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Broken Empire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Broken Empire Books

Prince of Thorns (2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
King of Thorns (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Emperor of Thorns (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Everyone now must have heard about the Broken Empire series, but not everyone knows what it’s all about.The whole trilogy is based on Young Jorg Ancrath’s shitty childhood. The boy who watched his mother and younger brother murdered in cold blood by his uncle’s men watched his father set his dog on fire and even tried to kill him.

After seeing all these horrors, Jorg had no alternative but to run away from home. Sadly, he ran away in the compony of very villainous hooligans who he come to lead eventually at the tender age of 14. The books have a lot of murder and rape. Giving certainty to the fact that the world is one awful place.

Lawrence’s books lack what may be described as a societal value. Every page you turn in the entire series is full of controversy. Though it may seem silly taking positions in novels, I feel that the position we take on every book we read reflects our character, and in this trilogy, there are two extremely divided camps with a very thin line in the middle.

Lawrence is a risk taker and based on this trilogy alone, he takes a lot of risks. Those risk extend beyond just the shocking pictures he paints on the young men, but also his narrative structures. Every book has to disparate timelines. He allows as to accompany Jorg as he tries to conquer an empire and at the same time forces the reader to come to grips with the turn of events that forced Jorg to become the pathetic human being he turned out to be.

Let’s look at some books in the Broken Empire (Series by Mark Lawrence).

1. Prince Of Thorns.

In the Prince of thorns, we are introduced to Jorg Ancrath. Once a very privileged royal child who is raised by a loving mum. He grows up to become the Prince of Thorns. Charming and immoral, leading a grim gang of outlaws who take part in a series of atrocities and raids. The two-time lines used by Lawrence serve to show us how Jorg was broken by circumstances in his past to become what he is but also makes us see that he is the driver in his current life. Driving a road to hell on his choice.

He lives in a world of chaos and violence. He is particularly a nightmare. Jorg’s past has made him fearless. He does not fear any man, living or dead. Like all human beings, there is one thing that chills him. He decides to confront his horrors by returning to his father’s castle and curve a future for himself in the hands that turned against him.

2. King Of Thorns.

In the King of Thorns, the bar is set a notch higher. Jorg commits some acts that make the Prince of Thorns look tame in comparison.To achieve greatness, Jorg must step bodies. The land burns with fires of battles as petty kings and lords fight for a piece of the broken empire. As Prince Jorg takes the long road to avange his mother and brothers death, Jorg gets the revelation of the hidden faces behind the endless war.

After seeing the game, he sets out to sweep the board. This could only be achieved by gathering his pieces, learning the rules of the game and subsequently discovering how to break them.

As a six-nation army with twenty thousand strong matches towards Jorg’s gate, led by no other than the beloved people’s champion, every man prays that their hero will heal the wounds of the kingdom and unite the empire. The odds are with him. Every omen predicts he will, and every decent king knows when the time to bend the knee when faced by overwhelming odds to save his people, but King Jorg is not that type of a king.

He refuses to surrender, instead, faced my an enemy hundred times stronger, he knows he cannot win the fight fairly, so he goes dirty.In this book, Lawrence starts cracking Jorg’s armour and humanises him for the first time. He shows us his guilt, remorse and little hope for the future. But contrary to what many theorize, Jorg is not even remotely redemptive. Jorg made his bed, and it is the time for him to sleep on it.

3. The Emperor of Thorns.

The Emperor of Thorns is more traditional that all books in this trilogy. Lawrence coalesces the thing that must be solved. From the first book, Jorg’s main motivation is to serve his ambitions and achieve his goals. But as he goes on his way to becoming an emperor, he realizes that there is more to his life than just climbing the mountain. Though this is not touching an way that will make sense to someone who was not repeatedly gutted by the despair and the gallows of humour painted by Lawrence, it is very eye opening.This is where the human nature of Jorg is finally revealed.

The Mark Lawrence complete trilogy is like a rabies shot. It hurts, but like a rabies shot, if you don’t get it, you will froth at the mouth before the throat swells, and you die due to thirst. Reading the first book alone will leave you craving for more. Failing to read this trilogy will not kill you, but it will make you fell that you lack something you need. Like a rabies shot against the disease called entitlement.The Broken Empire series serves as a reminder of the frugality of all things in life. Humanity and hope. All the rest of these novels are waxed with eons prophecy. It will remind you of how swiftly how that can be taken away and how difficult it is to get that back. The Series is a must read for all those who want to get in touch with a reminder of what humanity is all about.

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