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The Girl Who Knew Too Much (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Lady Vanishes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tightrope (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Close Up (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lady Has a Past (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
When She Dreams (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bride Wore White (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Quick is a successful published author. It is the pen name used by Jayne Ann Krentz. She has over thirty million copies of her books in print. Her novel The Waiting Game was turned into a 1998 made for television movie.

She is the author of many books that have reached the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Jayne Ann Krentz uses different pen names for each of the worlds, or genres, that she writes in. She uses her married name of Jayne Ann Krentz for her books of contemporary romantic suspense. When it comes to her historical romantic suspense novels, she uses the pen name Amanda Quick. She usually reserves her birth name and pen name of Jayne Castle for her books in the futuristic and paranormal romantic suspense genre.

The author says that she is frequently asked why she uses different pen names to write. She says that the answer is that by doing so, her readers always know which of the three worlds they’ll be entering when they choose to read one of her books.

Besides writing fiction, she is also a contributor to and an editor of a non-fiction essay collection called Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance. It is published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Since the beginning of her career, her commitment to the chosen genre of romance has been strong since her career started.

Jayne says that when it comes to genres, romance is the only one where readers are guaranteed to get novels that put the heroine at the center of the story. They are books that celebrate the virtues and values of women such as determination, honor, courage, and believing in love’s healing power.

The author attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she graduated with her B.A. in history. Then she went to San Jose State University in California, earning her Masters degree in library science. Prior to writing on a full time basis, she worked as a librarian in libraries, both corporate and academic.

Amanda Quick is married to her husband Frank. The two reside in Seattle, Washington together.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much is the first novel in the Burning Cove series by Amanda Quick. In this book, readers are taken back to the 1930s California, a place where seduction and glamor lead to all types of sins.

When stars in Hollywood and moguls want to get some privacy, they all go to the same place. They all make their way to a small coastal town where the very exclusive Burning Cove Hotel is able to give them everything they need and treating them like royalty. That’s where Irene Glasson, a reporter, has made an alarming discovery. She finds herself staring at a gorgeous actress who is at the bottom of a pool.

She may have been pretty when she was alive, but now she’s dead. It turns out that the victim had a burning secret about Nick Tremayne, who was an up and coming leading man. It was the type of scoop that a reporter like Irene just cannot resist. It also would be helpful to her career since she is just a rookie at a gossip rag magazine that is far from top tier.

Irene decides to look into the drowning, but her investigation into the incident could lead to Nick Tremayne’s wall of illusion coming down that has been so carefully built up. Other people are invested in the actor, too, and would be willing to do a lot to keep their investment safe. But Irene is undaunted and continually is searching for the truth.

Throughout that process, Irene discovers that she is drawn to what can only be described as a master of deception. Oliver Ward was a magician that was famous around the world until something happened to throw his career off track. He was mysteriously injured while putting on his last performance, but has managed to turn things around and find other ways to make money.

Now he’s on a second career as the owner of the Burning Cove Hotel. As such, he does not want to take the chance of any type of scandal getting in between him and making money. He does not want to threaten his livelihood. Even if it means trusting the reporter known as Irene, a woman that seemingly has appeared out of the middle of nowhere in Los Angeles four months prior.

Irene gets the help of Oliver and soon finds out that even though Burning Cove is an attractive paradise full of glamor, it also has a lot of dangerous secrets and dark things that aren’t always apparent. The past may always be slightly out of the picture, but it’s still in play. And it still has the potential to pull Oliver and Irene under.

Can she figure out what happened to the leading lady and other secrets? Or are others too invested in making sure that buried secrets stay that way? Read this book to find out!

The Other Lady Vanishes is the second novel in the Burning Cove series by Amanda Quick. If you loved traveling back in time to the thirties era of California, check out this book, the follow up to the debut in the Burning Cove series!

Even in California, the most dazzling illusions oftentimes fail to hide the deepest, darkest secrets. Adelaide Blake has escaped from a private sanitarium and come to start her life over in Burning Cove, California. She gets a job at an herbal tea shop, but that puts her in view of the people that visit this resort town by the sea, movers and shakers from Hollywood that are always looking for cures and tonics for their hangovers.

Jake Truett is one of those customers, a businessman that has been recently widowed. He’s come to the area to get some therapeutic rest. But the exhaustion that he is professing to have is a cover, something that Adelaide does not know. No one is who they appear to be in Burning Cove.

Behind the illusions of power and glamor are a bunch of gansters, drug dealers, and grifters. There’s also Madame Zolanda, a psychic serving the stars. Adelaide knows that she’s running a con, and both she and Jake are not going to fall for her tricks. But when she’s killed, they’ll be pulled into a world of misdirection and dishonesty whether they want to be or not.

Will Jake and Adelaide find out more about her past? Can they find a killer that’s been striking in the area? Read this suspenseful novel to find out!

