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Brotherhood of Warriors Books In Order

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Publication Order of Brotherhood of Warriors Books

Council of Fire (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Restless Wind (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stargazer's Woman (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Navajo Courage (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Brotherhood of Warriors Books

Aimee Thurlo is a writer of fiction. She is a native of Cuba and lived in the Southwest along with her husband David for four decades. He grew up as a part of the Navajo Indian Nation. Together they have written many books and penned the Lee Nez novels, the Sister Agatha mystery series, and the Ella Clah mystery series together. She is famous for her work writing the Brotherhood of Warriors series as well.

Thurlo was born in 1951. She has been married to her husband David Thurlo for 43 wonderful years. Aimee Thurl had a brief struggle with having cancer and all of the complications that came with going through this horrible disease. She eventually passed away peacefully on February 28, 2014, at her home with her husband at her side at the age of sixty-two.

She is well known by readers for her work writing the Brotherhood of Warriors series, which combine action, adventure, suspense, and even romance. The debut novel in this series is titled Council of Fire and was released in 2007. The sequel to this romance and suspense novel was titled Restless Wind. There are a few more books in this series, continuing with Stargazer’s Woman, Navajo Courage, and The Shadow. They deal with a sacred, age-old group of warriors that have pledged to protect the Navajo tribe.

Council of Fire features the main character of Hunter Blueeyes. He has been sent on a mission– to retrieve an important ceremonial dagger that has been stolen. But as it turns out, he’s not the only person on the hunt. Lisa Garza is a security expert, and she also is on a mission to retrieve the ceremonial dagger for the purpose of proving her father is innocent.

Lisa is a savvy expert in her field. But that may not be enough when it comes to who she is up against. There are many people that would love to get their hands on this dagger. The artifact is beyond price, and whoever wants it is definitely going to be willing to kill who they have to in order to get it. Lisa feels that when she meets Hunter, he could be a potential ally in her quest to get her hands on that dagger.

Hunter is mysterious, but Lisa needs to do whatever it takes to get that dagger back– even if it means an alliance with someone she does not fully understand. There are some things about him that just puzzle her– for instance, a network of safe houses that he seems to has that are all extremely high-tech and secure. What would someone need with such a thing in northwestern New Mexico?

Lisa has heard stories about the Brotherhood of Warriors. She begins to wonder whether this Hunter Blueeyes is one of them brought to the modern day. These warriors vowed to protect the tribe no matter what, and their promise was bound to them through tradition, intention, and honor.

Whatever the case, whether he is a modern-day warrior or not, the chemistry between the two of them cannot be ignored for much longer. But when they both are attempting to find the dagger and with separate loyalties (Hunter to the tribe, Lisa to her father), can they ever really come together? Or will their need to find the dagger tear them apart? Pick up Council of Fire and find out whether Hunter and Lisa can finally track down the sacred artifact or they will be not only defeated in their quest for the dagger but ultimately defeated in their newfound romance too.

Restless Wind is the second book in Aimee Thurlo’s exciting Brotherhood of Warriors series. The main character in this novel is once again Hunter Blueeyes, who is a ranger. He is one of the warriors from the stories of old– males that swore to protect their people’s tribes at any cost that it took to do it. These warriors are bound by the honor and duty to the Navajo and once Blueeyes swore that oath to his tribe he became forever obligated to protect all of his people.

Hunter is lucky to have some help on his side. His spiritual brother has been given to him in the form of the golden eagle. Having the eagle as Hunter Blueeye’s spiritual brother allows the warrior to soar just like an eagle and be able to overcome some pretty hefty obstacles in his way. With the spirit of the Navajo in him and the eagle as his ally and guide, Hunter feels well-equipped to take on anyone and anything that he has to.

Hunter always appreciated the powers that he had, but in light of recent events, they will surely come in pretty handy. The Brotherhood of Warriors is now under attack, and Hunter is going to have to rely on his instincts as well as the power that his spiritual brother provides him to rise above the challenges that are coming not only his way but to his people as well.

This proud warrior is going to have to call on everything he can to protect the Brotherhood and the Navajo. Who would have thought that a petite woman would become the warrior’s best defense? Dana Seles may be tiny, but she is someone who could bring the entire onslaught against the warriors down.

Dana is an Anglo school teacher and once went through a horrible deal. She survived a crime that was committed against the nation of the Navajo and her narrative and experience could be exactly what Hunter needs to bring the guilty parties to justice. Can a traitor have been hiding in the tribe this whole time? That’s what Hunter is finding out, but he’s going to need Dana’s help if he is ever going to be able to help her, defend his honor, and protect his brothers.

Hunter will do anything to protect this schoolteacher and his tribe too– but will it be enough? And can the mission he has ahead of him be achieved, or will it be taken down by events and a storm coming his way that he cannot possibly hope to predict or combat? Pick up Restless Wind to find out for yourself in this exciting series from Aimee Thurlo.

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