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Brooke Fossey
Brooke Fossey is a general fiction author who once worked as an aerospace engineer before trading it for writing and motherhood. Thanks to her work, Fossey has been recognized by different organizations, including the DFW writers Workshop. She has also written in different publications, including the SmokeLong Quarterly and Ruminate Magazine. Currently, Fossey resides in Dallas with her husband and four children. She occasionally does math, but most of her free time is spent enjoying her family, including their dog Rufus.

The Big Finish
The Big finish features Duffy Sinclair and Carl Upton. These two men are good friends living in a nursing home, with Duffy being a Vietnam veteran and also a recovering alcoholic. The only thing Duffy wants is to stay in tranquil Centennial Assisted Living. If he loses his residency here, Duffy is sure that he will end up in the roach-infesting assisted living home down the street. While most of his eighty-eight years were spent wasting away, Duffy is determined to enjoy what is left of his life, so he does everything to keep his mobility and essential functions working.

Carl had told Duffy enough about the woman he had loved for many decades and the stillborn son they never stopped thinking about. Carl seems content, but beneath this façade is a troubled past that he is not willing to talk about, even to his best friend. However, this past comes to haunt Carl when a young woman, Josie, drunkenly climbs through a window to these two friends’ shared room. Josie is Carl’s granddaughter, and it is obvious that she is in trouble. The two men could smell the alcohol in her breath, and there is no way they would miss her black eye. Young and pretty, and in her short skirt and barmaid apron, Josie thrusts herself into Carl and Duffy’s life. Fortunately, the demon she is fighting is something that Duffy knows all too well and has enough experience struggling with it.

The beer breath makes Duffy crave for the one thing he has been trying to avoid as he works to rebuild his life. There is also the fear of what will happen to Duffy when it is discovered that Josie is living with them. However, once the secrets surrounding Josie’s life and struggles are out, Duffy changes his feelings about this distressed girl.

With other residents’ help in his beloved assisted living home, Duffy rises to protect Josie and be there for his best friend. Even though his decision to stay out of the situation strains his relationship with Carl, he changes his mind and rises to save the day. Residents of the nursing home conspire to hide Josie. Duffy makes a trip to the bar to help Josie get her life back together. What will Duffy do to Josie’s toxic boyfriend? Is there any way that this young girl’s life can be saved?

Thanks to Josie, Duffy learns that it is never late to start living well and leave a legacy. Carl and Duffy are well developed, and despite their weaknesses, it is easy to fall in love and wish them the best. As Josie’s story unfolds, the author also includes the various itineraries inside the facility and how the residents feel about various activities. You also get to learn that Centennial’s owner is threatening to kick out the residents so that she can remodel and charge more. All that matters for the residents is a comfortable place to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. They know that death is coming that their fate will be decided when they can barely complete basic functions without assistance.

All the characters in this book are endearing and quirky. It is fun interacting with Duffy, Carl, Josie, and the assisted living house residents. The friendship between Josie and Duffy is unlikely, but, amazingly, they both want to spend their remaining days together. The theme of friendship stands out in this story. It is sweet how Duffy puts his fears behind him to help Carl and Josie. The banter between Duffy and Carl will leave you feeling all warm inside, and their actions will, at times, make you laugh. Duffy’s liking for Alice is something he finds hard to admit, but it is funny how these two friends tease and relate to her.

With the help of a crazy cast, the author takes us on a roller-coaster ride characterized by sweet gestures, emotional moments, and everything in between. The story is funny and insightful, and it is admirable how the author looks at growing old, loving big, and living large. There is something about reading a story involving an eighty-eight-year-old protagonist that makes you take a serious look at your current life.
There is something sobering about this book. Have you ever imagined how it will feel like to grow old and forget to do some of the basic activities you have known all your life? How about having to bite your words to avoid being considered a difficult resident? For Duffy and Carl, this is the reality. As long as difficult characters go, Duffy unapologetically takes the cake. He is not just outspoken but also forthright. Duffy is quick to confess his sins and also comes to Josie’s aid. He will do everything possible to ensure that this young woman doesn’t end up like him fifty years to come.
The Big Finish is a warm and humorous story featuring two characters in their prime and their actions when confronted by a damsel in distress. It is the story of family, friendship, and second chances. Will the group of elderly characters manage to save Josie from her toxic boyfriend? You will have to read this tale to the end to find out. If you are looking for a light yet emotional story, this book is perfect. The ending here will come as a surprise. It is not just uplifting, but it will also make you smile. This one of those books that you hug by the time you get to the end.

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