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Publication Order of Brothers of Menace MC Books

Malice's Possession (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kink's Way (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucien's War (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cain's Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tuck's Wrath (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pierce's Claim (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rook's Control (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tank's Property (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Brothers of Menace MC is a series of novels by renowned American author Jenika Snow. Jenika Snow is best known for her very popular novels in the paranormal, sci-fi, BDSM, and erotic romance genres. The Brothers of Menace MC series of novels is one of Snow’s most popular series with eight titles. She published the first novel in the series, Malice’s Possession in 2014 to widespread popularity. The Brothers of Menace MC series of novels is a spinoff of the Grizzly MC series of novels. However unlike her other novels, the series does not contain elements of the paranormal. While all the novels in the series have motorcycle club members as protagonists, all of them may be read as freestanding novels as each book has a different protagonist from the Brothers of Menace Club, different supporting characters and backstory. The series has narratives of strong, masculine, violent, hard men that live dangerously. While it would be expected that the dangerous life of a motorcycle club member would turn off any woman that they encounter, the opposite is true. These men ooze masculinity; raw power and dominance that makes the women swoon over them. Conversely, the women have led tough, nasty lives often involving emotional and physical abuse from their life partners that have made them swear off relationships. The heroines always fall for the heroes, who swoop in to save them from the pain and betrayal of ended relationships, and stand ready to fight for them when no one else would.

The lead protagonists of the Brothers of Menace series of novels are damaged men who find themselves drawn towards women they know they should have nothing to do with. For men that have spent most of their lives being tough as nails, partying, being with whores, and breaking the law, this is quite a new feeling. They have never thought they would ever have such intense feelings, which are totally in contrast to the personality they have built over the years. They come in so powerfully demonstrating that primal nature of caring and protecting these women, which makes the women desire them so much. For the heroines that have spent most of their lives being the victims of emotional and physical abuse, the primal nature of the men to care for and to protect them makes them irresistible. The protagonists are introduced as high-ranking or important members of the motorcycle club members that have always had their way, taking whatever they wanted, and doing what their heart desired without caring about the consequences. However, everything changes when they meet the women who need their protection or learn that their women have been the victims of violence. Nothing makes a man as sexy and desirable as one boiling with vengeance, ready to mete out justice to whoever did an injustice or threatens to harm their loved one. The intense passion, steamy sex, and dangerous world of the heroes and the backstory of the heroines is what makes them have such great chemistry that result in explosive lovemaking scenes that Jenika writes so well.

The Brothers of Menace series is a classic Jenika Snow romance series. Explosive love scenes, dirty talk, and masculine men in plenty are what the series is all about. The heroes are consumed by a need to protect their women with no care for the consequences. The lead protagonists being motorcycle club members are men given to the dangerous world of fighting each other, breaking the law, and generally being unruly. Jenika does a good job slowly building up the relationships between the heroes and heroines, which builds up the tension to a crescendo. The theme of protection and vengeance in the Brothers of Menace series is very strong in a very realistic type of way. The protagonists are mainly forty something year olds that are programmed what they believe to be theirs. Putting the needs of their distressed women first they will not hesitate to get into dangerous situations, offer them protection and a place to stay even if it is disadvantageous to them. The women awaken in them intense feelings of love, care and protect which often results in something steamy and intense down the road.

Malice’s Possession is the first novel of the Brothers of Menace series of novels. The lead character is Trevor Mason a.k.a. Malice who was once married, but has left that life to live a life of singlehood. His life now revolves around The Brothers of Menace MC club and his son, who he would kill for if he had to. As for female company, he takes in anyone ready to warm his bed without any of the emotional attachments. Meanwhile, Adrianne Carmine is a woman that has become a survivor after living a tough life that no one deserves. However, she falls yet again for the wiles of her Philip her abusive ex-boyfriend who derives pleasure from being a sadistic animal towards her. When Malice stumbles upon Adrianna alone and hurt by Phillip, the desire to protect her consumes his being. After giving her ex a beating that he would never forget, he takes her back to his home where she can heal. While there is a lot of attraction between them, Malice holds back letting the tension build until the floodgates open in an explosive final third book that is sure to leave any romance enthusiast gasping for breath.

Kink’s Way is the second novel of the Brothers of Menace series of novels. Kink is the VP of the Brothers of Menace Motorcycle Club, which means he often has to make tough decisions, a fact that has made him as tough as nails. But given his loyalty to the club and his rule of no emotional relationships, he seems destined for a life of loneliness unless he can find someone willing to take all his baggage. Conversely, Cookie has taken all the rough life that has been thrown at her and thinks nothing of romance. But when she meets Kink, with his dangerous and rough aura, she desires him more than anything in the world. Just when things are starting to heat up between the two, the MC runs into major drama with Kink at risk of losing custody of his child. The club is going to war with a rival club that bombed their business. Kink now has to choose between being with his new love Cookie, and leading his club in a retaliation fight. Having lived for the club for so long, he finds himself torn between love and brotherhood.

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