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Brynne Asher is a USA Today Bestselling Romance, Young Adult, and contemporary author. When not writing, she does laundry and spends time with her children. She loves taking caffeine and cocktails

The Vines
The Vines is the debut in The Killer series. Addy owns a vineyard and working hard to make it a success. She decides one day to visit the place after a quick decision to return to where her mother grew up. His mother died from cancer, and Addy decided it was wise to scatter her ashes there. While she was in Virginia, she came across a vineyard that was on sale.

It was an opportunity that Addy couldn’t let go of as she has always wanted to have a business. Her skills and experience in hotel management helped her get ideas for improving the vineyard. One huge business loan later, Addy feels happy with the growth. Her dedication has led to the business’s success, and she is recognized for it.

Her happy place happens to have some cows that are treated as pets. She gets a few, and one day while walking them around, she meets her new neighbor, Crew Vega.
Crew can’t believe it when he finds out his new neighbor is keeping cows as pets. He moved to Virginia to begin a new business after living a life for the last ten years that made him realize so many secrets. However, he can tell anyone about his new business or what her previous profession was. All he tells people is that he works for the government.

He knew moving to Virginia would give him time to relax and start a new life now that he had completed his job, which took too much from his life.
Through one of his contacts, he discovers that Addy isn’t the person she appears to be. It doesn’t take long before Crew realizes that Addy is in danger, and he’s the only man helping her. After meeting Addy, he knows he’ll be doing more than just relaxing, especially when his past comes back, and its eyes are on Addy. His job is to keep her safe, even if it’s from himself.

Addy had gone through a lot of loss and tragedy; she planned for her future, and failure wasn’t an option. She had given everything she had into her vineyard because she didn’t leave any part of her out once she was in.

Crew, on the other hand, had given himself to the job for ten years, and he was done. He spent ten years in the dark working as a soldier of fortune. He was happy to have fulfilled his commitment and gone extra in settling the score. The score was so high that he had to train his replacement before getting out for good.
He thought moving to a quiet rural area would give him the opportunity of training the next generation of professional killers and assassins. His well-planned mission goes down the drain when a stubborn cow crosses his fence, connecting her to Addy.

Adjusting to a civilian wasn’t easy, but buying a land in Virginia would help him start a new life. Addy also has her own trouble, which tracks back to some old ties, adding a good plot line to the story.

He had a good plan that didn’t involve his neighbor, a lady keeping cows as pets. Addy valued her employees as if they were her family and understood him better than anyone else.

When he realizes that the CIA is investigating her, he decides to help even when he knows that was not in his plan. And just like Addy, Once Crew Vega goes in, he’s all in.

The vines are about two damaged people carrying the pain from their past on their shoulders, but their love for each other will soon set them free. The two complemented each other becoming stronger than before.

It’s a story of Addy Wentworth and Crew Vega, two individuals carrying the pain of their past on their shoulders. However, their love for one another sets them free even when things are complicated.

The setting is unique, and the storyline is amazing. Tension building was great, keeping the reader on their toes as the story unfolds.

Paths are the second novel in The Killers series. Maya Augustine wanted to disappear since her life depended on it. Later her path led to some place in Virginia, and he thought it was an ideal place to stay low.

Maya runs from her ex, a man she lived to known since the age of sixteen, and her first love. As years passed and she got older, she came to learn some things about him and his family. When she tried to end the relationship, the ex-lover wouldn’t take a no for an answer, and his family saw her as a liability because she knew too much about them.

Being someone on the run, May could not trust anyone, befriend, or get involved with any man after her last encounter. Despite all that, she couldn’t help but get obsessed with a battered and wounded beautiful killer who came into her life.

Grady Rock had hit rock bottom after his past finally caught up with him, causing him to lose his purpose at work and in life. Traveling on a desperate path of guilt, he wasn’t expecting a woman to give him refuge. He is wounded in body and soul and needs time to heal and figure out what is next in line for him.
At a time when he had nothing to focus on, Grady met Maya. He began watching her jog across the woods through the security system and getting attracted to her before she knew him. Maya was the only person he had allowed his mind to think about and focus on as days passed.

Maya is a physical therapist but had no license to work in Virginia, so she has decided to work as an activities director for nursing home and a waitress in a winery. She first saw Grady as a brooding man with injuries in the winery. She never had the guts to talk to him and only chose to watch him, and seeing him made the highlight of her day.

While one of them was on the run, the other had no place or person to run to until their bleeding souls crossed, and soon the two crossed paths became one.

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