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Brotherhood Of The Raven Books In Order

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Publication Order of Brotherhood Of The Raven Books

Murder in Plain Sight (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanish in Plain Sight (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Plain Sight (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger in Plain Sight (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fallen in Plain Sight (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coming from Pennsylvania, the American author Marta Perry is very much an author of her time and place. With an ability to craft both mystery and suspense on the page, she is able to mix them together with the slightest of ease. Setting her stories in highly distinctive places and interesting locations, she is able to create whole franchises from extremely idiosyncratic premises. One particular series that follows this trend is that of her Amish Suspense series or, as it’s more commonly known, the Brotherhood of the Raven franchise. Set around an Amish community it takes in this unique way of life and uses it as the backdrop for a set of mysteries to play out in. Featuring many of the members of the Amish community it immerses itself deep within their traditions and customs over the course of the series.

Running for over three full novels and one shorter novella, set in-between the first and the second main novels, this particular series ran over the course of 2011 to great success. Although it was released in just under a year, the series was a self-contained franchise that managed to incorporate everything into one overarching narrative. Despite the mysteries themselves being stand-alone, there was a narrative thread running through all the mysteries as a whole.

Murder in Plain Sight

Initially brought out through the HQN Books publishing label, this was to be the first in the series of the ongoing ‘Brotherhood of the Raven’ novels. Setting up the premise, as well as the location itself, it manages to effectively draw the reader in to its world, building a sense of familiarity with the environment. First released on the 16th of November in 2010, this not only established the environment, but the characters as well for the series that was to follow.

Setting a new template for the murder mystery genre, this is a highly innovative approach from Marta Perry as an author. Creating a new style it manages to take the format forwards, building upon it as a premise, offering a lot of potential in the process. Still with Marta Perry’s now trademark ideas and themes intact, though, it also manages to provide something for her long-time fans too. Sett within an Amish community as well, this particular series is extremely well observed with a clear understanding of their traditions and customs. Knowing about the way in which they live, Perry has carefully constructed a murder mystery around their way of life. The community is also seen in later novels as well, with it becoming a major key component of the whole series overall. In regards to the characters themselves they’re also extremely well drawn, with everybody being a potential suspect on some level. Keeping the reader guessing they follow the lead investigator Jessica Langon as it’s imperative that she must solve the case. With a lot riding on it for her personally, it becomes a matter of personal interest that she find the culprit, a journey which the reader is also taken on along with her.

The question is posed as to whether or not an Amish innocent faced teenager brutally murdered a young woman. Out to find the truth is one Jessica Langdon, as she’s looking not only to solve the case, but also save her career as a big-city lawyer. Believing the boy is guilty is the highly arrogant Trey Morgan, a local businessman with strong ties to the Amish community, and it is he that must act as the go-between between Jessica and this somewhat alien culture to her. Will they find the real killer? Is the boy innocent? Who committed murder in plain sight?

Vanish in Plain Sight

Released through the ‘HQN Books’ publishing house once again, this title followed on from the first providing another murder mystery set around the Amish community. Brought out just one year after the first, this was originally published on the 24th of May in 2011 for an already eager audience of loyal readers. Working as a stand-alone case this involves another set of characters, brought together through a narrative thread linking tenuously from the from the first, thus allowing both new and old readers to enjoy this book.

Many of Perry’s regular themes and ideas return once again to form the basis of an entirely new story and mystery. Still using the template of the Amish community it evokes a feeling of rural isolation, something which Perry is also adept at conveying. Knowing and understanding her subject matter well, she has built a strong franchise off the back of this interest. Taking the reader in it’s immediately clear that she has a strong affinity for this particular lifestyle, something which is displayed through the confidence in her writing. The lead characters of Marisa and Link are also very well observed, as they seem to take charge of the narrative as they solve the mystery.

Haunted by the image of her mother leaving her at a very early age, Marisa Angelo can’t shake the memory of her leaving to return to her Amish roots. Years later it comes as a major shock to both her and her father that her mother’s suitcase, the very one she left with, has been discovered in the walls of a Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse. Only the man who found the suitcase, ex-military handsome loner Link Morgan, is willing to help Marisa uncover the truth. Where did her mother go? Can they both find the real culprit? How did the mother vanish in plain sight?

The Brotherhood Of The Raven Series

Creating a compelling set of characters, along with an in-depth world for them to inhabit, this is a great example of the mystery genre. Showing innovation and creativity, Marta Perry has taken the form forwards, building upon it in her own inimitable now trademark style. This particular series is no exception to that rule, as she’s managed to create an engaging and enthralling set of novels based around the Amish community. With a lot of people discovering her work everyday, these are sure to be around for some time to come on into the foreseeable future.

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