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Publication Order of The Dragonbound Chronicles Books

Life with a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land Beyond All Dreams (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon's Luck (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Born With Wings (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Circle of the Thirteenth Cat (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearts Before Diamonds (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mine (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bryan Fields is a bestselling fantasy fiction novelist from Colorado in the United States. Nonetheless, he likes living in Colorado since it is a state that has some of the most magnificent places to visit and beautiful scenery.

Fields was born in Las Vegas and over the years has come to love living in the city just to enjoy it rather than to gamble. Still, he would not mind living there if he had the money, even though it happens to be a rough town for anyone not rich enough.
He published “Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend” his debut novel in 2014 and has not looked back since. The work was the standard boy meets girl before they move in together, which Fields then made into a vampire story.

With the novel going on to achieve a lot of success, Fields would kick on there and now has more than nine titles to his name. ‘

Growing up, Bryan Fields remembers how her parents used to take them running around the mountains. During that time, they used to enjoy the outdoors, as they camped, hunted, fished, and picked raspberries.

While driving back, they used to listen to a particular AM radio station, which used to broadcast classic comedy bits and vintage radio dramas such as “The Inner Sanctum.” As such, she was introduced to the likes of Hudson and Landrey, Bob Newhart, and Bill Cosby and sometimes listened to clips from “Laugh-In.”

But as she grew older, she got into many other jobs and the worst of it was when she worked at a roofing shingle factory cleaning up asphalt spills. She worked that day as a day laborer and she was half delirious from the fumes and used to start vomiting even before it was lunchtime.

Thankfully, she got paid all her money and was sent on her way to a better job as the recruiter apologized to her.

Bryan Fields currently makes his home in Denver where he lives with Noelle his wife and Alissa their daughter. She has been writing all her life but started getting serious when she got into the development team of “Istaria,” the online game.

While working on the game, Fields wrote quests, game-based stories, and dialogue for the players and nonplayers in the game. She has often said that she found writing for the game to be a lot of fun and once she got into it, she just could not stop and she has been writing ever since.

Bryan Fields’ novel “Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend” tells the story of David Fraser and Rose Drake.

David Fraser has the honor of having as his girlfriend Rose Drake who is a dragon who breathes fire. She had come to the Earth for three years to increase her chance of getting healthy, happy baby hatchlings and soaking up the local energy.
For his energy and time, David’s love life and body both undergo extreme makeovers which does seem like a very good deal.

However, Rose and David are not let go so easily by fate as one of the friends is murdered, they get harassed by the homeowners association and they have to complete a quest for an Eleven sage. If they fail in their quest, a genocidal Unicorn will turn the entire Earth into a post-apocalyptic radioactive wasteland.

Rose Drake is a hot, strong, and sexy shape-shifting dragon who has to be one of the most interesting characters in the genre. It is a concept that is fascinating, particularly when it is combined with a touch of romance in addition to a couple of lesbian friends, a murderer, and some role-playing gamers.

It is a a mesmerizing work without any moss growing anywhere on it as you will have a mental scramble trying to keep up with the turns and twists of this novel. It all makes for a perfect combination to draw in and titillate readers.

“Dragon’s Luck” by Bryan Fields is a work set in Las Vegas the city of epic bad decisions, neon, and sin.

David Fraser and Rose Drake his dragon fiance are attending the “BuzzCon” gaming convention in Vegas, as they look for an investor for an interesting game they are building. It is a long shot but even in Vegas sometimes you get a payoff from long shots.
Meanwhile, Crom the warrior God has other plans as a religious war that has been raging for centuries between the Dark Elves and has recently been threatening to spill over onto the Earth.

Crom’s followers require an artifact to go against Bloodmaiden, a demoness who will become a huge threat if she is left to grow and become a full-fledged goddess. However, David is the type of hero who will be great for such a quest, but he will need all the luck, resourcefulness, and strength he can muster.

The good thing is that he can call upon Rose who has a reputation for making her own luck. Anyone who comes against these two is sure to find out the hard way why you should never try a dragoness and her worthy partner.
The author pens this with great storytelling and is particularly great with the nerd culture references, spectacular backdrops, and action-packed sequences.

Bryan Fields’ novel “Born With Wings” continues to follow David and Rose who live in a world where dragons are a novelty.

They live at a time when magic has been let loose on Earth and a third of the population has changed into something once only confined to fantasy fiction. About a third of the population is now made up of Gnomes, Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves who live alongside the ordinary populace.

As for Rose and David, they are used to the world of magic since Rose has been a dragon for most of her life. Even with the world getting upended, they have a very good life until Manya his daughter’s birth mother makes a comeback.

Manya has over the years become a humanoid tiger and David could lose his daughter Aparna forever if he is not careful with how he deals with Manya. He is an experienced demon slayer and adventurer who has a Dragon on his side and a magic sword and he should have no problem taking care of a four-year-old.

But it may not be as easy to get her back as he thinks.

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