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Publication Order of Buckhorn, Montana Books

Out of the Storm (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the Shadows (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
At the Crossroads (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of the Blue (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before Buckhorn (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before Memories Fade (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under a Killer Moon (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Justice Rides (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Buckhorn, Montana” series is a set of romance fiction novels by general romance and romantic suspense author B.J. Daniels. She was only eight when she made the decision that she would be a writer.

Nonetheless, she had never met a writer and did not know how one went about becoming one. It would take her several years before she got enough courage to just admit to other people that she dreamed of one-day writing fiction.

When she was 30, she made the decision to quit her comfy job and became a reporter. This was not a well-planned out thing as she worked for a local paper at minimum wage part-time.

It was at the paper that she learned how to beat deadlines and write fast which gave he the courage to pursue what she had always wanted all along: write fiction. She started writing short stories that were then published in a magazine known as Woman’s World.

B.J. Daniels penned Out of the Storm the debut novel of the Buckhorn, Montana series of novels in 2020. She now has more than half a dozen novels in the very popular series.

When B.J. Daniels first started out, the only dream she had was that someone would read something she had written. Back then she could never have imagined how much of an adventure she would have.

She has since published more than 100 works of fiction and more than 40 short stories writing for both HQN and Harlequin Intrigue. Over the years, she has been the winner of several awards and many of her novels have been USA Today and New York Times bestselling titles.

She has said that she feels blessed that she was able to make her dreams come true and that the adventures she has had have been wonderful beyond imagination. Daniels has also had the opportunity to make wonderful friends among them the editors, fellow authors, and readers whom she interacts with.

She still gets thrilled whenever she sees her novels on the bookshelf even though she has been known to still attend classes to improve her writing skills. B.J. Daniels penned Out of the Storm the debut novel of the Buckhorn, Montana series of novels in 2022.

“The Buckhorn, Montana” series of novels is a set of romance fiction set in the small town of Buckhorn, Montana. It is a place where people find themselves falling in love in the most unexpected times and with the most unlikely people.

In the first novel of the series “Out of the Storm” we are introduced to a woman named Kate Jackson that lost Danny Jackson her husband in an explosion about two decades back.

In the present, she was moving on with her life and was on a jaunt with her fiance when she meets a man who says he is John but has an uncanny resemblance to her late husband.

In the second novel “From the Shadows,” we are introduced to Casey, who inherits the ancient and dilapidated Crenshaw hotel that used to belong to Anna Crenshaw. Since she lived in the city, she went back home when her grandma died intending to sell it only to find Fiin squatting in it.

“At the Crossroads,” the third novel of the series is the story of Culhane and Travis that used to work together and were romantic partners in Buckhorn, Montana before they were both fired by the sheriff. Culhane had been framed for the murder of his wife and had to work with Alexis to try to prove his innocence.

“Out of the Storm, “the debut novel of the “Buckhorn, Montana” series is the story of Kate Jackson who is determined to never lose her man again. One look at the familiar brown eyes and she is certain that she found her husband. But, it has been a decade since Daniel Jackson had been declared dead in an explosion at an oil refinery.

However, she had never given up hope as she believed he was still out there and maybe he had lost his memory. While on a holiday trip with her new fiance Collin in Buckhorn Montana, he sees the man.

He is a scarred carpenter with sunburnt skin who calls himself Jon Harper but she is certain that he is her Danny. He insists that he does not know her and that even though some of his memories are hazy, he is certain he could not forget a woman such as Kate.

But deep in his bones, he believes that Kate is in danger from the man she wants to trust the most. She is a lovely and loyal woman but if he helps her, he may just expose his perilous past. But he also wants a chance at forever and it seems like the only way to protect her.

The second novel of the “Buckhorn, Montana” series is “From the Shadows,” which introduces Casey Cranwshaw, who has to head to Buckhorn Montana.

She had been informed that her grandmother had left her a dilapidated hotel in a small town in Montana. It was a picturesque little hotel but for Casey, there is nothing she wants more than to get rid of it so that he can go back to the city.

The hotel had been abandoned for years and according to the locals, it has been infested with ghosts ever since there had been a homicide of a young woman on the property.

But it is not apparitions that have Casey worried but rather a man in the flesh who seems determined to throw a wrench into her plans.

Finn James has been investigating the happenings at the hotel and will not let anyone not even the highly independent and capable redhead who claims to be the owner stop him.

Soon enough, they find they are being drawn together, but digging into the past will always be a dangerous endeavor, particularly where there are many that prefer to keep their past hidden.

“At the Crossroads,” the third novel of the “Buckhorn, Montana” series of novels tells the story of Culhane Travis and Alexis Brand. The two find themselves desperate for a second chance and running for their lives.

A few months earlier they had been romantic partners and colleagues working as sheriff deputies in Buckhorn, Montana. Alexis is now a bounty hunter who has been charged with finding Culhane who has been charged with e murder of his ex-wife. She buries the emotional ties she still has for him and tracks down the man.

But they soon run into trouble and have to combine forces and flee from the law with Alexis in custody of some dark secrets she hopes will never come out. Desperate to find the man framing him, Culhane returns to Buckhorn Montana only to find he had unexpectedly dragged Alexis the love of his life into danger.

Alexis tells Culhane he has forty-eight hours to clear his name before she has to turn him in. This is enough time for him to acknowledge that he can never live without her. But is it enough time for them to find the answers they seek before their enemies pounce?

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