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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Finding Jake (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Real Michael Swann (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfect Plan (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let Her Lie (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bryan Reardon is a published author of fiction. He writes psychological thrillers.

Bryan says that the stories that he writes have a tendency to surprise him. He finds that his adventures get into his head and even though he knows that the characters don’t exist and aren’t alive he tries to get into their heads as he is writing.

The writer admits that he is constantly mining for the type of emotions that come out during times that are filled with adventure, stress, and even tragedy. He says that when his characters come to the end of their journey, he feels a type of hole open inside with a sense of mourning for what is ended. But he says that he finds that he feels better when the next story’s first line comes again after one book is ended.

Finding Jake is the first book that was published by Bryan Reardon. This book first came out for readers to enjoy in 2015. If you are looking for something compelling to check out then this might be the novel for you!

An uplifting story that is full of its emotional moments, this story is one that involves a parent that confronts what he doesn’t and does know about his son. This psychological suspense tale is in the same vein as stories as Defending Jacob and Reconstructing Amelia.

Simon Connolly has an interesting life where the traditional gender roles are reversed. The wife works at the law office every day and is very successful in her career field. While she goes off to work, Simon cares for Laney and Jake, their children. He is a stay at home dad and holds down the fort while their mom is living her high powered career.

The kids have steadily been becoming more independent and now they are already attending high school. It has all come so quickly, and their father should feel less anxiety and more relaxed now that his children are growing up. However, even though he knows that they are becoming more independent he is simply filled with more worries about what they will turn out to be.

He is worried about his kids even more because he has been following the news. He knows the headlines and the statistics about teens and has always worried, afraid that there will be some type of violent event at their school. When a shooting happens at their school, all of his deepest fears are coming true.

Simon immediately does what he can and goes quickly to the point of rendezvous that has been designated. There his stomach turns in knots as all he can do is wait. He wants to know all of the details of what has happened and what the school knows. He wants to know who was the shooter, whether they’re still active or how many victims fell as a result of their actions.

The father also wonders why this happened and he can’t seem to stop his mind from racing. All that he knows is that he needs his kids to be okay. The parents are all gradually led out to be reunited with their kids. The amount of parents left slowly starts to get smaller and when Simon realizes that he is the only one left he starts to really freak out.

This is the worst nightmare of any parent and now Simon is forced to take on the deepest and darkest fears that he has as a dad. Now he knows for sure that Jake is alone in being the only kid still not accounted for. As Simon goes over his past looking for answers and hope, reassurance in his own memories, going over the mistakes that he feels he might have made, he wonders whether there is any reason why this happened at all.

Simultaneously, he needs to know where Jake is and what’s going in. Is he still alive or was he doomed to go through his final moments inside? He has no idea whether he knows his son for sure or whether he might end up knowing him pretty well. Paced brilliantly and in a suspense filled situation, this fictional novel is an emotional ride that will take you through moments that are tense, harrowing, stressful, heart breaking and filled with redemption.

This is the story of conviction, courage ,strength, love, faith, and more that will give readers something to think about and reflect on their own lives as well as the people that they may think that they know well. Pick up a copy of this book and read to the final page to find out what happens!

Check out the second full length fictional novel from Bryan Reardon, titled The Real Michael Swann. This exciting book from a best seller goes into what happens when a family in the suburbs goes through an attack by terrorists that ends up going down on American land.

Julia Swann happens to be speaking to her husband on the phone. She is talking to Michael when all of a sudden the call is dropped and the phone goes dead. She doesn’t know what is going on at all.

Then she sees the news says that a Penn Station bomb has been set. The location was Penn Station, the same place that Michael would have been waiting to catch the train. She fears the worst as the people of New York deal with the news.

Julia is desperate to find Michael in the city and races there, frantic with worry. Her own sense of panic is mixed with different memories of meeting her husband and falling for him. She wants to find him and puts up fliers, but gets no leads.

The explosion and what happens after forces Julia to go over her life and memories of her life with her husband. Through confusion, she starts to ask questions as time goes on. Did he survive? Why didn’t he get in touch with her? What happened when the call dropped?

She has no idea what’s going on. Can Julia track down her husband or is he dead? Pick up this thrilling book to find out!

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