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Publication Order of Brotherhood Of War Books

Irrespective of the country, army life is exceedingly different from civilian life. It not only has its own traditions but also its rules, decorum and etiquette. This is also the case with the officer’s corps. In the officer’s corps, the officer’s current and past performances are observed together with that of his family and wife. By performing extremely well and following the rules and regulations of the army, the officer can easily rise through the ranks. However, all this requires patience. Brotherhood of War Series by W.E.B Griffin is a story about servicemen and their lives out of work.

The Captains

The Captains is the second installment in the Brotherhood of War book series by W.E.B Griffin. The date is the 25 June 1950 and the communist forces have marched South initiating the Korean war. The United States officers, who were stationed south, were caught unawares by the communist forces. The officers are amazed by the atrociousness of the communist forces. Nonetheless, they not only have to defend the base but also themselves from the attacks

It had only been five years after World War II had ended and once again, they have found themselves in the brink of another catastrophic war. In this installment, the author introduces the reader to Captain MacMillan who has been stationed a few miles from Seoul. MacMillan receives is ordered by his superiors to rescue three United States officers who are stranded on an island. The three are under attack from mortars and are in great danger of being killed or captured. MacMillan flies from Seoul and rescuses the three by making a hair-raising landing. He quickly takes off as the attack is still in progress.

To keep him from harm’s way, Captain McMillan is sent back to the United States. However, McMillan is not happy being sent back home. As one of the most decorated member of the United Army, McMillan is the recipient of the Medal of Honor. The army is more than determined to ensure that the award winners are not killed in battle. Apart from Captain McMillan, W.E.B Griffin also introduces the reader to one Captain Craig. Craig together with his son and wife are in Paris, France where they are spending time with his wife’s father, Peter Paul. After sometime, Captain Sandy together with his wife visit the trio. During the trip, Sandy informs Captain McMillan that there is a war which is still ongoing in Korea. After serving in the army for several years and being wounded in the process, Captain McMillan is not interested in participating in another war.

When visiting his relatives back in the United States, Lowell is informed that he is being deployed back to Korea. Initially, Lowell was to be placed in the infantry where his experience would prove valuable to the United States army members in Korea.

With that said, the main idea behind this book is to tell the readers the story about several United States Army members who fight against the communist forces together with the stories about their families. Overall, this is a well written book with a well-developed storyline. The accuracy of the historical context described by the author in this book is outstanding. The portrayals of the army command structure together with its operations is in-depth.

Men at War Book Review


Spymasters is the fourth installment in the Men at War book series by W.E.B Griffin. Unlike the other books, Spymasters is a project which was began by Griffin and completed by his son. In this book, the author dramatizes the pivotal movement which was critical in campaign against the German leader Hitler’s. Hitler had planned to attack London with torpedo’s which had been spiked with nerve gas. This installment begins in Poland which was occupied by German forces. The Polish fighters bomb the railways tracks so that they can be able to stop a train which was carrying hundreds of Jews for assassination in a death camp. However instead of stopping the train which was transporting Jewish, they stopped a train which was ferrying one of the top ranking German officials.

This incidence in turn, creates a chain of intelligence activities in Italy, Germany and Algeria, all of which were devised with the aim of infiltrating the Nazi’s by turning some of the top officials against Hitler and also pave way for the Normandy invasion by the Americans. However, this invasion is immediately opposed by Churchill who in turn preferred to use the Mediterranean. Furthermore, there is also another issue which pertains the trade of the Manhattan Project secrets. The author introduces one Wild Bill Donovan who is the headstrong chief to the Strategic Services Office. We are also introduced to one of Donovan’s leading agent, Dick Canidy, Allen Dules who served as the head of OS, Wolfgang Kapler, an old friend to Donovan and Wernher von Kapler, whose firstborn son is an ardent supporter of the SS. With that said, the writing in this book is pretty forward. This is undoubtedly a thriller that you will enjoy.

The Double Agents

The Double Agents is the fourth book in this series and it has been authored by Griffin and his son Butterworth. This time, the two send the CIA agent, Canidy to secretly check the German Nazi’s supply of poisonous gas in Sicily. As it is already known, the German’s can got to extreme lengths to ensure that they emerge the winners during the war. However Canidy together with his superiors are shocked when they discover evidence of biological and chemical weapons which were hidden in Sicily. The Americans did all they could by blowing up a ship which was transporting nerve gas. However, Canidy is instructed to go back into the island and check if the mission was successful. If the gas had exploded then it would mean that the streets were full of corpses, thus President Roosevelt would be forced to react. Nonetheless, before Canidy could go head back to Sicily, he is expected to be a part the O.S.S training program in Algeria.

He has to select a team of Italian-American students whose service and loyalty could not be fully guaranteed. David Niven and Peter Ustinov, who are real life actors together with a well renowned actor, are part of the second plot, which was discussed deeply by the authors. The trio are the main characters in the Double agent back story which involved a frozen dead body and awell-thought out plan which will be used to divert the axis powers into thinking that the Allied forces are going to invade the Balkans instead of invading Sicily. With that said, the question that still lingers is whether the enemies are going to swallow ruse? Is Canidy going to establish in due time as to whether the Axis powers are going to use germ and other chemical warfare?

Secret Warriors

In this installment, the Americans have just joined the World War II, while the OSS is still in its early years. This is the third book in the Men at War book series. Like all the previous book in the installment, this book focuses on the Argentina and German connection during World War II. Secret warriors features the characters in the previous installment while at the same time introducing new characters. The year is 1943 and the Nazi have ordered the assassination of Jorge the president of Argentina who is against the Axis powers. The assassination has left the entire country in an extremely tense mood. Nonetheless, the aborted mission was a part of a Nazi led operation to set free a German crew who were aboard, Graf Spee. However, it turns out that the officers who were killed in the attack had extorted money from thousands of Jews who had been placed in concentration camps. All in all, this is an excellent read which will keep you entertained throughout.

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