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Brayan Washington is an American fiction and non-fiction author who’s been featured in The New York Times, the New Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, and Boston Review.

In 2018 Bryan Washington published his first book Waugh in collaboration with Mats Gustafson (illustrator) and published Lot: Stories a collection of short stories in 2019.

Lot: Stories

A son born to a Latino father and a black mother is coming of age in the sprawling, diverse and microcosm of the Houston city. However, he is different in the fact that he likes boys though he has grown up with his brothers and absence of her sister. Around the young boy, life moves on as usual with everyday experiences coming and passing him with others changing him whiles do not bring an effect. He is a brilliant young man, and soon he learns to survive in a cruel world and also love following the desires of his heart.

Lot explores the depths of family, trust and the aspects of friendship that surrounds individuals in the Houston area. The story follows the life of a teenager who encounters the happenings of life while confronting his identity of being gay. As the story progresses, the affairs of unfaithful spouses, drug dealers, scorned lovers and the presence of sex workers contribute to the making of this society. The book looks at the effects of economic struggles and the impact of crime and other social injustices in a particular area the case being Houston.

The problems that bring about moral decadence are adequately touched on and the effects they are likely to bring about especially on the young generation. The lowest rungs witness the dire impact of gentrification in a community that is overly burdened by evils. It touches on the rot that exists in the society though always marked by the pretence and hypocrisy that everything is in place. The book backs on the effects that an overlooking of these issues and in the long run need addressing.

An issue that is sensitive and which many people usually consider a thing of discussion when it comes to the social norms and cultures is brought up through the kind of relationship the main character chooses. It strives since his family seems to resent the life that he wants. The book brings to life a community that is struggling to bring things to order even though the more significant part has already accepted the disparities and live by the same. Additionally, the author chooses to showcase the desire of people who want to have an identity despite living in an area that holds minimal essence of the same.

Growing up in this time seems challenging, and most of the decisions that they take seem to be heavily influenced by same. Teenagers usually tend taking over what they see others doing in the goal of fitting in the community a case well recognized in this story. As the older generation focuses on making ends meet, the younger ones are left to fetch for themselves with almost one to guide them in making necessary decisions. The state of the economy is not supporting enough, and this forces the people to turn to crimes such as drug dealing. The younger generation is left to choose what they deem right and in the long run land in trouble from poor choices.

The narration is raw, vivid and intense exposing things that many prefer to keep in the dark. Bryan Washington takes the reader into the happenings that are seen in the society every day through a lot of the same is only whispered. Bryan explores the lower side together with the upper one meticulously delivering a captivating story. He does an incredible job of showing the aspects that describe a people struggling to have an identity in a group that objects their choices focusing on the hot issue of being gay. It is a story that will open your heart grab out the reality, hold it high for you to see in sparkle and puts everything back to position. It excellently touches on love and trouble delivering with a lasting force.

The characterization is also explicit making it seem almost real thus communicating to the reader excellently. The choice of events and characters is one that helps to shape up the story.


Waugh tells of a boy living together with a group of boys. Poker with his friends who they live as a family have formed a bond and work together where they sell themselves to men whom they pick up from bars. During one night, Rod, the owner of the apartment where the boys live haves sex with Poker and later reveals to him that he is HIV- positive. The reaction of this news is different among the boys, but Poker is affected the most.

Rod used to work as a mentor for the boys, but his confession seems to bring down everything that poker believed in forcing him to shift to Emil, another mentor. Poker and the boys are aware of the stigmatization that the dreaded disease brings about and living with the same is something they are not ready to do. At first, the life of the young Poker seems crashed but under the care of Emil whom he seems to love everything falls back to place.

Bryan is very accurate picturing the problems that people who choose such a life face and touching the sensitive issue of HIV and AIDS. He develops a virtual society placing the characters to symbolize the hardships that are seen in their lives. The stereotyping that they have to pass is also awesomely crafted. He shifts more on the intimacy than the sex issues in the life of the gay people. The effect of love is showcased where Rod and Emil all have feelings for Poker, but he ends up choosing one Emil.

Waugh takes the reader into a whole new perception of life. You get to go through life differently seeing people closely and avoiding incidences of stereotyping and any other negativity. He distills the characters into portraits of universal humanity delivering an engaging and worth read.

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