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Publication Order of Brutal Birthright Books

Sophie Lark is the highly popular author of the Brutal Birthright Series, among many other series of novels and a few stand-alone novels she has written. With her husband and children, they all live together in the western Rocky Mountain area of Colorado.

Ms. Lark has a great number of hobbies she enjoys, like attending comedy shows, performing body building and hiking in the Rockies. Her best ever day would be to take her children to Harry Potter World and then off to a night of dancing with her husband. Polishing off a big bag of Salt & Vinegar chips and relaxing with a book can also be a perfect day.

Ms. Lark prides herself on writing stories that have intelligent characters as well as them showing an intensity of feelings. The strong heroines in her stories handle themselves well and they are highly capable. The men who are attracted to these women are in love with them and will do whatever they can to get them to love them back.

The Griffins and the Gallos have been in a battle, to the death, to have the control of the mob underworld of Chicago for generations. Their legacy of violence and death has been a part of their culture for decades. There appears to be no resolution towards peace between the families.

The first saga explodes with action and sensuality. It’s a true match made in hell. Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance is the first of the Brutal Birthright Series. This story is also considered a Dark Mafia Romance stand-alone novel.

The young and wild Gallo sibling, a spirited beauty by the name of Aida, crashes a social function at the Griffin mansion, and entirely by accident, sets fire to the library.

Her father’s solution, in an effort to hold off a horrific gangland mob on mob war, arranges for Aida to marry the eldest son and heir of the Griffin mob legacy, Callum Griffin.

Callum has no charm, no warmth, and is all business. He has no love for his new, headstrong bride; instead he is intent on taming his bride. He has no idea he is no match for Aida. She shows him what she’s made of when she decides to poison Callum on their wedding night.

The struggle for dominance inside and outside of the bedroom and marital bed is sure to be colorful, spicy, and sizzling. Who will the the first one to fold?

Ms. Lark likes to make comments about her stories she calls “Lark Notes”. In this novel, she describes Aida as her spirit animal. Aida has a strong personality, being passionate, wild, and acting outrageous. Callum is the only man with any possibility of taming her. At the beginning they are ripping into each other and as time goes on, they are ripping each other’s clothes off.

Some readers may be happy to know this story is presented with no cliffhangers and has an HEA ending. It comes with sizzling sexy bedroom scenes that are intended for mature readers only!

Next- we enjoy a Beauty and the Beast tale delivered Mafia style with the Stolen Heir, the second book of the Brutal Birthright Series. This is a darker, gothic story, a stand-alone of the Enemies to Lovers Romance. Again, this story is presented with no cliffhangers and has an HEA ending. The bedroom scenes are hot as a pistol and are written for mature readers only!

In the Stolen Heir, we meet Nessa Griffin. Nessa is a compassionate and gentle soul. She’s rather lonely and has no role in the mafia family empire. The one glimmer of pleasure in her life is trying to prove herself in the very competitive ballet corps, and then to her family.

Mikolaj Wilk was saved by his adoptive father from the most horrible conditions of the streets of Warsaw. Later he suffered horribly again when he saw his adoptive father mown down by the cruel hands of the Griffins mob.

Mikolag, known as the most vicious mobster in Chicago, wants revenge. He kidnaps Nessa and holds her his prisoner in his old, ratty gothic mansion. He sets to plotting his revenge and the demise of all Nessa cherishes.

He is somewhat distracted from his plans by the delicate beauty of the elfin ballerina. Nessa can’t think of Mikolaj as a man because she is terrified of her kidnapper; she considers him to be a violent beast. The tension between the two of them of is growing and becoming a twisted dance between the innocent girl and the dangerous mobster.

Lark Notes: Ms. Lark sees Mikolaj as her fantasy, secret book boyfriend. The deep, moody man resides in a haunted mansion and she leans into that with the gothic story of Beauty and the Beast. Nessa is her Belle, kind and smart, and creative. Nessa is the only person capable of melting Mikolaj’s hard, frozen heart.

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