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Publication Order of Button Box Mystery Books

The Button Box Mysteries series is a series of suspense and cozy mystery novels written by one of the most famous American novelist named Constance Laux, under the pseudonym of Kylie Logan. It is comprised of a total of 4 books published between the years 2011 and 2013. All the novels of the series follow the happenings in the life of the main protagonist named Josie Giancola, who is the owner of a shop of antique buttons named Button Box, located in Chicago, Illinois. The shop is very famous for selling vintage, collectible, and antique buttons, which Josie used to make with the help of her expertise in the artwork related to making buttons. Just as appearing everything appears to be going smoothly in the life of Josie Giancola, she gets involved in a murder case. Due to this, she is forced to take up the job of an amateur detective and carry out the investigation on her own. Author Kylie Logan began writing the series in the year 2011 and published the first novel in the same year. The series is still going on as author Kylie Logan is working on the fifth novel of the series, which is about to be published very soon.

The first novel of the Button Box Mysteries series written by author Kylie Logan was published under the title ‘Button Holed’. It was released by the Berkeley publishing house in the year 2011. The plot of this novel is set in Chicago, Illinois, The United States and revolves around the happenings in the lives of the main characters Josie Giancola and Detective Nevin Riley. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Josie Giancola is introduced as the owner of an antique shop in Chicago that is very much popular for selling vintage and antique buttons, handmade by Josie Giancola herself. The shop is known by the name Button Box. Apart from looking after the business of her button shop, Josie Giancola also plays the role of the chairwoman of the international conference of button making business. It appears that Josie has her hands full all the time. On one occasion, she is asked to meet the needs of one of the important guests during a royal wedding. The later part of the plot of the novel shows that a movie star is found dead. On the floor beside the dead body, a mysterious button is discovered which belongs to the Button Box shop, but does not feature on its inventory list.

With this sudden change of events, the cozy life of Josie Giancola gets thrown into chaos. She is ordered to help the ongoing investigation of the murder case of the popular movie star, if she wants to go away free without any charges on her. As a result, she gets teamed up with Detective Nevin Riley, who keeps coming to her for getting her help in deciphering the complex clues. Among the important clues is the murder weapon and a vintage button-hook that belongs to Josie Giancola’s Button Box shop. Meanwhile, the killer seems to be determined to have some other ideas, such as keeping the lips of Josie Giancola buttoned up permanently. With this interesting novel, author Kylie Logan has become successful in overcoming the flaws of the sub-genre related to the question of why the female leads must investigate the murder cases. Author Kylie Logan has written down an interesting and entertaining plot, supported by a strong group of characters. In the beginning of the plot of the novel, Josie Gaincola is seen as a leading expert in business button making in the country. Because of her wide reputation, the Hollywood movie star was attracted to her shop. She asks Josie Giancola to provide her an antique button that would make her wedding gown look even more precious. However, before her marriage can take place, the Button Box shop gets ransacked by an unknown person and the actress gets killed. Following up with the lead, Josie Giancola and Detective Nevin Riley try to catch the killer before he takes the life of one more victim.

The second novel of the Button Box Mysteries series written by author Kylie Logan was published under the title ‘Hot Button’. It was released by the Berkeley publishing house in the year 2012. The plot of this novel is also set in Chicago, Illinois, The United States, and continues to revolve around the primary characters named Detective Nevin Riley and Josie Giancola, along with Thad Wyant. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Josie Giancola is depicted as having a sharp eye for the minute details in the artwork of button making. She is also shown as having a great liking for keeping all her things together. Josie Giancola also seems ready to turn into action after her button business is interrupted by because of a murder case. She already has a lot of things to worry about being the chairwoman of the international conference of the button collectors. Not only Josie Giancola has to greet the collectors, but she also has to oversee the dinner cruise as well as attend to the needs of the chief guest named Thad Wyant.

Josie Giancola appears to be so much busy with the activities of the international conference of the button collectors that she hardly has any time to see her handsome ex-husband. And the question of dealing with a dead body was out of the question for her. But soon, Josie comes to know that Thad Wyant has been murdered in a linen closet of the hotel in which she was staying. Detective Nevin Riley gets appointed to carry out the investigation and gather the clues that would help in catching the killer. He turns to Josie Giancola to serve with her expertise and help him solve the murder case. After the initial investigation, Josie finds out that the historic Geronimo button on the wardrobe of Thad Wyant is missing. Everyone in the small town was very well aware of the fact Mr. Thad had made a number of enemies in a very less time in the small town of the button collectors. Therefore, Josie Giancola feels the need of acting as fast as she can so as to stop the murderer from taking other people’s lives. Josie Giancola also fears for her own life as she is constantly on list of hardcore criminals of the city. The plot of this novel also includes several tips on the art of antique button collection.

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  1. Lois Ganley: 2 years ago

    At the conclusion of Button Holed the next book listed in the series and at the back of Button Holed is titled “Kill Button”…….But have only discovered Hot Button,Panic Button, & Buttoned Up.
    First time I’ve written!

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Hi Lois – it’s possible that was a planned title that got changed. The above four are the only books she has written within this series.


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