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The burg series is a product of professional writing skills by Kristen Ashley. Kristen Ashley is a renowned writer of paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels and series .Just like any other great writer, she has her unique way of developing a character. She has a consistence aspect in choosing her characters. Most of the main characters are usually between the ages of thirty and forty and have a second chance at love. The men are mostly police officer, security personnel or people dealing in that line of work. Her preference to this type of men is due to their straight shooter nature and also their old fashioned ways of handling matters especially love. These men will protect their women despite the lengths they have to go. The women are all heroines; they mostly achieve what they set out to.

All of her series will involve a major suspense which is mixed with great sex and a happy ending. All the characters are usually down to earth and always cool to interact with. Kristen has written a total of five series which entail a different number of books in each series. She also has a couple of individual books. The burg series has a total of six novels. All of them are long and very thrilling to read. They have action up to the end. All the books in this series have been turned into audio and in print format.

The first novel in the Burg is, For You. In this novel, Ashley Kristen introduces Lieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owen as high school sweethearts .Their love is so strong that everyone in the town knows they are meant for each other and would end up married. A mistake/misunderstanding suddenly happens and Feb breaks Colt’s heart. She turns wild and tragedy happens. Colt still has strong love feeling toward Feb and sets out to revenge to the man who is responsible for making Feb feel low. This is a risk which Colt willingly undertakes knowing all the consequences which might a raise from it .Feb still in angry moods turns her back on Colt and leaves the town. After fifteen years, Feb is forced to return to her home town to help in running the family bar. The break up between the two love birds was so serious that everyone thought they would never get back together despite their initial love story. Both of them though still have a romantic connection between each other but pride and the society’s expectation keeps them separate.

This is only until someone starts killing people who are closely related to Feb. Colt is still Colt and will do anything to protect Feb. He sets out to investigate these hacking. The town is surprised but they know despite Colt’s best strategy for hiding his feeling for Feb, he still cares for her. As investigation continues a very sick man emerges as the serial killer. He has killed a good number of people. During this time Colt and Feb are used to frequent meetings and their strong love connection slowly rekindles. In a matter of months they are back together. There love is strong as it was before.

At Peace is the second book of the burg series. This novel introduces violet winter, her husband- Lieutenant Tim winter and their daughter. They had a perfect life until a criminally madman murders Lieutenant Tim Winter. This heart breaks Violet and makes her to lose hope of ever falling in love again. She set out to provide the best for her daughter without any much consideration to love. After one year since the death of her husband, she meets Joe Callahan. This is during winter when she has to leave her bed and request her neighbor to turn down the music. Joe is sinister, scarily attractive security specialist. She develops a hunger for Joe and she gives in time and again. Joe feels the hunger and feed violet despite his own rule of keeping her in his bed. Violet tries to deny her feeling but over time she is sure Joe is giving her the signal. She decides to take a second chance at life and fall in love.

One thing Violet does not know is the dark past life of Joe. He has secrets so soul-wrenching. These secrets have drained him dry and he has nothing left to offer. This has contributed to his decision of opting to live his life alone. Violet husband murder is so obsessed with heart breaking her and this lead to a realization that Joe has to change his lifestyle and decisions. The murderer haunts the door of winter girls. Joe acknowledges that he can’t fight his attraction towards Violet and her daughter. He needs to win them back and put his life on the line in order to protect them. The real challenge is if violet can endure losing Joe. She has had to suffer the fate of losing two people who were very close to her.

The third book in the burg series is Golden trail. This book introduces Tanner Layner and Raquel Merick as lovers who feel deep in love at a very tender age. Both of them had ideas of the beautiful life they would live. This is until Rocky left Layne. She gives no explanation and she has no intention of going back. Layne moves out of the Burge and only comes back after a couple of years because his ex-wife has hooked herself to the town jerk and he needs to ensure that his sons are brought up in the right manner. Layne does his best to avoid Rocky but when he gets shot three times by a dirty cop, he can’t do this anymore since rocky has opted to stops avoiding him. They develop a deal to work together and bring down the dirty cop. They have no clue of the sheer evil in Burg and also their strong attraction. As they carry on with their investigation, Layne discovers dark secrets which are buried in Rocky’s heart. This is due to the necessity of untangling a sinister web of crime. These crimes have to be stopped at all cost and Layne is forced to include a couple of people into the investigation. This include ;his ex-CIA mentor ,Rocky’s brother ,his two teenage sons so that he can stop rocky from doing something crazy and also keep their game a secret so that he does not get himself killed.

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