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Publication Order of Bunker Books

Bunker is a series of science fiction/ apocalyptic books written by an award-winning American author of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy and young adult books Jay J. Falconer. It’s an action-packed series that explores imminent invasions, cyber-attacks and the struggle for survival.

The series features Jack Bunker, an enigmatic central character a man whose past is as dark as it’s mysterious. Falconer’s creates characters that are both brave, strong but also flawed such that the readers can relate his characters to real-life individuals. The author began Bunker series in 2017 when Born to Fight was published.

Born to Fight

Born to Fight is the first book in Bunker series by Jay J. Falconer. It’s the book that introduces us to Jack Bunker, a man with a gun- the only thing that stands between a global conspiracy and apocalypse.

When a well-planned attack sends the whole country in chaos, the small community of Clearwater in Colorado finds itself in the midst of raging conflict. Without technology, power and the ability to survive each day, the hopeless townspeople turn to the strange drifter for some help- Jack Bunker is a troubled man but one who possesses the training and skills to keep the residents of Clearwater alive.

However, soon it becomes clear that not everything in the small mountain community is as it seems. Sinister forces are uniting in the shadows preparing to unleash havoc much worse than anyone would have imagined, dark forces that Jack Bunker might not be able to stop.

The first in Bunker series is a beautiful read. The plot is exciting, fast-paced and opens up with the ground running and the action never ends, stakes keeps on going higher to the last page. The action in the story is realistic and beautifully written to quench the thirst of a military/apocalyptic avid read.
Falconer has a gift of creating conflict in his story that both strong and phenomenal. The conflict, in this case, is one’s man struggle to overcome his inner demons and get to terms with his past and then moves to a community fighting for survival. All Bunker ever wanted to do was to forget his job as a combat engineer, but when an attack takes crumbles America’s power grid, and then a series of suspicious activities begin taking place in a secured military facility, Bunker knows that its time to get back to work. Now he must unite people and form a clandestine and a militant group to stand and protect themselves against an impending invasion. However, will he be able to get people to rally behind him without revealing the secrets of his past?

Dogs of War

When a secret conversation is intercepted, Bunker and the local town elders of Clearwaters jump into action to unravel the secret behind its lethal intent. However, before their defenses can be reinforced and the imminent threat neutralized, a ruthless enemy jumps one step ahead, resorting to abductions and torture for total domination.

As the body count rapidly increases, Bunker is forced to unleash part of himself that he detests saving everyone that he’s come to care about. However, rescuing his friends won’t be an easy task, not especially when the attackers focus their attention on him and his dark past.

Code of Honor

Code of Honor is book three in Bunker series by Jay J. Falconer. When the culprits finally identify themselves, Bunker finds himself on the crosshairs of a deadly manhunt. These perpetrators want him dead at all cost and are even willing to unleash evil across the countryside to achieve their evil plans.
Moreover, the trouble does not end there. News od a deadly, airborne attack spreads fear amongst the residents of Clearwater, leaving each person to fend for himself when Jack Bunker finally goes missing in action.

The third book in the series will sure take the readers on an epic journey and deadly encounters like never before. It’s fast paced, action packed story to the last page. Overall, Bunker series book feature themes of terrorism, military and are action packed with each theme standing unique in each book. If you love military-themed books featuring a character who’s not only strong but also flawed, haunted by demons of his past, then Bunker is a series worth reading.

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