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Broken Roads Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Broken Roads Books

Broken Roads by Carolyn Brown

Broken Roads is a series of romance books set in Buckhorn Oklahoma. Carolyn Brown began her Broken Roads series in 2007 when To Trust the series debut novel was published. The series lasted five books concluding in 2009 with To Hope.

Each book can be read as standalone and like any other romance novels you’ve read before- Broken Roads features characters with broken relationship who end up finding love in the most unimaginable ways

To Trust

To Trust is the debut book in Broken Roads series. The book’s main characters are Dee and Jack Brewer who have been neighbors since childhood in Buckhorn Corner, Oklahoma. They had been close friends since they were less than a year old, but Dee ended up escaping with a Pennsylvanian man after she was promised good things. Jack had admired and loved Dee, but he was afraid to let her know. When Dee leaves with that strange man, Jack becomes very upset and decides not to marry anyone else. He becomes more committed to Dee’s family and spends most of the nights with them hoping that one day he will hear some news about Dee.

After his grandparents pass on they leave him a lot of wealth. Jack being a computer expert since high school uses his computer knowledge to invent new internet games which turn out to be a very profitable business. This enables him to run his grocery store in town. He lives an ordinary life despite being a millionaire

After seven years Dee shows up back home to her dysfunctional family with a broken heart. Her grandmother, Roxie, heads the family with an attitude of steel after Dee’s mother, Mimosa, has been moving from one marriage to another getting married to different men and has even forgotten half of the men. Tally, her sister, is prisoned in the county jail for typing bad checks; Bodine, Tally’s daughter who was brought up Roxie just like Dee and Tally, were; and lastly Jack, Dee’s childhood friend and admirer who lived the house next door. She was heartbroken after her husband filed for an annulment of their marriage and informed her of his plan to get married to his longtime lover who was already pregnant with his child. Dee had always wanted to have her children, but her ex-husband kept telling her that he had no plan to have any child. That’s when Dee came to understand that he made that he didn’t want any child with her.

Jack feels incomplete and believes that the only person who can fill that gap in his heart is Dee Hooper. Jack is focused not to let her get away or hurt him again. The two redeem their long term friendship by battling their past fears and trust with each of them hoping that this time it will be more than friendship.

To Commit

To Commit is the second book in the Broken Road series. Stella Brannon survives a bad marriage relationship with an actor who left her for his agent who they have been having a long term affair before Stella came to find out. She goes back to her home in Sulphur, Oklahoma to heal her wounded heart and manage the inn left to her a few months before the divorce by her grandmother in her will before she died. She starts taking care of the place. She decides never to get intimate with another tall brown- eyed man again, but her dream of getting married and giving birth to a lot of children was still there. She was only waiting to meet the right man to make her dreams come true. She starts doing some duties such as cleaning, cooking and even boarding the visitors during working hours. Stella backs into Rance Harper who is living in the inn with his friends as they hunt a certain deer that fall. She was a tall blonde, beautiful lady, and he gets attracted to her as she also gets attracted to him as well; but he had sworn never to get into a lifetime commitment to that kind of a woman again, maybe an affair but not marriage. One day he found Stella singing and dancing as she cleaned the rooms. She notices that he looked too much like her ex-husband who made her resist at first. The more she attacked him, the more he provoked her maybe because their feelings were mutual. He had come from Texas to start a ranch in southeastern Oklahoma, and the farm happened to be near Brannon bed and breakfast. Things started getting confused between the two after Rance bought the room next to Stella, but they managed to sort them out.

To Believe

This is the third book in the Broken Road series; it narrates how Roseanna Cahill found it hard to live happily anymore after a marriage which she regrets about and wishes that it never started. She went home to nurse her wounded heart, and as she thought that she had seen Trey for the last time, his sister appeared at her doorstep asking for her help. Trey had been kidnapped, and Roseanna’s tracking skills would help to rescue him. He had been chained and left at a tree in the Ouachita Mountains, and some guards made sure that those the authorities were not informed about it. Trey had his cell phone, and the kidnappers never knew about it and was able to briefly contact his sister requesting her to ask for help from Roseanna. He doubted whether Roseanna would accept to help after how he had treated her in the past. He was shocked after she accepted and told him to prepare for a very long hike across the mountain range. None of them was ready for the emotions between the two during the trek. Trey had planned not to lose her again, but it was not going to be that easy for him because Roseanna was not ready to trust him and believe his promises ever again.

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