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Brooke Beyfuss is a general fiction novelist and freelance writer from New Jersey.
The author got her bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and psychology from Rutgers University and usually writes extensively on some very wild topics.
Beyfuss published “After We Were Stolen” her debut novel in 2022 and this would become her breakthrough work.

The novel became a blockbuster work as it was a Hoopla Book Club pick in Fall of 2022 was presented at the Kansas Book Festival and had a feature in Bustle magazine.
Before Brooke became a bestselling author, she used to work for an adult entertainment company as a copywriter. She found the job very fascinating as it took her everywhere from the Netherlands to Los Angeles.
She loves to tell the story of how she was once in Amsterdam and was mistaken for a dominatrix.

Just like many authors, Brooke Beyfuss began writing fiction when she was in her teenage years. She was just about fourteen years and suffering from insomnia and had a long stretch of sleepless nights.
Surprisingly, she kept getting a strange image of two people running from a tornado in the middle of a field.

She never knew what to make of it but the strange images visited her often and she could not figure out why they were there or who they were, even though she could never get them out of her mind.

At some point, she began wondering if they could be connected and began jotting down notes about what they were saying. It was from this that she got much of her inspiration for the novel that would ultimately become “Before You Found Me.”
As for the novelist who has been the greatest inspiration, it has to be Judy Blume.

Blume’s novels were her escape during her adulthood going back right to adolescence and childhood years, since she loved her honest storytelling and no-holds-barred approach.
Brooke will always be grateful to Blume for inspiring her to be a writer who pens real, raw books that spark powerful discussions.

Brooke Beyfuss’s debut novel like many in the genre is a product of a writing contest. Before she began writing the contest, the lead had been whispering in her ear for a while, even though she just could not get a full picture of her situation.
All she knew was that her lead was in a cult and could not get out. She also knew that most of the members of her cult were dead but the details on how that happened were scanty.
Over several months, she tried out several outlines but nothing seemed authentic leaving her very frustrated.

One day, her friend sent her a link to a writing contest and she was surprised that the organizers only needed 75 words which she was confident she could provide. But it was those few sentences that finally made things click.
Maybe all she needed was to trust herself while writing about a character plagued with so much trauma and once she began putting it down on paper, the floodgates burst open.

Nonetheless, it was never easy penning a full manuscript, given that she was working a day job and had a three-year-old daughter and hence did not have much free time to write.
Still, no matter how much she told herself that she was too busy to do it the more her leads kept screaming that she could and she would.

Brooke began waking up early and staying up late and it was not long before she was waking up at five before heading to work and staying up late sometimes until two to get in a few hours of writing.
Nine months later, she was done with her manuscript, which would then be published in 2022.

“After We Were Stolen” is an emotionally charged story about Avery a girl who manages to escape a cult following a devastating fire that destroyed the compound.
But then she finds herself unable to forget the events of that night trying to rebuild her life.

The novel opens with Avery waking up to find her family’s remote compound engulfed by flames. She quickly realizes that this is the only opportunity to escape the gruesome punishments, bizarre rules, and grueling survival training from her father.
Together with Cole her brother, they get out of the compound for the first time in their lives. They now find themselves in a brutal world that they understand nothing about.

After hiding for months, they are taken in after shoplifting and there is a surprising discovery. It happens that the two had been kidnapped by the cult leaders they referred to as Dad and Mom fifteen years earlier.
Cole is immediately reunited with his family, leaving Avery desperate and alone. Uncertain about her foster parents and if they survived the loss of her brother may just be her undoing.

But then the investigation shows that some people may have survived and Avery becomes even more determined to get the truth about the fire.

It is a deeply thought-provoking and suspenseful work that dives deep into the idea of family.

Brooke Beyfuss’ novel “Before You Found Me” is a work that tells the story of Rowan McNamara. Unlike most people, she does not open the door to her brand new life as she is thrown through it.
Following a huge fight with her fiance, she fled. She does not have any family except for Celia her estranged sister and hence she heads to an idyllic town in New England to find refuge.

It is here that she met the eleven-year-old Gabriel the son of Lee her neighbor. Lee is friendly, welcoming, and somewhat too helpful.

However, Gabriel is a mysterious fellow as he is often bruised, and withdrawn and only speaks to her from his basement window. She soon realizes that his father has kept him imprisoned for years and immediately wants to save the little boy.
Fueled by empathy and outrage, she abducts the boy and moves with him to rural Oklahoma where she had been brought up, as she intends to raise him as her own.

Together, they battle curious stares, nightmares, and the constant disapproval from Celia. But when Lee comes back with a vengeance, Gabriel and Rowan realize that they are not pretending to be family as their bond is as strong as that of blood.
It is a suspenseful novel that explores the fine line between wrong and right in an enduring story of tender love and found family amid some very challenging circumstances.

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