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Bryan James is a published American author.

He is married and lives happily with his wife. They have two sons together that he considers amazing. They share their lives and home with a Dachshund and a Vizsla. The Vizsla pet was the inspiration for his canine character included in James’ LZR-1143 series of fictional novels.

Bryan James likes writing his books and hopes that his readers enjoy it just as much. He says that it has been a “pleasant surprise” to witness the recent popularity increase in zombie fiction stories. He says that the genre at times gets looked over and sometimes even denigrated. There are a lot of stories that happen to feature vampires and he says that when it comes to this lane of fiction he thinks that there’s ‘a marker’ ready to be ‘laid down’.

He has a fondness for the post-apocalyptic genre and the sub-genre of zombies, stating that he thinks it implies a secret yearning. In this fast paced world with tons of technology and people and social media, blogs, reality shows and information overload with presence being continually present, Bryan thinks that there’s a longing deep down for peace, silence, and quiet. In our society that is so interconnected, he believes that people long for loneliness in a way that can rarely be achieved. He says that in the longing for that there is something important, and thinks that others may understand this.

Bryan James is the creator and the author of the LZR-1143 series of fictional novels. This series first began in 2010 with the publication of the first book, Infection. That was followed by the sequel, Evolution, the third book Redemption, and the fourth book Desolation. If you have been searching for a cool series featuring zombies to check out, give this one a try!

Infection is the first fictional novel in the LZR-1143 series. This is where readers get to meet the main character of Mike McKnight for the first time.

In his old life, Mike was a movie star that was featured in all of the best action movies. Now he’s been condemned, consigned to a life in incarceration being held in a psychiatric prison. All because he was charged with murdering someone that he loved.

That was what he thought but things have a way of changing. The zombies appeared, and now things are drastically different. He is in his cell in an asylum but when the dead start to rise, Mike finds himself in an unbelievable nightmare. The zombies start to become a sickness immediately and attack the living world.

Mike’s fate is no longer sealed. As he tries to stay alive from the lengths of Long Island to the country, he’s doing whatever he can to make it. He’s not only attempting to survive but to get back his memories and try to get a cure to solve what could be the worst disease and epidemic the world has ever seen.

Can he do it? Read this thrilling novel to find out!

Evolution is the second novel in the LZR-1143 series by Bryan James. In this second installment, the action picks up right back where it left off.

The situation is dire on Earth. The dead have come back. Thanks to a virus that took out millions of people, those that were unlucky enough to be infected turned into walking dead themselves. All of what was a functioning society went from something concrete to dust and pieces overnight without so much as a sign that it was ever going to happen at all.

Now cities that used to run smoothly are on fire. Everything has fallen apart and now humanity is facing an unthinkable scenario. They are facing the concept of a world without them, because humans themselves are staring down the barrel of extinction. But Mike McKnight has made it through it all without a problem so far.

He was in a mental institution, kept in a room where he had to deal with echoes from the past. Then there were the zombies and the goal of finding a cure for this whole thing. The last hope for humanity’s fight against the sudden and deadly plague that had descended upon them all. No one saw this coming, and no one in the end had been ready for it.

The undead overwhelmed every inch of what humanity had taken for granted. They were everywhere, and the battle to take them out has never come with higher stakes. Win, and maybe human beings can start to put everything back together the way it was and get back to some form of normality where the hordes are not threatening to bring in a new and horrible age.

Mike is going everywhere, from an aircraft carrier’s deck to the Eastern shore to the farming lands to the capital of the United States. He’s one of the only chances that humanity has, the hope of the nation. He carries the sole chance that people have got against stopping the virus from spreading and making sure that the numbers of those infected go down instead of up.

If Mike can make it, maybe humanity has a shot at beating this thing. Things have been close before, but they’d managed to make it through for thousands of years. The only thing to consider is the zombies.

Like it or not, the infected and the dead are starting to change. They are adapting and slowly but surely they are starting to evolve the way they behave. They’re joining up in bigger groups to hunt. They are coming together so that they can track people better. They are a predator, and they are getting better at performing this role all of the time.

Mike is going to have to change and adapt with them if he wants to make it through. Along the way, he may just change into a new man. Can he survive and get the cure to the right hands? Or will the undead have the advantage now and forever more? Read the exciting second book in this post-apocalyptic series to find out!

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  1. Susan E Pflug: 2 years ago

    I finished Desolation thinking it would end the series. To my great disappointment, it did not, and the next installment is not available. I’ve really enjoyed the set so far, but your fans should not have to wait. When will the next in the series after Desolation be available, and will it end the story?


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