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Publication Order of Bullied Books

Whenever there is a need to look into some of the best internationally renowned books one cannot ignore the importance of Bullied (By Christopher Smith). It contains a series of books and many other books. It would be not out of place to mention here that his books have sold around three million copies and there are a number of extremely successful novels including Running of the Bulls, Fifth Avenue, You Only Die Twice and much more. Before getting into the review of a few of his books, we will try have a look at his person life and then find out more about his style of writing by talking about a few of his works. He is American by birth. Though he has written many books, his talent for writing came into focus and limelight with the book Fifth Avenue. This catapulted him to center stage and since then there has been no looking back and he has become an extremely popular writer and also has won a lot of critical acclaim.

His Early Life

Before becoming a renowned writer, Smith worked as a film critical. He was associated with a leading newspaper in the Northeast. His association in this profession took him places. He was regularly featured on the various NBC affiliates. Further he also was regular on the E! network and took part in many national shows. He was also an avid reviewer and must have penned more than 4000 reviews. His natural talent for writing and his capability to analyze books and other works of art in the right perspective was too obvious to be ignored. He also has the distinction of being named as the Best Critic for 2010 by MPA. He also has written two other books previously and these belonged to the famed Queued Series. The books basically are compilations of hundreds of film reviews. He lives with his family in Maine. Being not so old, there are reasons to believe that he has many years of quality writing still left in him.

What Makes Him Different

There are a few reasons as to why it makes sense to go through his books. It will certainly help readers to find something unique and different in his style of writing. All his books belong to the suspense thriller genre and they are extremely famous for being gripping, sensational and with some of the most unexpected twists and turns. It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at some books which are revolutionary and have created a name for himself across the board.

Bullied Series

The Bullied (By Christopher Smith) series consists of four books starting with the first book Bullied and ending with the fourth book War. All the four books were penned in the year 2011 and have found very good acceptance from the general public. Additionally as mentioned above he also has written six books under the Fifth Avenue series, one standalone novel and four queued non-fiction books His writing career is relatively short. His first book got published in the year and all the other books were published in the year 2011.

Review Of The Book Bullied

Bullied is the first novel under the Bullied series and as mentioned it has four books under it. This book focuses on the character Seth Moore. He is an 18 year old teenager who is being bullied relentlessly. He also is known for his natural talent as an amulet. This helps him to have sudden streaks of telekinetic powers. Since he is being bullied he should try and learn his amulet powers properly. This will protect him from those who are determined to finish him off. However, after having been bullied and brow-beaten by his school students and teachers, will he be able to break free. The irony is that even his teachers, who are supposed to protect him bully him. He also should find ways and means by which he can stay away from the negative effects of amulet. This could lead to him becoming a bully even when things go out of control. It no doubt is an intense thriller and those who have been experienced bullying would certainly relate to it. It also cautions those who indulge in bullying themselves. It is suitable for readers who are above 13 years of old and might need parental guidance.

Review Of War

The book War, which is the fourth book under the series Bullied, is a plot which revolves around 18 year old Seth Moore. It is about the need for Moore to find out ways and means by which he can use four amulets available with him. The supernatural powers will help him to fight Anna. She is a lecherous and cunning witched. She is controlled by her master Darien and has been given the task of stealing the amulets so that his powers can grow. Ruthless in her bid to steal the amulets is at her ruthless worst. Seth finds the going too tough and has to take the help of Paisley White an eccentric. She is a 400 year old good with, who has powers which are equal to that of Darien. Is it enough to take on Darlen and how can she help Seth to fight the evil successfully? This is what this book all about.

There are quite a few people who are at risk and then include characters like Jennifer, Jim and Alex. They also decide to unite bury their differences and fight Darien. In the meanwhile Seth finds out that there are quite a few dangers in his first love. Worse still he also could become a bully himself and the powers offered by the amulets may have corrupted him. The book has two wars. The first one is the bloody and dangerous war against the witches. The second is the war that Seth has to fight against himself before it becomes too late. It has 35,000 words in total and is certainly very face paced and moves at amazing speed. No one can put down the book without completing it fully.

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