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Butch Karp & Marlene Ciampi Books In Order

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Publication Order of Butch Karp & Marlene Ciampi Books

Robert K. Tanenbaum can be summed as an American trial attorney, a politician as well as a novelist. Robert, who got born in Brooklyn, New York, attended the University of California on a basketball scholarship. He earned a B.A and later received his J.D from Boalt Hall School of Law. He has practiced his legal career in various courts, and his political life has seen him serve two terms as Beverly Hills Mayor. For eight years, he was a City Council Member. In terms of his writing and books, he has a total of twenty-nine books under his name; twenty-six novels and three non-fictional works. Most of his series rotate around legal happenings in the courts. Let’s look at his work of Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi.

Butch Karp & Marlene Ciampi are portrayed as the protagonists in Robert’s legal thriller series. In understanding them deeper, we find that Butch Karp is presented as the Criminal Courts Bureau chief in the Attorney’s Office of the New York. On the other hand, Marlene Ciampi is the District Attorney Assistant. Most of these series have their setting in New York City, and they started off in 1970. Robert started these series of Karp & Ciampi in the year 1987. Of these series, the first book is the novel called No Lesser Plea printed in 1987. It was later followed by Depraved Indifference in the year 1989. Some other books where these characters can be found include Outrage, Escape, Hoax, Absolute Rage and Betrayed among others.

Under the series of Butch Karp & Marlene Ciampi, Robert can present a story that keeps developing well. Some of the happenings and events in the series have been drawn from Robert’s daily operations in the corridors of justice and courtrooms presented to as by Karp. The series start with Butch still a single man who is practicing law. Butch then meets Marlene, who can be said to be a spitfire and Karp, can’t resist falling in love with her. The two end up getting married. They are both attorneys working in the office of the District Attorney but in different departments. Butch acts as the head of Homicide unit, and Ciampi leads the Sex crime unit. While Karp rises in the profession, Marlene feels that she has had it all and hence quits so as to start her practice and she majors in protecting women who have been abused or are threatened.

As the series continue, so do the two have their lives develop. Out of their marriage, they have got a daughter whom they name Lucy. Lucy, who is highly gifted with languages, also has twin brothers. Although Butch loves what Marlene does, sometimes he feels that he might be forced to arrest his wife as she crosses borders whenever she wants. Karp also fears that his wife might get killed in the line of her service to the people. The relationship of the two is one that keep reflecting on the series as Tanenbaum gives us a thrilling encounter in law matters.

Of Robert’s early books in these series, we look at his first two books and try to understand Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi. In the first of his books in the series is No Lesser Plea. Here, we have Robert portraying to us Roger Karp, who is young and handsome attorney. Roger is starting his practice in legal representation, and he has a great desire to see justice done. Though to some extent it’s seen as if he’s going overboard to see the sentence passed, he’s one who will agree to nothing less than justice. Karp’s first case involves an assassin by the name Mandeville Louis, who had killed two people in cold blood. Roger Karp is not ready to rest until Louis gives him nothing less than a plea of guilty of murder. Lois had somehow walked away free from his trial, and no is in a psychiatric ward until things are solved. However, Karp is not ready to let Louis slip through the system again as it has earlier happened. As for now, Marlene is just a beautiful colleague to Karp, and when she comes in, she comes to find herself in the center of the two men’s battle as they try to outwit each other. At some point, Marlene’s life is endangered as Louis still goes on with his killing spree even in a mental hospital. It’s a book that kicks off the series on a high note.

On his second book in his series, Robert presents to us the Depraved Indifference. We now know Butch Karp as an attorney who is never worried or disturbed by what other lawyers call severe cases. The second book presents us with the hijacking of a plane by Croatian terrorists. The abduction results in the killing of an NYPD bomb squad cop. When the cop gets killed in a bomb blast, we have Butch Karp being very ready and prepared to prosecute the killers who are considered as high-profile. Just as Karp had a profound desire for justice in the first book, he hasn’t changed at all. He is still aggressive as ever as he tries to have justice done. However, his drive for justice finds himself in the risks of losing his life; he has made a discovery of some dirty government secrets. It’s evident that some people in the FBI and CIA would be happy to see the case closed against the terrorists. Karp has now got to deal with the impending sabotage of the case that is coming from these individuals in FBI and CIA. Karp and Marlene have now started going out, and she is not just a colleague but his girlfriend. With his inner determination coupled with Marlene’s help and support, Karp won’t allow the individuals in the two agencies derail his course for justice. Karp fights off local bureaucracy as well as international interference to see that justice is delivered at all costs. Karp’s and Marlene’s love for justice seems to continue bringing them closer to each other. Their love for each other seems to be a strong bond that ensures they support each other to the end. They appear to share two things in common; love for justice and their love for each other.

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