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Publication Order of By the Sea Books

Kay Bratt is a published author of fiction.

Kay is an author, wanderer, rescuer, and child advocate. She has used writing as a way to attempt and navigate a childhood that was marked by its tumultuous nature and the experiences she went through as an adult being abused for a decade. They were some difficult years, but Kay worked her way through them and came out not only a survivor but someone that looks for peace. She also found the strength within to share some of her stories with others.

Today she is an accomplished full time author. She writes historical fiction as well as fiction for women. Many of her books have been released through Lake Union Publishing and they make for a great pick for book clubs and successive discussions. Her books have also been made available internationally and have been translated into other languages that include Chinese, German, Estonian, Korean, and Czechoslovakian.

One of Kay’s passions is working to help children and animals. In her rescue capacity, she likes to help with animal rescue. She also works with the Yorkie Rescue of the Carolinas as its Director of Advocacy. She also works to help children as a child advocate. She resided in China for 4 years working with some orphans there at the orphanage and has also helped with nonprofits supporting Chinese children, such as Pearl River Outreach, An Orphan’s Wish, and Love Without Boundaries.

Kay actively volunteers for An Orphans Wish and you can find out more about her work personally collaborating with children in China in her memoir Silent Tears. Her goal is to try and be a voice for kids that can’t represent themselves. Kay has also worked as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in Georgia with neglected and abused children. She has also headed up different outreach programs for children of underprivileged circumstances in South Carolina.

The author is sassy, spicy, and Southern. She is married to her husband and they share a daughter together. The family lives in the South. Kay is used to traveling and has been to all sorts of places from Australia to Central America, China, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, the Bahamas, and the Philippines. She has lived in different states along the coast, two continents, and over thirty different homes. Kay Bratt is a best selling author.

Kay Bratt is the creator and the author of the By the Sea series of fictional novels. This series first began in 2019 with the publication of the debut novel in the series, True to Me. It was followed by No Place Too Far and the third novel, Into the Blue. If you are interested in emotional and interesting stories, be sure to check this series out!

True to Me is the first novel in the By the Sea series by Kay Bratt. If you love dramatic stories, check this one out that’s all about one woman looking for the truth and families that keep secrets.

The main character of this story is Quinn Maguire. Everything is going just as planned when it comes to her life. She is engaged and thinks that when it comes to the future, she sees what she wants it to be. But when her mother is dying, all of it may quickly come undone thanks to her deathbed confession.

Her mother tells her daughter that the father that Quinn resented for so long for not being there was actually not her biological father. Just like that, Quinn’s world is turned upside down. She decides that she’s going to go to Maui to find out what’s going on in the place that her mother grew up. Here all the secrets about the past of her mother and what really happened are somewhere hiding in paradise, and Quinn’s going to find them.

However, being on this island may not be as simple as she thought. Quinn also left her fiancé in search of answers and now they’re wondering what she’s doing, leaving the relationship up in the air. She wanted to find the truth, but didn’t count on her search being so difficult. Quinn’s looking for her identity as well as the history of her family. But maybe she will find that the magic of Maui will lead to her discovering who she would be all along. Read this book to go on Quinn’s journey along with her!

No Place Too Far is the second book in the By the Sea series by Kay Bratt. In this second installment of the series, readers will meet the main character, single mother Maggie Dalton.

Maggie had to change her whole life just so that she could provide a level of safety and protection her her son and herself. But the past isn’t done with her yet and Maggie just might find herself facing what she fears the most. She’s been moving around for a year with her son but has finally found something that seems steady in Maui.

Maggie thinks that it’s the ideal place for the, to settle for a while. Since her stalker is locked up, they may be able to stay there without interference or having to move again. She finds a job and starts her new life up, with her best friend Quinn helping her out. She was the one who gave Maggie the idea to pack up and move to paradise to begin again.

She thought she was safe here, but then Maggie begins to get worried when it seems like her stalker may have somehow returned. Could Maui be less safe than she believed? Her BFF Quinn is familiar with having to deal with the past and all of the feelings that come along with it. Quinn’s also made contact with her biological family and is wondering whether she’ll be able to belong.

The two women may both be threatened when someone from the past comes back into their lives. Will Maggie and Quinn be all right? Is Maggie’s stalker out of jail and already tracking her? The two women are going to do their best to face up with what they’ve been running from and fight for the lives they’ve built on the island. Get a copy of this book and read it to find out what happens!

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