Burning Cove is a series by Amanda Quick set in 1930s California. It has glamour and seduction, spawning a multitude of sins. In the glamourous seaside is a playground for Hollywood stars, spies, and mobsters who find more than they bargained for in the mysterious town. The novel in the series includes The Girl Who Knows Too Much, The Other Lady Vanishes, Tightrope, and several more.

The Girl Who Knew too Much is the debut in the Burning Cove series. As Anna Harris checks on her boss, Helen Spencer, she finds her dead in the bedroom. On the wall is the word ‘run’ written with blood. Anna swiftly ran to her room and pulled out the box where she had hidden her savings. In the box, she finds a letter and a brown notebook and money that she didn’t know who had put there. She discovers the letter from her boss Helena pleading for her to disappear for good.

Anna flees to New York, leaving LA, and decides to hide her identity by acquiring a new name. Changing her name to Irene, she gets a job at a gossip magazine to keep a low profile. While on an assignment for the magazine, she meets an upcoming movie star with information on a prominent actor. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the spa where she is meeting the actress, Irene finds the actress drowned and hears someone chasing her.

Fortunately, she manages to escape but soon gets mixed up in a series of murders as she tries to prove that Nick Tremayne, the popular actor involved with all the women, is responsible for all the murders. The place where she found the actress dead is the hotel owned by Oliver Ward. Oliver is frustrated that someone decided to murder on his grounds. Irene hopes that solving this case might help her in launching her career.

When Hollywood stars want privacy, they go to the idyllic small town on the coast where the Burning Cove hotel satisfies their needs. It’s in the same hotel where Irene Glasson soon finds herself looking at the body of an actress facing the bottom of the pool.

The dead actress was holding a deep secret about Nick Tremayne, a case that Irene couldn’t resist, especially considering that she was a rookie at a third-rate gossip magazine. However, she soon finds her investigation leading to threats that tear down the illusion wall, skillfully linked to the famous actor. She finds out that some powerful men are planning to do anything to keep their investments safe.

Digging for the truth, Irene soon finds herself attracted to a master of deception. Oliver was a famous magician once until he mysteriously got injured during his final performance. As the owner of the Burning Cove hotel, he can’t allow the scandal to threaten his source of income even if it will mean entrusting Irene, a lady who appeared in Los Angeles out of nowhere four months ago.

With Oliver’s help, Irene never learns that Burning Cove’s paradise holds dark and fatal secrets. The past might end up dragging both of them under. In the meantime, the person who killed Helen Spencer, Irene’s former boss, has been looking for her for the last four months. The killer wants the notebook back and is prepared to sweep anyone. Oliver is interested in Irene for the moment he sets his eyes on her and is ready to keep her safe no matter the costs if she lets him.

Will they stay alive until the end of the week, or will someone be preparing their obituary? The author easily captured the atmosphere and glamour of the 1930s Hollywood scene. The characters are authentic, and the murder mystery gives more surprises to keep the readers flipping pages. The romance develops, taking the backseat to the mystery plot as the author provides some moments of passion and discovery.

Oliver and Irene’s relationship felt genuine and realistic as they worked well together.

The Other Lady Vanishes is the second in the Burning Cove Series. After fleeing from a secluded sanitarium, Adelaide arrives in Burning Cove, planning to start afresh. Working at an herbal tea shop puts her in the limelight of the frequent visitors of the seaside resort. Hollywood shakers and movers looking for somewhere to hang over cures and tonics choose the resort.

Jake Truett is one such customer looking for therapeutic rest. Little does Adelaide know that his he is just using the exhaustion is just an excuse. In the town of Burning Cove, no one is what they seem to be. Behind the frontage of glamour hides drug dealers and gangsters, then comes Madame Zolanda, a psychic to the stars.

Adelaide and Jake know better and can’t fall into the hands of a con of her kind. Jake’s wife died of what people thought as suicide, until he tells Adelaide a different story. He’s convinced that the physic to the stars, Madame Zolanda, is not just a fake but also a backstabber and plans on getting his wife’s diary back.

It’s in the open that he had an exciting past with how he hooks up with Adelaide, opening up to her about his past. However, when the medium becomes a victim of her predictions and is murdered, they all get thrown into a world of misdirection and duplicity.
Neither Jake nor Adelaide can predict that in the blur underground, they’ll find links to the woman Adelaide used to be and uncover the hint of a killer who has been real all this time. Adelaide and Jake have a nice sense of humor and strength as they hide their other side to give them endurance; they deal with everything thrown their way. Danger roams everywhere, with more than one person spreading it.

Amanda Quick’s writing is descriptive, with lots of twists and turns as the characters get revealed in their true evil forms. Burning Cove is a place of fantasy and glamour with secrets and deaths. The novel setting will draw you in from the first page giving a flashback to 1930s Hollywood starts with blackmail, dirty secrets, and murder.

With intriguing, mysterious, and engaging characters, be hooked to the last page. Even though a lot is going on in the novel, Amanda Quick takes her time to set the multiple stages and players before she draws everybody closer together. The story starts with a bang and then slows down, building the suspense as the pieces of the puzzle are laid out and later put back together.

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