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Buried Goddess Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Buried Goddess Saga Books

By: Rhett C. Bruno, Jaime Castle

Buried Goddess Saga
Buried Goddess Saga is a fantasy series by Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle. The series transports you to a fantasy world with a kingdom faced with many challenges. At the start of the series, we get to see the dying king and the hawks waiting for him to die so that they can take over. Torsten Unger, a knight in this kingdom, will have to deal with all the aggressors and their devious plans. To succeed, the knight will be forced to form all kinds of alliances with people he would never have interacted with in normal circumstances. The action here is unending, and this fantasy world and all its quirky characters will keep you entertained to the end.

Web of Eyes
Web of Eyes comes first in the Buried Goddess Saga series. The book introduces Whitney Fierstown, the self-proclaimed World’s Finest Thief. Whitney has stolen every treasure he set his mind to, and he has never been caught in the act. He gets such a thrill in every heist, and he had gotten so good at it over time. When Whitney makes a drunken bet to steal the Glass Crown from the king’s head, he expects things would be as easy as usual. Nothing would have prepared him for what happens next. For once, someone catches him, and the consequences are so dire Whitney risks losing his life.

Torsten Unger is a knight who will do anything to save his kingdom. When he catches the thief after the king’s glass Crown, he offers two choices: rot in a cell or help him carry out a dangerous expedition. This marks the beginning of an unlikely partnership between a knight and a thief. None is happy to be working with the other, but Whitney knows that going to the cell would be the end of him. The knight is also desperate, and if working with a thief is the only way to save his kingdom, he is ready to do it. The Queen’s brother had hidden a piece of the Crown Prince’s soul in the haunted woods, and the knight needed Whitney’s skills to retrieve it. Can this duo complete this mission, save the prince, and survive the monsters in the woods? Is it possible for them to put their differences aside and work together to fight a common enemy?

In this book, you will be following the unhappy union between two fellows from two different worlds. A kingdom is in peril, and its future depends on these two men and the choices they make. The two have to battle foreign conquerors, evil magic, and royals who have no idea what kind of trouble they are in. There are also monsters lurking in the shadows, and there is no telling what will happen when the protagonists encounter them. Characters are well fleshed out, and it is amazing how the story is filled with adventure. Curious to know if the Crown Prince’s soul is recovered? Read this story to the end for this and more.
Web of Eyes is an epic fantasy story with great world-building and a complex magic system. The characters are plausible, especially the thief will all with adventure and witty dialogue. You will enjoy interacting with him, the knight, and the rest of the cast. The story also comes with some magic, a good serving of humor, and amazing dialogue. Definitely a great start to what promises to be an intriguing series.

Winds of War
Winds of War comes second in the Buried Goddess Saga series. This book starts a few weeks after the first one ended. Whitney, Torsten, and Sora have parted ways. However, Whitney has already started teaching Sora his thieving ways. On the other hand, Torsten is doing everything possible to support the king while managing politics at the castle. However, it is clear that the Kingdom is about to go to war, and the battles from within cannot be adequately handled at the moment. An ancient evil has emerged, and the people must rise and defend their kingdom. As it is, not even the gods would get them out of their current situation.

Torsten is leading the Glass Army and hoping for a miracle. When he is forced to pair with his strongest rival, Torsten knows that he has to be confident about his abilities to prevent his army from splitting. As Torsten is busy fighting for his kingdom, Whitney and Sora are dealing with a different can of worms. The two are back in Winde Port on their way to Mei Ping when they realize that an old archenemy is hunting them. Their rival is hellbent on revenge, and his evil is nothing like these two have faced before. Can the blood mage, Sora, and Whitney, the thief get out of this unhurt?

This story comes with much more action than the first one, which you will love, and it is also darker. It is good that the book picks up where the last one ended, and the author throws you immediately into action. The characters continue to evolve, and it is fun getting to know them better. Sora is well fleshed out and continues to be outstanding among the cast. It is also great interacting with Red Star once again, and you can only hope to see what these and more characters will be up to in the next installment. All the turmoil in the kingdom and the raging war add a lot to the story, and you will enjoy seeing how Torsten deals with all the things working against him.

Winds of War takes us deeper into the Glass Kingdom and all its woes. The story is beautifully written, and the narration is flawless. Thanks to the many unexpected twists, you will keep turning the pages to see what happens next. It is amazing how the author also includes Sora’s POV, so we also see things from her angle. If you want to enjoy the book fully, start with the first installment in the series. The story ends with a cliffhanger that will send you frantically searching for the next in the series.

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