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Publication Order of Brown and de Luca Books

Sleep with the Lights On (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dream of Danger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wake to Darkness (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Innocent Prey (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Obsession (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Brown & de Luca Return Books

Brown and de Luca is a mystery series by Maggie Shayne. The book introduces you to Rachel, a woman who loses her sight at twelve years only to regain it twenty years later. You will also get to meet Mason, a cop who tries his best to keep his brother’s secret, but it seems that the disturbing past will keep showing its ugly head long after his brother has died. Rachel is fortunate to get Mason’s brother’s cornea, but this comes with unforeseen challenges. Follow Mason and Rachel as they work to build their relationship, unravel the mystery connected to Mason’s brother’s past while trying to keep all they know a secret.

Sleep with the Lights On

Sleep with the Lights On is the first book in the Brown and de Luca series. The book stars Rachel de Luca, a woman who has been hugely successful in writing self-help books. However, the fact that she is blind and her troubled brother cannot be traced makes her feel that something is missing. Just when she is about to give up, she gets a cornea donor, and after the transplant, her sight is restored. Racheal is happy to have her sight again. However, she soon starts seeing terrifying visions. After doing a little background check, she discovers that those brutal murders are real.

Detective Mason Brown is a stubborn cop and devoted family man. Mason meets the girl who went blind at twelve years by chance, and when his brother passes on, he is all too happy to donate his corneas to her. He also wants to do his best to help Rachel find her brother. However, this gift turns into a curse when he discovers that the terrible visions Racheal is receiving are somehow connected to his brother. How does he save this woman he has grown to love from a predator who seems keen to keep hunting beyond the grave? Is it possible for Mason to keep his brother’s secret when all this is happening?

Enough writing about the fascinating connection between organ transplant donors and recipients has been done it the past. Imagine if it true that evil can be passed from one person to another through organ transplants? This book gives a unique twist to this argument, which makes the story even more intriguing. There is also the witty banter between the protagonists and Rachel’s snarky humour. Mason is kind of damaged, but it is impressive how much he is willing to do for those he loves. Rachel is a beautiful, intelligent, and sassy alpha-female, who is not afraid to speak her mind. This story is told from multiple points of view, making it easy for you to understand the different characters and how they act in different circumstances.

Sleep with the Lights On is an intriguing story characterized by mystery, romance, and loads of humour. There is a paranormal element that makes it even more exciting. Rachel’s story will capture your mind and heart, and her sense of humour will have you smiling throughout the book. Mason is also great, and the rest of the cast does a lot to give the story an edge. If you are looking for a heart-stopping tale that will leave you at the edge of your seat, this is a perfect choice for you.

Wake to Darkness

Wake to Darkness is the second book in the Brown and de Luca series. Again, we get to see Rachel and Mason in action. Even when she was blind, Rachel could see through people’s hidden secrets. The secret she and Mason share is one that she is willing to take to her grave, just as she promised. After an intense night of passion, these two exciting characters decide to stay away from each other. Rachel wants to first explore life as a sighted person after being blind for two decades. However, after several murders that remain unresolved, they decide to team up and help capture the killers. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other and focus on resolving these cases?

Mason wants to protect Rachel, and he thinks that a winter hideaway is what they both need to get some alone time and stay away from the dangers that surround them. However, things get complicated when danger follows them to the mountain, and a few guests disappear from the resort they are staying in. It is clear that Rachel is the killer’s target, and they need to move quickly to save her life. Rachel is afraid to confess her feelings to Mason. What if doing so will put their lives in more danger? Who is this that will not let these two rest, and what exactly do they want from them?

This book is just as enjoyable as the first one. Rachel’s humour is still a delight here, and it is wonderful getting to know her dog Myrtle better. The author still maintains her flawless narration, steady pacing, and tension that intensifies the deeper you get into the story. Are you curious to know the connection between the people who are hunting for Rachel and Mason’s late brother? This book takes you deeper into this mystery while letting you in on the protagonists’ lives. By the end, you may have figured out the killer, but their motivation will still remain a mystery.

Wake to Darkness is an enjoyable read with quirky humour, numerous unforeseen twists and turns and some element of mystery. There is also some light romance between Rachel and Mason. This is one of those stories that will keep your heart thumping as you anticipate the next revelation. Just when you are about to relax, the author will throw you completely off-guard as the danger chasing Rachel, and the man she loves intensifies. The interesting banter will keep you entertained while you work alongside the protagonists in unravelling this mystery. If you want a cozy romance story with some mystery and horror, this book is a perfect choice.

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  1. Franklin Murgia: 3 years ago

    There was supposed to be a new Brown/Deluca book in the fall of 2020. I can not find anything on it anywhere?

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      The last update from Maggie’s social media appears to be in June of this year stating she was still writing it.


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