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The Child Thief (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Krampus (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Gods (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brom's Little Black Book (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Brom is a reputed American writer of fantasy, science fiction, literature, and horror novels. He was born as Gerald Brom on March 9, 1965, in Albany, Georgia, U.S., and is famous for writing many successful standalone books in his career. Some of the well-known books penned by him include Devil’s Rose, Child Thief, Lost Gods, The Plucker, Brom’s Little Black Book, The Art of Brom, Metamorphosis, Darkwerks, etc. Brom is particularly well known for his contribution to the role-playing games, comics, and novels. He took the professional name as Brom when he decided to become an illustrator and artist of gothic fantasy. Brom’s father was a pilot in the U.S. Army. So, he had to spend most of his earlier years being on the move and living in multiple countries, such as Germany and Japan, and the states like Hawaii and Alabama. He completed his schooling from the Frankfurt American High School in Germany.

As he was raised as a military dependent, Brom developed the habit of being referred to by just his last name. This habit continued when he grew up and enabled him to sign his name as Brom. He says that he developed an interest in painting and drawing when he was a young boy. However, he never felt the need to take any formal classes for honing his art. Brom doesn’t even consider himself self-taught because he has always taken inspiration from the work of other artists. According to him, the artists who have influenced his style the most include Frank Frazetta, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth. When he was 20 years old, Brom started working as a commercial illustrator on a full-time basis. A year later, he had made a couple of national art representatives and had started working for big clients like CNN, Coca-Cola, Columbia Pictures, IBM, etc.

In 1989, Brom was hired on full-time by TSR, Inc., when he was just 24 years old. In the time that Brom was associated with TSR, he contributed to all of its book and game lines. He was particularly praised for his work in the Dark Sun campaign. He would start and finish the paintings before TSR’s writers would even begin the writing part of the settings. Brom was so excellent in his work that the designers used to use his sketches and paintings to develop the ideas and characters. Shannon Appelcline stated that Brom’s contribution to Dark Sun helped to make it look better than all the other TSR games. The paintings drawn by Brom have featured in several collectible card games.

In 1993, Brom left TSR and began working as a freelancer again. He continued to specialize in the darker themes of the card game, comic book, and roleplaying game genres. Shane Lacy Hensley claimed that he got the idea for developing his game Deadlands after seeing Brom’s cover for Necropolis: Atlanta. He even got Brom to work on the cover for his game’s initial release. The artwork of Brom has also appeared on the book covers of authors like Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, and Michael Moorcock. Brom has also contributed as a movie concept artist and has created illustrations for computer games and comics. He has also been active in the line of fetish toys in his name and paintings for books by authors like R.A. Salvatore, Michael Moorcock, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Terry Brooks, etc. In 1998, Brom joined TSR again to do paintings for the company’s other games and covers for its magazines.

A successful book penned by author Brom is entitled ‘The Child Thief’. It was released by Harper Voyager in 2009. The essential characters mentioned by Brom in this book include Peter Duchene and Nick Colt. Initially, Peter Duchene is introduced as a daring, quick, and mischievous boy. He loves to play just like all other boys, however, his games often result in the spilling of blood. Peter’s eyes have the sparkling gold color and whenever he graces anyone with his sweet smile, they end up becoming his best friend for life. Nick Colt is introduced as a 14-year-old boy. He is saved by Peter when the drug dealers tried to murder him to take teach a lesson to his family. After this incident, Nick and Peter become great friends. Peter wants his new friend to visit a secret place with him and promises him a great adventure. He also tells him that the place is filled with magic and people do not grow old over there.

Nick seems to be wary of the crazy talk of Peter about monsters and monsters, but agrees to go with him as he realizes that New York is not safe for him anymore and there is nothing more he can lose. As Peter and Nick arrive on a ravished island, which was once an enchanted, lush paradise, Nick finds that he has been unwittingly recruited into an army to fight a war that has been going on for centuries. In this war, Nick must learn to battle or else he will die. There are other children like him on the island whom Peter has brought just like him. Peter calls them Devils. Later, the dark past of Peter gets revealed. When he was younger, he was left to the wolves. He felt despised and learned to move restlessly between the human and faerie world. Now, he has turned into a bloodthirsty leader of the children he captures and brings to the gray island. Peter is determined to stop the Flesh-eaters and save the magic on the dying land.

Another interesting book written by Brom is known as ‘Lost Gods’. It was also published by Harper Voyager in 2016. This book revolves around the life of the main character named Chet Moran. The novel opens by introducing Chet Moran as a young man, who attempts to save the lives of his wife and his unborn child. Chet comes out of jail and shows the eagerness to begin his new life. He decides to leave the town with his pregnant wife named Trish and give his life a second chance. But, he gets murdered by an arcane, vile horror and quickly learns that death and pain are not unique to those who are alive. Knowing that the lives and souls of his unborn child and his wife are at stake, Chet Moran tries to save them by searching a sacred key that is capable of restoring the natural order of death and life. For this, he must travel into purgatory’s bowels. Even though Chet is fully determined to face anything that comes in his path, he seems confused, damned, and lacking help. The only thing that keeps him moving is the love of his wife and the attachment to his unborn child.

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