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Buckhorn Brothers / Sawyer Family Books In Order

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Publication Order of Buckhorn Brothers Books

By: Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Jules Bennett, Heidi Betts

Lori Foster is an American author of fiction novels. Born in 1958, she also goes by the name L.L. Foster when penning her urban fantasy series. She was first published in 1996. She is a New York Times bestselling author and has also made other bestselling lists. She currently is represented by HQN but has been published and worked with a lot of publishing houses. She received the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times in 2001 for Series Romantic Fantasy and in 2005 for Contemporary Romance. Her book Too Much Temptation made Amazon book’s top-selling title in 2002.

Lori Foster also does more than just write, which she loves doing. She also enjoys supporting various charities through her annual Reader & Author event. The event is hosted in Ohio and the proceeds have been donated to a variety of just causes, from the Animal Adoption Foundation to the Children’s Home, One Way Farm, The Conductive Learning Center, Battered Women’s Shelter, and more. She donates the proceeds from one book every year to charity and you can see the list of romance books that will have proceeds donated through her personal site online.

She is also the author of the popular Buckhorn Brothers series of novels. There are multiple novels in this exciting romantic series featuring the rugged and devastatingly attraction Buckhorn brothers. Lori Foster brings these boys to life as the reader enters a world of these four brothers. The first book starts out by focusing on Sawyer more than the others and the series gradually moves on to Morgan, Gabe, and Jordan Buckhorn. These eligible bachelors are good looking and know what they want. Any girl would be lucky to have them!

Sawyer is the debut novel in this series. It was released in 2000. Honey Malone is scared out of her mind when she finds herself on the run. She’s trying to get away from a very dangerous person– someone you could easily call a predator. But in the course of trying to escape, she loses control of her vehicle and it goes straight into a lake.

That’s pretty much the last thing that you want when you’re already trying to get away from someone dangerous. It’s not a good situation to be in, but just as the car is filling up with water it turns out to be a blessing that she never expected because all of a sudden, there are some very good-looking men all around her. It turns out that the Buckhorn brothers are the ones that she has to thank with helping her get out of the lake, and if this is how every guy that saves her life looks, Honey Malone is considering driving into lakes by accident more often.

Honey is determined to be on her way. The brothers do their part to nurse her back to health, and she’s grateful. She’s even not that opposed to the idea of sticking around and seeing if she doesn’t mind being in the company of men all of the time. Honey tries to leave the house, but she doesn’t expect the brothers to be so stubborn or so protective of her. Could it be that she has some protectors on her side at last?

Honey has feelings for Sawyer, but she also doesn’t want to draw a threat to them by staying longer than she has to. She longs to be with Sawyer, but when that involves putting his life in danger, is she going to be any good if she stays? And can she live with herself if anything happens to the brothers– especially Sawyer?

Morgan is the exciting sequel in the Buckhorn Brothers series by Lori Foster. This brother is used to being the big guy in town because he has a thriving career as the sheriff of Buckhorn. His position and his duty to service get him a lot of respect in his town. His world is going perfectly well, and the last thing that he expects is for some random woman to come along and change everything.

This small city woman is Misty Malone, and she is someone that gets under his skin from the beginning. He thinks that he can’t wait for her to go home, but she also intrigues him in a way that he doesn’t understand fully yet. Misty is actually aggravating to him in a way, and he is just waiting for her to go back where she came from.

But when he finds out why Misty came around in the first place, his heart softens a bit. Morgan thought that he could not wait for her to just return to wherever she came from in the first place, but now he thinks that he would not mind if she stuck around a little longer. Morgan actually thinks that he is starting to grow a little fond of the newcomer and maybe even wants to be more than casual acquaintances with Misty Malone.

Misty thought that it might be a good idea for her to stay with her sister. Her sibling had just gotten married and seemed more than happy with her handsome husband. Better yet, he has a few brothers that really seem to be the type to either be marriage material or bedroom material. It’s a win-win situation as far as Misty was concerned.

While seducing the brothers isn’t necessarily on her mind, Misty could use some time with her sister and really needed to take a break from her surroundings. The Buckhorn brothers are attractive, and they all seem to generally like her. That is, except for that one brother that can’t seem to warm up to her at all. He doesn’t even seem to make an effort to be polite!

Morgan sees her as some sort of man-eater or dubious character, and he’s unhappy that Misty has come to town. Misty does her best with the situation. She doesn’t really want any of the brothers, but the sparks going between her and Morgan are too much. Want to see what happens between them? Pick up the thrilling second book in the Buckhorn Brothers series to find out!

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