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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The 14th Reinstated (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversions (With: John J. Donnelly) (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Making Shots: A Rifle Hunter's Guide (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Muzzleloading Essentials (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Bucks the Benoit Way (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gunsmithing Made Easy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prepper Guns (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Benoit Bucks (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gunsmithing Modern Firearms (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gunsmithing Tips and Projects (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Great American Deer Camp(1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rifle Bullets For The Hunter: A Definitive Study(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bryce Towsley
Bryce Towsley is an avid, world traveling hunter, and an unrepentant gun nut. He competes in many shooting disciplines, which includes USPSA, 3-gun, and IDPA.

Bryce, as a full time writer for decades, has published hundreds of articles in the majority of the major gun and outdoor magazines and is listed as field editor for several of the top publications.

Bryce and his wife Robin live in their empty nest in Vermont. Their two kids (Nathan and Erin) are grown up and doing well out in the world.

“Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2010. Bryce, one of the foremost experts in America on gunsmithing, provides the definitive guide for anybody that’s interested in maintaining or building guns. He gives detailed explanations with color illustrations for just about every aspect of gun repair.

Featured tutorials include: weather preparation, accuracy enhancement, stock modifications, a total rifle makeover, and so much more. Starting with shop maintenance and design, Bryce builds off the knowledge that he provides until concluding with directions about rifle building from scratch. For anybody that is interested in building or fixing guns, this book is a total education from A to Z.

“The 14th Reinstated” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2012. This novel is an action adventure, mystery book with all of the elements of a rollicking good time with knife, gun, and fist fights, some desperate chases, pretty girls, likable heroes, and mysterious evil doers attempting to take the world over. The novel lays out a dark and scary scenario of how the world might look in a few years, making the readers pray that it’s not a prophecy of the future.

It has been set just a few years after the world suffers an economic and social collapse. There’s been this total meltdown and terrible social wars which killed millions. The hero is attempting to rebuild a life with his neighbors and family when he gets sucked into the most vile and evil of plots.

The story develops and he finds this unimaginable horror which has been perpetrated on the world and realizes that both he and his friends are the only ones that can stop these bad guys from finishing the job.

While the hero learns how to survive the hordes that are bent on total destruction, the lessons that he learns serve as illustrations for those that worry we might be headed for a real collapse. Then this book morphs into an epic adventure while this small group struggles against all odds to save the world from this bleak, horrible, and dark future. The novel is set in New England and Vermont, however has a worldwide scope with excursions into exotic locales like Korea and Africa.

“Prepper Guns” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2015. Shelter, food, and water are incredibly important to your survival. However you must also be ready to protect what’s yours, since if somebody better prepared, stronger, and better equipped takes all of it away, you’ll die. Your family too. The only way to keep them safe is with firearms.

This book, written with the common law abiding civilian in mind, covers all the tools and firearms needed to survive, not just for defense, but for foraging as well. It’s a comprehensive look at all of the realities of the firearms that a prepper should have.

It steps away from the “conventional wisdom” that’s typically spouted by prepper publishing and it takes an honest, hard look at the reality of ammo, guns, training, and tools needed to survive on the road and at home. The book takes a careful look at every category of ammo, firearms, accessories, and sights.

“Benoit Bucks: Whitetail Tactics for a New Generation” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2016. Join Bryce M. Towsley while he picks the brains of three of the most successful white-tailed deer hunters in America today. Lane, Larry, and Shane Benoit. Here in this comprehensive volume, Towsley hunts down the real reasons behind the Benoits’ unbelievable knack for taking down trophy bucks.

Even though most people know the Benoits for their incredible tracking abilities, they’re no longer one-dimensional in their hunting techniques. It’s true that there might not be any better deer hunters in all of America, however like Shane is fast to point out, the whitetail survives since it’s so adaptable, and if the whitetail hunter is to keep on surviving and be successful, he’d better follow their lead by learning how to adapt and change as well. Despite the fluctuations in climate, the Benoits have been led to do exactly that. They’ve been able to combine their extraordinary whitetail knowledge with new techniques and details in order to keep up their successful track record of taking down trophy whitetails.

In this volume, you’ll learn all of the secrets behind how the Benoits have adapted to today’s hunting challenges in order to become the unbelievably successful and multi-dimensional hunters that they are today.

“Gunsmithing Modern Firearms: A Gun Guy’s Guide to Making Good Guns Even Better” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2019. Bryce Towsley, one of the foremost experts on gunsmithing, has returned to provide even more projects for anybody interested in fixing, customizing, building, or maintaining firearms.

Gunsmith Towsley offers up some detailed explanations and he includes color illustrations for just about every single aspect of gun builds, modification, and repair. Featured tutorials include:

• building a precision or hunting rifle from scratch
• build an AR-15 or a 1911 handgun from parts
• turning a Mosin-Nagant into a tactical rifle
• how to customize a GLOCK handgun
• how to do spray on gun coatings
• as well as so much more

This extensive information is important for anyone that is interested in firearms modification, care, repair, or improvement. It takes the reader from easy-to-do, “kitchen table” projects through some more advanced techniques. There’s something in these pages for anyone that’s interested in working on firearms, and Towsley’s writing style is easy to read and comprehend and the humor is going to make you laugh as you learn.

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