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Publication Order of Brown Family Books

Lauren Dane is an American author of fiction novels, mainly in the romance genre. She enjoys writing novels in the romance arena and her vivid imagination comes in handy when it comes to thinking up stories and having an outlet for her creativity! She has three very energetic kids and she lives with her husband in the Northwest area of the United States.

The Brown Siblings series first started in 2009 with the release of Laid Bare. The series focuses on the different characters that make up not only the Brown family but their group of friends as well. Lauren Dane says that she likes to think of the series as a ‘twist’ on a family saga. It is set in Seattle and she describes it as a contemporary erotic romance series.

Dane says that the stories of the friends and members of the Brown family are important in every book of the series. The series ends with Drawn Together, but that’s not where the Brown Siblings series ends! The adventures continue in the contemporary erotic romance series called Delicious. This series features Gillian’s friends and is set on Bainbridge Island. Dane says that she won’t rule out writing more with these characters and perhaps chronicling the adventures of the next generation’s experiences once they are grown.

Laid Bare is the first book in the Brown Siblings series by Lauren Dane. The main character in this novel is Erin Brown. She considers herself the rock and roll girl next door, who happens to be more than a little wild outside and inside of the bedroom. She’s had romantic flings before, but she thought that the ten years old romance between her and police officer Todd Keenan was long over.

The clean-cut officer was hot and they certainly had a fling that was on fire, but she thought that Todd was out of her life forever. His time with Erin was electric, and the things that they did together in the bedroom still get under his skin and make him shiver all over. While they may have seemed like an unlikely pairing, Todd can testify to the old saying that opposites really do attract.

Even though they never really got to the love part of their fling, it didn’t seem like it was destined to happen at that moment. But it’s been more than a decade, and now Todd and Erin have found themselves pushed together by life. Picking up back where they were can be difficult, especially when something from Erin’s past comes to the light and rears its painful head.

It’s up to Todd to try and overcome these obstacles in order to finally earn Erin’s trust. It’s tough as she has a hard exterior, but he thinks that he can start to get something going. He never could predict that his best friend would end up in bed with them. Suddenly Ben is more involved in Erin and Todd’s lives than ever, and their relationship is on fire once more. The passion and desire that they share give way to a new type of relationship that they are all quite happy with.

The three of them are having a great time together, and the passion that has been unleashed amongst all of them is something that no one has ever experienced before. But even though her bed and personal life may be full, Erin still has to contend with what’s coming out of the past.

Can she deal with the evil that she thought was behind her or will what she has been through be enough to derail her new relationship? Pick up this exciting book from Lauren Dane to find out what goes on with this unexpected love triangle and experience all of the white-hot desire for yourself!

Coming Undone is the exciting second book in Lauren Dane’s romantic Brown Siblings series, also known as the Brown Family series. The erotic romance kettle is back on the stove once more from the nationally bestselling author and master of romance Lauren Dane.

The Brown Siblings series comes back to the family once more, only this time we are veering away from rocker chick Erin Brown and moving on to Brody Brown. His siblings grew up, he has grown up, and now he is doing quite well in life owning his own business.

It wasn’t always that he was so successful. After the death of his parents, he put a promising career on hold so he could be the one to take care of his family. Now that they have all left the nest, he is free to focus on business and despite all of the time that he’s spending working on it, he’s alone for the first time in a long time.

His parents were the root of their family, and Brody did his best to try and raise them all and look out for them. He can’t help but notice that there’s a lack of a love and companionship in his life. He has no idea that someone that is perfect for him is coming to the Seattle area soon.

Elise has left with her daughter to move to the west coast in the hopeful city of Seattle. She hopes that she will find peace here. Having spent years as a famous ballerina and then feeling claustrophobic in a marriage that wasn’t right for her, she doesn’t want any attention and she’s not looking for love. But in the end, she may be finding both.

Elise has no idea what to think when she meets the handsome Brody Brown. He’s successful in his business and seems to be a nice man. Someone that maybe she could trust. He’s the one who ends up befriending her, and it’s a relationship that feels more easy and fulfilling than any that she has had in years. Could this be the prince charming that she has been looking for?

Elise is cautiously optimistic that Brody could be the one. Once their physical attraction ignites, it’s not going to go out anytime soon. But can he handle a woman with a child to take care of? Or is this hunky entrepreneur more caring and nurturing than she even knows? Pick up this exciting sequel in the Brown Siblings series to find out!

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