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Publication Order of Penny Nichols Books

A Rather Lovely Inheritance (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Curious Engagement (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Charming Invitation (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Remarkable Homecoming (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

About C.A. Belmond

The American writer and teacher C.A. Belmond, or Camille Aubray, is well known for writing effective and entertaining romance literature. She has also been a regular fixture within the documentary scene over the years, having produced, directed and written many many documentaries and dramas during the course of her career. This has all led to her reaching a wide-audience that stretched worldwide, with scores of readers from all across the world looking to her work and what she has to say. With an interest in history as well, she is interested in both contemporary literature and where society has come from and how it has come to be. Over the years this has also lead to her writing a series of her own, paving the way to her creating her own iconic characters and protagonists.

Producing content regularly for publications such as ‘The Huffington Post’, she has made a strong name for herself as a writer in the public eye. Showing a lot of versatility as a writer, she has a large audience of fans, many coming from a diverse range of different backgrounds, all of whom find something to relate to in her work. This is something that will continue for a long time yet, as her writing career is expected for many years to come on into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, Camille Aubray would come to nurture a keen passion for both reading and writing throughout the years. This would develop in time, allowing her to become adept at writing, building upon her style, whilst finding her own unique voice. Always looking for a new idea, she would constantly be taking in inspiration from the world around her, whilst putting it all back into her work.

Teaching writing herself at New York University, she would later become a featured for The Huffington Post as well. Over time she would also go on to have a number of screenplays produced and made, including getting shortlisted at ‘Robert Redford’s Sundance Festival’. With this she would then be well on her way to becoming a full time writer, something which she continues to this very day.

Writing Career

Releasing her debut novel ‘A Rather Lovely Inheritance’ in 2007, she would arrive on the literary scene with the first in her Penny Nichols series of books. These would be romantic titles with elements of suspense, as they would feature the leading protagonist of Penny Nichols herself, a historical researcher. Along with this she would also write many screenplays as well, along with producing documentaries, as well as a television series too. Working on a stand-alone novel as well, she is set to carry on for many years yet, as her writing career continually grows from strength-to-strength.

A Rather Charming Invitation

First brought out through the Berkley Books publishing label, this would originally be released on the 2nd of February in 2010. Setting up the third title in the ongoing series of Penny Nichols books, this carries on from the previous two titles in the series. Whilst it carries on certain plot elements from the novels beforehand, it has its own self-contained narrative, allowing it to also be picked up by newcomers to the franchise too.

A classic romance combined with suspense, this takes the reader back to a golden age of the genre, having fun with the format in the process. The characters are all well developed, coming to life off of the page, allowing the reader to feel as if they really know them as people. This is continued from previous novels, as the progress of the characters, including both Penny Nichols and Jeremy, are evolved from the the last books. With the world itself it’s well established, with Belmont painting a vivid rural portrait, as she transports the reader on a journey across Europe alongside the characters themselves.

The heiress Penny Nichols seems to have a lot on her plate, as it appears that not only does her family want her wedding nuptials to take place in her own native country of France, but her fiancée Jeremy is dealing with his own family who want it to happen in London. It seems that both choices that they face could pose some difficulty, as they are set to deal with the impending wedding that could set of a potential war between the kin. That’s when Penny is loaned an ancient bridal tapestry by her French cousin in Grasse, leading to a series of strange events taking place. Taking both Penny and Jeremy on a journey, they find themselves immersed in a mystery with a cast of colorful and eccentric characters prior to the wedding taking place. Will they be able to solve the truth behind it all? What is really going on with the wedding dress? Who is offering a rather charming invitation?

Cooking for Picasso

Initially published in 2016, this would first come out through Ballantine Books on the 9th of August to much acclaim. Working as a stand-alone title, it would feature elements of history, whilst being told in a gentle and almost whimsical tone. Well researched, it feels down-to-earth with its grounded approach to its subject matter, allowing the story and the world to come alive in the process.

Set in the spring of 1936, this takes place upon the French Riviera, and it’s currently off-season for the small seaside village known as Juan-les-Pins. It is here that the young seventeen-year-old Ondine cooks alongside her mother in Cafe Paradis, their family owned cafe that’s been there for generations. That’s when a mysterious patron turns up looking to have his lunch served to him incognito at a nearby rented villa after turning up from Paris. Meeting this mysterious guest, Ondine realizes that she’s cooking for the artist Pablo Picasso, which she later recounts in present day New York to her granddaughter, the Hollywood make-up artist Celine. How will things transpire when Ondine travels back to where Picasso and Ondine first met? Will she learn about herself through this journey? What happened when Ondine ended up cooking for Picasso?

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