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In the Company of Killers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passions of the World's Greatest Reptile Smugglers (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bryan Christy is a nonfiction, thriller and crime fiction author best known for writing the novel “In the Company of Killers.”. Christy is the former head and founder of the National Geographic Special Investigations department and is also a Rolex Explorer of the Year an award, administered by the National Geographic Society. In 2017, he quit his job at National Geographic as he intended to become a fiction author. “In the Company of Killers” which he published in 2021 is his debut fiction work. He has given lectures to investigative journalists and law enforcement and testified on terrorism in Africa before Congress.

Christy is a well read man whose education includes a Fulbright Scholarship at the Tokyo Law School, Penn State University, University of Michigan Law School, and the Falcon Program at Cornell University. His first professional outing was as an apprentice to a mortician when he was working for the funeral home that belonged to his father. Once he passed the bar and CPA exams, he went on to practice international law and consulted in Washington DC. He worked in a wide range of topics from the trade in light water nuclear reactors, Norwegian whaling and the supercomputer trade between Japan and the US. He would then leave the law to become a journalist starting with an investigation into Playboy. Playboy had been involved with a 1933 rare gold coin that was promoted by the US Mint and Sotheby’s as the only one of its kind. He went on to expose the sale as a sham by uncovering a second coin with the same characteristics. He then broke scams involving several moiré coins in case that took him up to the Supreme Court.

Bryan Christy would then spend several years investigating trafficking and it is from this that he wrote “The Kingpin “the National Geographic feature and his nonfiction work “The Lizard King.” It also resulted into the arrest and prosecution of the leading kingpin in wildlife trafficking and the changing of wildlife laws in Malaysia. He was also involved in investigating the ivory carving industry and this resulted in “Battle for Elephants,” a documentary feature film that aired on “National Geographic” and “PBS.” The story resulted in police raids on shops in the Philippines and Vatican City. It is also believed to have been responsible for killing the domestic ivory market in China thus saving the lives of tens of thousands of elephants. His work investigating ivory smuggling in Africa resulted in “Warlords of Ivory,” an Emmy award nominated documentary. The documentary also received the wildlife film industry’s top prize in Best Presenter.

“The Lizard King” by Bryan Christy is the story of Nostrand who has always loved reptiles. Even as a child, he was interested in them and had over the years bought thousands of newts, snakes, and turtles that he would then resell. During the 20th century, the industry became heavily regulated aNd it was no longer legal to trade in the import of any endangered animals. It would have been impossible to control polio if the scientists did not have thousands of monkeys on which to conduct their experiments. The trade is now regulated by the Wildlife and Fish service which does the best job it can even though it is woefully underfunded. The novel follows Chris Bepler, a man determined to unravel a conspiracy of illegal smuggling by the owners of Strictly Reptiles. The Van Nostrand family has been posing as legitimate dealers in reptiles and had over the years managed to maintain a monopoly. However, the work is not all about the family as it looks into the dynamics of a very secretive yet profitable industry. It also looks into the effectiveness of government efforts to control a business that was nearly resulting in the extinction of several endangered species.

“In the Company of Killers” by Bryan Christy is the story of celebrated investigative wildlife reporter Tom Klay. He works for “The Sovereign,” an esteemed magazine though he is not the classic journalist. He is actually a CIA spy and his press pass usually provides him with access to places the CIA would typically be able to get into. The information he usually comes up with is invaluable and this makes him one of the CIA’s most important agents. But his closest friend is killed while working on an assignment in Africa and he also receives threats to his own life. He had spent years crafting his double life and everything now seems to be unraveling. Klay is soon investigating the forces that had taken out his friend and is soon mired in a more lethal and large puzzle that involves top government operatives from across the globe. The deeper he investigates, the more he learns that everything he had believed about his role was a lie.

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