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Publication Order of Brothers Courageous Books

Vanessa Grey Bartal is a renowned author, who has written more than one hundred novels. She previously worked as a 911 dispatcher; however, it did not take long before she had to quit her job as a dispatcher and become a full-time writer. While she may consider herself to a romance writer, she still loves to dabble in other genres such as fantasy and mystery. Furthermore, apart from writing Vanessa Bartal also loves to bake. While studying at the Nazarene University, Vanessa developed a profound love for cities and the cultural diversity that each of the city had to offer. At the moment, Vanessa currently resides in the countryside of Ohio.

During her free time, she loves to eat and also find the various hidden gems that each of the cities has to offer. Apart from working as a full-time writer, she is also a full-time mother and also a talented baker. Vanessa is mostly known for the Brother Courageous books series

Brothers Courageous Series

The shooter is the first installment in the Brothers Courageous book series. The Brothers Courageous is a book series, which deals with a Marine reconnaissance team of snipers. One of the Marines is a shooter, while the other is a point Aman; the other is a spotter while the last one is the gunner. Apart from living together, these four men also have a great understanding of how to get things done. However, when it comes finally to their personal lives, the whole lot falls into pieces. In the Shooter, the author introduces the reader to Nick Lassiter, a scout sniper who has been working with the Marine Corps for more than ten years. He is currently the head of his team. However, when his past is brought up, it becomes evident that he is not fit to serve any person.

Apart from Nick, we are also introduced to Ashleigh Desmond. Ashleigh and Nick met when she shot Nick accidentally. Once they met, their attraction was evident though they were not supposed to be attracted to each other and neither should they work together. However, the attraction is too strong to be ignored. Ashleigh views Nick as a natural born leader who is not afraid to take the necessary steps to become a Marine Corps officer while Nick on the other hand views Ashleigh as someone who is exceedingly vulnerable irrespective of her outward toughness. Despite the fact that everything else tells them to stay away from each other, life keeps on bringing them close together since someone is out to get Ashleigh. Irrespective of the fact that Nick is injured, he is still Ashleigh’s only hope of staying alive.

With that said, as the first installment in the Brothers Courageous series, the author has not only introduced the four characters but has also taken the reader into their homes and their personal lives. We also get to have a glimpse of their military duties. The romance between the two main characters was exceedingly great, and it was also great to see how each of these characters evolved in the story. The Gunner is the second installment in the Brothers Courageous book series. This novel features Ashton, the Gunner, and Shelby. The book begins as Ashton has completely nothing left that he could give.

In this installment, the author introduces the reader to Kelsey Adams who never had though at one point he was going to lose his mind. Apart from being funny, he was also laid back, and many of the times, he took life casually. However, when one of his friends died in his arms. Thus, after the incidence, Kelsey is now struggling with the aftermath of the incidence. Upon realizing that he is not doing great as before, he decides to cut himself off from the person that he needed the most. Apart from Kelsey Adams the author also introduces the reader to one Melly Garcia, whom like the protagonist, she is also dealing with her kind of grief. Apart from having her grief, she also becomes worried about Kelsey’s abandonment; however, Kelsey is the very least of her problems.

As her life begins to change, Garcia’s old ghost comes knocking at her door. Reluctantly, Kelsey becomes drawn to Garcia as a protector, a role which he feels he is not able to fit perfectly. When they begin to get close, Meg begins to see the other side of a man who she has always believed that was acting childishly. Thus, she becomes terrified on the new attraction, an attraction that she had never imagined she was going to feel ever. The relationship between this two characters begin to change; however, they are still hesitant as to whether the two are going to be able to overcome the breech of the Gulf of where the two are at the moment and where they would love to be and their old issues.

Point Man is the fourth installment in this series and this book, we are introduced to Travis Vega who has always been a screw-up his entire life. Travis Vega has always been in the shadows of his brother, and he has also always had a difficult time pleasing his father. It does not take long before Travis finally stops trying. Thus instead of joining the Navy and becoming an officer like the way his father has always hoped for, Travis decides to join the Marines. Immediately after joining the Marine, he becomes a point man for a scout sniper team.

Once more, Travis finds himself in the shadow of another person. Travis fully understands that he i.e., never going to be like the man he had replaced, Lolly. He also knows that he was not only going to fit in but he was also never going to be a good point man. While trying as hard as he could to avoid trouble, Travis manages to get the daughter in law to the team leader pregnant. Apart from Travis, the author also introduces the reader to one, Caleigh Desmond. Caleigh lives in a world, which is full of dreams. Despite getting pregnant, it still does not cloud her vision of the world. However, when the pregnancy finally leads her to a marriage with a man whom she barely knew, this begin to take an expected turn.

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