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Bubbles Yablonsky Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bubbles Yablonsky Books

Bubbles Unbound (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles In Trouble (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles Ablaze (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles A Broad (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles Betrothed (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles All The Way (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bubbles Reboots (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Strohmeyer is an American author of fiction. Sarah grew up in the town of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree from Tufts University in International Relations. She specializes in crime novels and novels that discuss the relationships between men and women. She has won several awards for her writing and is well known for her popular Bubbles Yablonsky series.

After graduating from University, Strohmeyer worked in the Boston area in journalism. At some point, she began writing and the rest is history. She currently works as the town clerk in Middlesex, Vermont. Her job and the quiet nature of the town leave plenty of time for writing when she isn’t on the clock. Her debut novel was nonfiction and was titled Barbie Unbound. It was released in 1997.

Strohmeyer is known as the creator of the popular Bubbles Yablonsky series. The series stars the main character of Bubbles, who is a hairdresser. Even though she has a bubbly and charming personality and really enjoys fashion and style, Bubbles is not as dumb as she might seem. Bubbles Unbound is the first book in this series and it came out in 2001, winning her the Agatha Award for the category of Best First Novel. The series has seven books in it with potentially more to come.

Bubbles Unbound is the debut fiction novel in the Bubbles Yablonsky series. Readers have come to love the sparkling personality that Bubbles possesses. She is just like any other girl her age and loves to go shopping all the time. Bubbles also has a great body just like a classic Barbie doll, but there’s more to her than just how she looks.

Bubbles may work doing hair now, but she has bigger aspirations. She hopes to one day break into the world of journalism. She’s gotten plenty of practice in gossip at her job, and she hopes her natural propensity for being chatty and interested in human affairs can one day translate into being a real journalist.

Bubbles knows that it’s probably a long shot for a regular hairdresser to totally change careers. But Bubbles also has an ace up her sleeve; a big secret that could mean that she, at last, could become the journalist she always wanted to be. If she can use it to get a leg up and also land her dream career, should she trade the secret to get what she wants?

The death of a young girl named Laura remains mysterious, and Bubbles just might hold the answers. It’s kind of stressful holding onto such a dark secret, but if she can hang in there for just a bit longer she finally might be able to parlay it into a story that makes it into print with her name on it.

Along the way she meets Steve, an attractive photographer that is just as hot as he is talented. He is dark and mysterious in all the wrong ways– the type that she should stay away from, but probably won’t. Meanwhile, the secret and what to do with it is eating away at her. Why not get a little distraction?

While Bubbles is caught up in the throes of what could be a new romance, she may have more to deal with than she thought. The secret she is keeping concerns some people– who would rather do just about anything to keep the information from coming out. Pick up Bubbles Unbound to see what happens and if Bubbles can finally land that career or is in more trouble than she ever thought possible instead.

Bubbles in Trouble is the second book in this fun series from author Sarah Strohmeyer that many are calling ‘funny’ and ‘skillful’ as well as one that you won’t be able to put down. Bubbles is a real-life Barbie girl, but she isn’t living in a Barbie world. In fact, she’s a lot tougher than you might think at first glance. Ths sequel picks up right where the last one left off, only this time our favorite hairdresser is in a different kind of trouble.

Never before in her life has her heart beat for someone like it beats for Steve Stiletto! The hunky photographer is trouble with a capital T, but that’s not going to stop the Yablonsky series heroine from falling for him. She can’t help the way that she feels for the world-traveling shutterbug, and now Bubbles has turned her vow to avoid all men into a temporary fling with chastity. Bye bye austerity and hello to romance.

Little does Bubbles know that the wedding of a friend is about to turn into full-blown chaos. Bubbles is attending decked out in stilettos, hot pants, and a red Wonderbra. Janice is getting married, but when Bubbles arrives at the venue she is surprised to discover that Janice is nowhere to be found– and it’s her big day! Bubbles is worried. After all, they did have a wild night and partied a lot at her bachelorette party. But there’s no way Janice could be so drunk or hungover that she would skip going to the altar.

Bubbles decides to investigate and hopefully track down Janice. She thinks that the bride potentially missing her own wedding is the worst-case scenario. But when they discover Janice’s relative dead, Bubbles discovers that things can always get worse. Things get more intense still when they find out he was murdered.

Her uncle lived with Janice but now he’s dead. Who did it, why, and did they even care that it was so close to the wedding? Bubbles doesn’t have the most experience in journalism, but she knows enough to start asking questions. It’s up to this hairdresser to find out where the bride went and who killed her uncle. Time to go undercover.

Watch Bubbles attempt to solve the crime as well as the mystery of where her friend went! This hilarious second book in the Bubbles Yablonsky series will have you in stitches. If you love this book, check out the rest of Sarah Strohmeyer’s books in this funny fictional series.

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