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About C.B McKenzie
Creating compelling mystery fiction novels that really linger with the reader, the novels of American writer C.B. McKenzie have been running popular for some time now. Setting many of his stories in the great rural expanse of the United States, he evokes a classic feeling through his passionate and immersive literature. A lot of this is shrouded in a dark and moody atmosphere too, as he’s able to build an ambiance that’s quite unlike any other out there. Following in a rich tradition of American crime and mystery fiction, he knows how to write a story that’s both compelling and immersive in equal measure.

Building the suspense constantly throughout, the stories lure the reader in, keeping them held there constantly throughout. This ability in crafting a complex and involving narrative has really served McKenzie well over the years, with many worldwide coming to appreciate his work. Drawing heavily from his own life experiences, many of his stories have a feeling of authenticity as well, allowing them to really resonate with the reader. From this readers around the world have warmed to his novels, regardless of where they’re from, which is largely due to their universal appeal.

This success also rings true for the critics as well, with him receiving a number of awards for his novels over the years. Reaching readers from all over, it’s his use of character that many also admire, as he creates lasting personalities that really leave their mark. Combining both character and story, he really knows how to craft exciting novels, balancing both elements in equal measure. With plenty more novels and a lot more potential, McKenzie is definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in Houston, Texas, in the United States, C.B. McKenzie would grow up being heavily inspired by the world around him and his own experiences. Attending the University of Arizona, he’d gain a M.F.A. and Ph.D., allowing him to advance himself and passion for writing. This would develop throughout the intervening years, seeing him articulate himself as a novelist, using his own experiences as inspiration.

Working in numerous different capacities, these experiences would be rich and varied, including professor, farmhand, and housepainter to name a few. These would see him moving around both nationally and internationally, travelling to cities such as Milan, Hamburg, and Tokyo. Currently teaching in New York at City University, he continues to write to this present day, with a lot more to follow.

Writing Career:
The first book that McKenzie would bring out was called ‘Bad Country’, which was a thriller that he released in 2014. This would later be followed up with another stand-alone book titled ‘Burn What Will Burn’ in 2016, and both would be entirely their own mystery. Not writing or creating a series. McKenzie opts for mysteries that finalize everything in one novel, providing the reader a straightforward and casual read. Nominated for an Edgar Award for his first novel, he’s popular with both the critics and the general public, and this isn’t stopping any time soon.

Bad Country
Initially published through the Minotaur Books publishing label, this would first come out on the 4th of November in 2014. Working as a noir novel, it would be a part of any series, featuring its own self-contained narrative and mystery investigation. Taking place in the great American rural expanse, it uses its location well too, bringing to life its vast rural setting.

This is a interesting and exciting novel filled with both suspense and intrigue, as it kept me hooked from the outset. Casting a different and original take on the traditional mystery narrative, this definitely sets itself apart from others in its genre. Many of the passages are wholly memorable, leaving their mark, in what is often both haunting and dark in equal measure.

Set in the American South-west, this follows Grace Garnet the former rodeo cowboy, as he’s now turned to private investigation full-time. Living in El Hoyo, or ‘The Hole’, he resides in a quiet and secluded corner of Arizona, but this seclusion is soon disturbed after the body of an undocumented immigrant is discovered nearby. This leads the police to conduct an investigation of their own, whilst Garnet is given a case by an Native American woman from the local reservation, as she tasks him with finding what caused her grandson to be murdered. Why is she so uninterested in the results from his investigation though? Who committed the murders? What is the truth behind the killings in bad country?

Burn What Will Burn
Once again released through the Minotaur Book publishing imprint, this would be another stand-alone thriller from McKenzie. Really investing itself in its dark and intricate world, it manages to create a compelling ambiance quite unlike any other. First published on the 21st of June in 2016, this came out to a great deal of critical acclaim, with an already eager following of fans waiting.

With a dark and brooding thriller narrative building up, this is definitely a must for both fans of the genre and the author. Featuring an interesting cast of characters, it makes the most of both its location once again, and its premise. The story is intriguing, and there’s plenty of twists and turns throughout, with another surprise featured upon every page.

A newcomer in town, Bob Reynolds hasn’t gotten off to best of starts with the townsfolk of the creek, nor with the sheriff, which is a problem now that a body has been discovered nearby. Not just that, he also has his eye on Tammy Fay Smith, who also appears to have caught the eye of the sheriff, as he attempts to keep his head down in the local Crow’s Nest bar. Wanting to simply spend his inheritance quietly, he soon can’t hide from the fact that the town seems to be holding many secrets, and he too may soon be joining the body. Will he be able to uncover the truth before it’s too late? Can he find his own peace of mind? What happens when he learns to burn what will burn?

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