scorned prince all the way up to Emperor, using whatever means necessary.

Jorg endures many physical and emotional traumas over the course of the series which leaves him deeply damaged, resulting in him being largely unfeeling to others’ suffering. He’s willing to kill or hurt anybody in his quest to ascend to the throne of the Broken Empire. After his little brother and mom’s brutal murder, he runs away from his dad and his home; coming to lead this band of vicious outlaws calling themselves the Brotherhood. He serves as the narrator for the books.

Olidan Ancrath is King of Ancrath and Jorg’s dad. He’s the primary source for Jorg’s drive to unite the Broken Empire. His murderous and cold treatment of his son left Jorg scarred and left them unable to unite, even if it means saving the Broken Empire.

The Nuban is one of Jorg’s most loyal followers, deadly accurate with his powerful crossbow, but little is known of him to the point that few people know his name, with “the Nuban” being a reference to his inky black skin. Rarely among the brotherhood, Jorg thinks highly of him, commenting that he’s morally better than all of them.

Rike is a notably bloody and large minded member of the Brotherhood, who seems exclusively motivated by gaining loot, not even a little motivated by Jorg killing his brother. Rike is rather simple and when pushed the sole redeeming quality for Rike that Jorg is able to come up with is that “he is big”.

Before Sir Makin became a knight, he was a notorious outlaw, sacking cities and burning down cathedrals. He’s got the best sense of humor out of Jorg’s ‘road brothers’ and is incredibly skilled with a sword.

Red Kent is a deadly warrior and highly skilled. He acquired the title of “Red” after he was found by the brotherhood covered in the gore and blood of seventeen patrolmen.

The Dead King is a being that has subjugated and surpassed all the other undead beings. He’s the primary antagonist of the final novel. His origins stay shrouded in mystery, however his power and his desire to bring the rebirth of the Empire about through its destruction are rather obvious. He’s fixated on having Jorg join him, enlisting a necromancer, named Chella, to bring him to their side.

“Prince of Thorns” is the first novel in the “Broken Empire” series and was released in 2011. Before the thorns taught him their sharp lessons and bled weakness out of him he just had a brother, and he loved him well. However those days are gone and what’s left of them lays in his mom’s tomb. Now he’s got many brothers, quick with sword and knife, and as evil as all get out. They ride this broken empire and loot its very corpse. They say these are pretty violent times, the end of days when the dead roam and monsters haunt the night. All of that is true enough, however there is something worse out there, in the dark. Much worse.

From being raised by a loving mom, being a privileged royal child, Jorg Ancrath has become the Prince of Thorns, an immoral and charming boy leading this grim band of outlaws in a series of atrocities and raids. The world’s in chaos: nightmares are everywhere, violence is rife. Jorg has this ability to master the dead and the living, however there’s still a single thing that puts a chill in him. Returning to his dad’s castle Jorg has to face horrors from his childhood and carve a future for himself with all hands being turned against him.

Mark’s debut tells a story of treachery and blood, brotherhood and magic and paints a savage and captivating, and sometimes beautiful, portrait of this exceptional boy on his journey toward manhood and the throne.

“King of Thorns” is the second novel in the “Broken Empire” series and was released in 2012. The land is burning with the fires from a hundred battles while petty kings and lords fight for the Broken Empire. The long road to avenge the slaughter of his brother and mother has show Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath the hidden hands behind this never ending war. He saw the game and he vowed to sweep the board clear. However he first will have to gather pieces of his own, learn the rules of play and learn how to break them.

A six nation army, twenty thousand strong, marches on toward Jorg’s gates, which is led by a champion beloved of the people. Every decent man prays that this shining hero is going to unite the empire and heal all of its wounds. He will, says every omen. Every good king knows to bend the knee when facing overwhelming odds, if only to save their lands and their people. However King Jorg is not some good king.

Face by an enemy that is many times his strength, Jorg knows that he can’t win in a fair fight. However playing fair was never a part of Jorg’s game plan.

“Emperor of Thorns” is the third novel in the “Broken Empire” series and was released in 2013. King Jorg Ancrath is now twenty, and king of seven nations. His goal: revenge against his dad, hasn’t yet been realized, and the demons haunting him have just grown stronger. But no matter how tortured his path is, he intends on taking the next step in his upward climb.

Jorg would be the emperor. It’s a position not to be gained by sword but instead by vote. And never in living memory has anybody secured a majority of the vote, leaving the Broken Empire without a leader for a long time. Jorg plans on changing that. He has uncovered the lost technology of the land, and he will not hesitate in using it.

However he quickly finds this adversary that is standing in his way, this necromancer unlike any other he has faced before. This figure of hatred and is feared even more than he himself: the Dead King.

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