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Publication Order of Sea Wolf Books

Author Kenneth Bulmer (who was born in 1921 and died in 2005) uses the pen name Bruno Krauss, and writes the “Sea Wolf” series.

It began in the year 1978 with the release of “Steel Shark”. This was a big year for the series, as the first three books were released. After zero books being released in 1979, the year 1980 saw two books get released. It ended in the year 1982 with the release of the eighth book called “Shark Trap”. This was another big year, as the last three books were released.

“Steel Shark” is the first novel in the “Sea Wolf” series and was released in the year 1978. In the middle of the Atlantic is the U-42, one of Hitler’s crack submarine from his navy.

The torpedoes are primed, she is the deadliest steel shark that has ever found the sea. Above her, is a British destroyer’s massive hull. The two ships stalk each other like predators, ready to go in for the kill. The crew of the U-42 wait as tension mounts during this game of cat and mouse. They are sealed in a cylinder of steel that could become their coffin at any moment; it is here they know the true meaning of war. Baldur Wolz, full of ambition, toughness, and ruthless, it is his biggest test of all despite these things. It is the test that will earn him the title of Sea Wolf.

This is a book that kicks off a series quite nicely, and shows a unique perspective, some Nazi submariners. It was odd for some, but they were actually rooting for these guys, even though they are pretty much the bad guys in this story. Fans of the novel found this to be a great read, and something that was hard for them to put down for very long. Some felt that they would return for the next book in the series, from how much they enjoyed reading this one.

“Shark North” is the second novel in the “Sea Wolf” series and was released in the year 1978. Winter of 1940 and there is a U-boat that goes quietly up a Norwegian fjord, with cargo that is more deadly than the torpedoes on board. The mission it is on is to get a civilian on the coast of Norway that has been deserted. The orders come from the Fuhrer himself.

For Sea Wolf, it is a test of courage, this mission, it will also test his ability to be ruthless and daring as much as possible. The vicious battles with their enemy is something that he already expects. These are nothing when compared to the quiet horrors of the enemy inside him.

Some readers hope that the future installments will be as good as this one and book one were, as this is looking like a fun series for readers. Fans of the novel found that this one did a good job of pulling them in, and making them glad that they continued with the series. Here is an author that does a great job of spinning strong yarns; these will hold your attention the entire time and most likely be unable to get a lot of work done.

“Shark Pack” is the third novel in the “Sea Wolf” series and was released in the year 1978. Summer of 1940, and after Dunkirk, England is on its own; the Third Reich is reigns over Europe. In the Atlantic, the crews on U-boats have the arrogance that comes with easy victory, get together to start the slaughter of the British ships that has their life line on it.

Sea Wolf is determined that the U-55 is going to find destruction or glory on the death waters. This is the start of the killing season. Wolz wants to get more sinkings than the other subs in the German navy. When he goes in for the kill, there is no one that will be able to out run him.

Some readers cannot get enough of these books, even if they have already read them before. Fans of the novel are always reading to read the next installment in the series soon after finishing one of these books. They hold your attention, keeping your attention the entire time; even though you end up rooting for the enemy. Sea Wolf is a great hero that readers simply cannot get enough.

“Shark Hunt” is the fourth novel in the “Sea Wolf” series and was released in the year 1980. Spring of 1941. The Third Reich has stepped up their U-boat offensive; this is an attempt to cut Britain off from her Allies once and for all.

For the legendary Sea Wolf, this operation is a big challenge and a chance for him to increase his numbers of enemies sent to die in the icy waters. He has just finished up a dangerous and lethal mission in Iceland, currently he waits for the signal to start taking ships out. There is an accident that leaves Sea Wolf adrift in the Atlantic. It is now that he faces the biggest test of stamina around all of the killer wolf packs in the sea that are at war with each other.

Some are glad they picked this series up, as this is quite action packed reading that is worth the reading time spent on it. Fans of the novel find that Baldur Wolz is a compelling hero that some realize they should not be rooting for, but it sure is hard not to. You even root for the other characters that are well drawn. Some readers felt that this was their favorite book from this incredible series.

“Shark Africa” is the fifth novel in the “Sea Wolf” series and was released in the year 1980. The U-55 is a deadly machine and alone in the Mediterranean’s waters looking for prey. It has to give support to Rommel’s campaign in some lethal and ruthless attacks coming up. For Sea Wolf it is another great challenge for him to face in World War Two.

One thing he did not expect, was for his engine to malfunction right when a British destroyer was coming in for the kill. Minutes tick by, and horrors are a terrifying reality to men that could be in their own steel coffin until the end of time.

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